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I am going through a very great deal of stress at the moment with the kitties and our new house - namely, our landlord will not allow us to have the cats although we can have the dogs and to break our lease and move again (after we've only been there three days) will cost thousands of dollars. I have been a distraught, hysterical wreck for three days.

Until such time as I can talk him into it or we can find a new place, Tania the darling is going to look after my babies for me in her wonderful kitty home. When I rang her last night and she told me `it would cost me a cheesecake' for an open-ended stay for them I just dissolved into tears of relief and gratitude. I couldn't think of anyone I would trust more with my beloveds than our Kumbulu.

So thank you Tania - I wanted everyone to know how wonderful you are, and also how wonderful this site is because without it I would never know you!! See you Saturday!!

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I'm so happy that such a wonderful foster home was available for you Sarah! to you as you go through another difficult transition.

Tania, you've proved once again what an angel you are to the kitties of the world. And what a wonderful friend to cat lovers, too. You may just get flooded with cheesecakes after this, though.
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Thanks Heidi - it turns out that there have been some problems with the agent, not the owner himself, so because he lives in the back property we are going to approach him ourselves and ask him to reconsider - the last tenant tells me he is a pet lover and will be sympathetic. I really don't care if it annoys the agent - the cats come first. If she makes life tough for us afterwards we may just have to wear it for a little while until it blows over. If it means we can keep the cats I don't care!!
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That was wonderful of Tania! That's just like her, though, isn't it!
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How wonderful Sarah that you are able to leave them with someone you know you can trust, Tanya you are an angel. I'm also sorry you are going to through this Sarah it must be so stressful not knowing what might happen. Everything crossed that they let you keep the cats.
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Oh Sarah, I'm so pleased to hear that Tanya can offer you the help you need right now!

It sounds like you're having a similar issue about your cats as we went through moving here! (Tha agents weren't passing messages well or at all!!) After contacting our LL explaining that the cats and the house will be well cared for, we found out that she is actually a cat lover and have been allowed to house the cats here!

Here's hoping you get the same response from your LL!
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I love it how we can meet people through tcs and they help with anything they can!
Tania youre a wonderful angel!
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Weve got the best " Cat site " along with the best members

Tania you angel
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That's just wonderful of Tania to do that.

Sarah - that totally sucks! I thought you had this fabulous house all sorted and it's supposed to be an exciting time for you. I really hope the LL proves to be approachable and is ok with the cats.
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Oh always, your kindness and compassion shines on.......
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Well, it happened, yesterday the time came to take the kitties over to wonderful Tania. I took them to the vet first to get a thorough check, have their microchips updated and to get some anti-anxiety medication for Sashka as I suspect she may not cope well with this after all the upheavals in her life lately.

Tania (as I thought) was wonderful, gave them a cuddle - gave ME a cuddle! - and popped them in a big airy pen next to Billy, her current kitten rescue, a very feral white-and-tabby DSH who hissed and spat at me when I said hello but didn't react to my kitties at all. Hopefully their presence there will serve to reassure him a little.

Sunday caught sight of Coffee, one of Tania's babies, through the window and started hissing and growling and yowling and spitting - I was terribly embarrassed but of course Tania understood and I'm sure under her guidance and with her expertise things will settle in no time.

I have Tuesday off so I plan to go down there and have a cuppa with Tania and get to know her and her kitties better, and give lots of loving to my two babies.

We also went and met the owner of the property yesterday, who told us some very interesting things about our agent including that she hadn't even told him I'd offered to pay a pet bond again (he didn't even know we'd paid one for the dogs!!!), or that I'd offered to keep the cats inside or anything at all that I'd said. He explained his reasons to me for not wanting the kitties which are fair, but also said that should things not work out for them he will consider letting me have them back with some conditions. So, I feel a whole lot better about the whole situation!

I'll keep you all updated of course and thank you again for your support, and to Tania of course for all of hers.
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Tania, you are absolutely wonderful!!!

Sarah, hopefully you can get things straightened out & have your kitties back with you. It must be awful not to have them next to you all of the time, but at least they have a temporary home until you can get things settled.
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Oh that is so wonderful! I don't know what I'd do in that situation!!
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Well, I was very sad and upset, but I had all week to prepare myself, I slept alone with my kitties every night, I had special play times with them, I went through some grieving and thought about special times we'd had since they were kittens, and I also know its not permanent so I had steeled myself quite well.

Max, on the other hand, not thinking that he would be too badly affected as they have been my cats much longer than they have been his, did not prepare himself at all, other than sleeping with them one night, and was absolutely inconsolable when we left Tania's. He cried and cried - in the whole time I've known him I've never seen him cry like that, he was sobbing. It was Sunday getting so upset seeing Coffee that did it to him - he and Sunday have a very special relationship. So instead of looking after my own emotions I was comforting him all day! He was just so dreadfully upset, it was horrible.
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This isn't the first time Tania has come through for other TCS members and their kitties- isn't she a beautiful person? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you manage to work everything out, and have to say that I feel a rush of gratitude for TCS's existence whenever I witness members helping each other out.
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You're so right - its amazing how I was at a total loss and didn't know what to do and then I remembered wonderful Tania, whom I've spoken to on the phone before, but never met, and all because of TCS.

I actually said to Max the night I'd first spoken with Tania about this situation that he was never allowed to tease me about TCS again because it saved my kitties. And it has!

Tania emailed me some photos of the girls yesterday and they look wonderful - she is such a darling woman!
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Tania is one of the most respected members on TCS & truly an angel of mercy.
TCS and it's caring members can make miracles happen.

I am sending lots of calming, positive vibes to you Sarah.
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You guys! I'm all embarrassed now, hehehe.

Sashka and Sunday are the easiest babies to take care of. Not long after Sarah and Max left, I moved them from the pen into my bathroom where they have lots more room.

It was great to meet Sarah especially and she came over today for another visit with the girls. Sarah, you're such a nice person! I took lots of photos today, so here's hoping Sarah shows you guys some.
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Sashka and Sunday are in the best of loving hands.
What a joyous update.

Sarah .... I can hardly wait to see your kitties pictures.
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Ahhh I got to visit my kitties yesterday, and also watch the wonderful Tania at work with a very tiny, very frightened, very feral kitten who we named Frank, who is going to take a lot of work, I think. I've never seen a feral cat before - just never come across one - and this little guy is so sweet and you want to pick him up and snuggle with him, but he'd rip you up if you tried. He had already bitten right the way through his first carer's finger, and for the whole hour that Tania and I sat and talked outside his cage, he growled and hissed and spat - usually at nothing - he didn't even fall asleep though he was so tired, he kept himself awake growling and growling. It actually made me very sad that such a sweet boy is so wild, but if anyone can bring him around Tania can.

She has been taking such wonderful care of my babies, as I knew she would, they are both their normal selves, Sunday head-butting everything she sees and chirping happily the minute you walk in the room, and Sashka timid and shy as usual - although she did have a play with me which was wonderful, as I knew she was relaxed and felt safe. Tania took a ton of photos which I've just got via email, so here they are!

Saying hello...

So beautiful...

She finally emerges for a cuddle...

I can't thank Tania enough for her time, care and the photos! It eases my heart knowing they are with her...
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Sashka and Sunday sure do look relaxed in Tania's home. It really is a wonderful temporary solution for them!
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Tania's heart is so full if love....
I know that if anyone can help the feral baby....she can. are fortunate to have Tania nearby.
Your kitties look healthy & happy.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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