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What do you like to snack on?

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Since I'm in a very snacky mood, I'm going to ask all of you: What do you like to snack on?

I looove fruits and vegetables--right now I'm eating grapes, an apple, and an orange. This should be fun to pick out of my braces. I love pickles and brocolli as well. Goldfish crackers, ice cubes (I love to eat ice cubes!), freezies, and popsicles all hold a special place in my heart.
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carrots and ranch, chips, pretzels, licorice, and teddy grahms.
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Pretzels with horseradish mustard,raw veggies,grapes & Harvest cheddar sun Chips & popcorn
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Mmmmm chocolate
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these days, I have been eating frozen raspberries a lot. They're so yummy!

Actually, I think I'll go have a few right now.
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chips, cheesies, pretzels, celery with cheese whiz, carrots with caesar dressing, chocolate, cookies....i snack a lot.
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Lots of stuff! Tostitos with salsa, potato chips, french fries, cereal, mozzarella cheese, ice cream, sweets, popcorn, fresh fruit.
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Most types of potato chips, fritos, nachos and cheese, just plain cheese, crackers. Mainly salty stuff!!
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actually not a real big snacker, I like to stuff myself silly at mealtimes but if I do get a snack attack I like popcorn or chips and salsa or cheese and crackers
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Apples - YUM!

But when I need my salt kick - its any kind of chips, popcorn, pretzels, anything good like that!
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Anyhting bad for me! But I also like to snack on watermelon apple with caramel dip, popcorn, carrot sticks.
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Almost anything I can get my fat fingers on!

Lately I've been in a salty mood and have been munching some really tasty crackers from WalMart. Right now it's asiago cheese and roasted vegetable.
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Pretzels & chocolate ice cream! Sweet & salty at the same time!
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almonds and olives, not at the same time of course!
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