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Does anyone know what this might be?  

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My cat, Lemur, has been acting weird and looking sick for the past 3 days....she is only 3 years old but she is barely eating and I haven't seen her drink any water. I separated her from my other cat this morning, and it looks like she peed once but none of the food is gone. She sits in one spot the whole time and anytime I bring food near her, she growls??

I am going to take her to the vet tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone knows what these symptons can be? Thanks for your help.
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Oh unfortunately there are so many things it could be. I don't really have any suggestions but that is great you are taking her to the vet tomorrow.
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Wow, sounds like what happened to my Cynni 2 months ago.... very playful 1 year old Siamese/tabby mix, all the sudden stopped eating, drinking, playing.. all she would do was sleep... she would wake up in the am.. take a few sips of water, pee, then back to sleep..if I braught the food bowl to my bed where she was lying she would eat some, but not much... she only got up to use the litter box... then more sleep... after almost 3 days, i said enough.. and called the vet... they had the nerve to tell me they couldnt see her till next week < 5 days > because the vet was on vacation.... i said are you crazy... in 5 days she will be dead ! So i called the other vet in town , the one used by the humane society> I always went to the other cause of course i thought it was a better vet being in the better part of town.... well... when I called this "clinic" I was told, and I quote " OMG get that baby in here NOW... can you bring her now? if not we can pick her up ! "

I took her in, he ran the usual vet inspection.. couldnt find anything wrong... answered a bunch of questions... one of the questions I answered was.. how is she walking... I said , well she is walking arched up kinda like a halloween cat ... he said, I see.. put her on the floor... she wouldnt walk for him... so he stated checking her spine... as he got near her rear legs, she hunched her back, and meowed really load... he looked at me and said this baby has a pulled muscle in her back....

I was like , really? he gave her a predisone shot, and pills to take 1 a day for 7 days... told me to elevate her food and water bowls so she wouldnt have to bend to eat... worked like a charm, my girl was back to eating that night, playing within 2 days... and this vet called me everyday till she was done her meds.... the whole office visit and meds only ran me 40 dollars total ! guess where both my cats go now? thats right... the clinic. these are the most caring people I have ever met, and very reasonable in price....

I know I vered slightly off your topic, but my point is... cats stop eating for the strangest reasons... like a pulled muscle... but had I not taken her in then... she could have gotten alot worse from not eating... liver failure even !

Keep us posted and Gluck !

Cynni & Gizmo's Mom
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Wow...when I was reading your post it sounded a lot like my lemur......when I pet her on her head and upper back...she is fine...but when I get near of lower back she lets out a meow....and when she would walk she looked like a halloween cat and it took her a while to sit down.....she will stand kind of hunched over and then finally rest....I hope this is all that it is and my baby can get better....I will see tomorrow morning...and I will let you know...thanks
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I aksed how she hurt her back, and the vet told me maybe she jumped from the wrong place, twisted while running, or just slept the wrong way....

Good luck
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I woke up this morning and she is very dehydrated....but I have to wait for 2 hours before I can take her to the vet...b.c he doesn't get in until 9.....I am very worried...she is panting and holding her mouth open while meowing....I hope that the vet can help me when I go there a little later
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I went up to where Lemur was at around 7:30.....and she had passed away.....I am soo upset, my baby was laying down and not breathing I checked her and picked her up but she wasn't breathing and was very stiff....I don't understand this ....she was perfectly fine until Monday night/Tuesday morning......my husband called the vet and they said it sounds like she had cancer.....I don't know what to do b/c my husband is at work and I took off work b/c I was going to take her to the vet...I am so upset right now, b/c she was our "first" cat since my husband and I moved into together ....she was only 2 years old....my other cat Monkey, knows something was wrong...b/c she went up to her and after smelling her started to hiss.....My husband is coming home soon and we are going to have to determine a proper burial....I am beside myself
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I am so dreadfully sorry. I don't even know what to say.
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Out of respect for Lemur, I will now close this thread.

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