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New cat is driving me nuts "whinewhinewhinehissgrowlwhine!"

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That is all that she has done is whined and complained since i brought her home and she has been upseting my other cat im geting teird of this. MAKE IT STOP ! PLEASE TELL ME HOW1
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Where are you keeping her? How old is she? Is she spayed? She is probably a little scared if you just brought her home. Or else she is whining for attention. What breed of cat is she? If she is Siamese then this is what they do! Talk. All the time.
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she isnt shes the pregnant cat AKA not spayed i brought her home yesterday she isnt wanting attention shes wanting me to not look at her and not touch her.
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oh sorry I forgot. She is probably a little scared then. If she just came to your house, doesn't know you well and has the babies to look out for, she is probably nervous. Keep her in a small room, dim the lights, provide a lot of comfy blankets and play soft music. Every now and then go in to her and read and sit with her and talk, but don't approach her. Just ignore her, that is all you can do really. Is she about ready to have the babies?
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no she knows me well long story short i picked her up on the highway and persuaded my parents "they own a small bussness " They finaly let her stay there till i could take her home i just brought her home a couple days ago( i didnt want to let her in my home untill i bought anouther box of litter and a food tray. So 1 day ago I grabed her and brought her into my house ... and thats where i am now.. lol and yes im thinking the babies will be here within 2 days of saturday... the growling and meowing is just starting to wear on my patients b.c she was so good b4 i brought her nhome she would just sit on my lap for a whole hour just purring like crazy but now my persian and the tabby are po'ed a bit ...
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well there you go!

Shes probably feeling bothersome and just wants to STAY in one place. She's fixing to have babies so she REALLY needs tyo find a suitable place to give birth. Cats are very picky about those things.
She's been to two new places in a short time, so Im sure she wants assurance she will stay here before giving birth.

If the kittens are coming soon, then she will meow alot. Some do and some dont, but the female pregnant cat I found not 2 long ago was just meowing like crazy. Like stated before, give her some privacy and calmness, right now is deffinately not agood time to get aquainted with any other cats.

Good Luck!
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Im sure its not you, its more than likely, your other cat in the house. She's in new surroundings and expecting to deliver soon. She will be very protective, especially of an unknown cat. Is there any way you can either take her or your other cat to your parents house, until she delivers ? She needs to feel safe and secure as much as possible, especially pregnant. It sounds like she doesnt feel that way now.
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yeah I will try to talk to them about it when can i bring her back?
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Let us know of any updates for your situation ..... has your mother cat delivered yet ? Please let us know.
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Does she have a private corner with a low sided box and a blanket in there to have her kittens in? Maybe that's why she's whining.
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I hope you can find a way to keep her, maybe put her in a seperate room and that way she won't be so stressed I hope it all works out .
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