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Pregnant cat has tapeworms

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They are so bad she is coughing from them. I just dewormed her and I was wondering if I should confine her until they are gone. Are there going to be dead worms all over my bedroom? Does she just poop them out into the litterbox or do they come out other ways? Is there any risk to me?
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There should be no need to confine her unless she experiences a bit of diarrhea from the dewormer you gave her. The tapeworm is killed and digested with the pet’s food, it is not passed in the stool later so you shouldn't have anything to worry about or clean up after her unless she gets a little case of poopy butt from the meds.

Theoretically, yes, people can get them but they must be infected the same way dogs and cats are -- by swallowing an infected flea. Just try to cut down on ingesting those fleas, Jen, and you should be fine. *wink*
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Oh man I just can't quit eating fleas!! no really though thanks for the help. She is having diarrhea and pooed twice on my floor. But I think she just didn't like where I placed the litterbox. I am glad I won;t have to see little wormies in the poo when I clean the litterbox!
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At least dip 'em in chocolate first ... everything tastes better when it is dipped in chocolate.

I read where you moved the box to where she poo'ed ... did that help?

I am glad you don't have to see the little wormies either Jen, because I'll tell ya -- it'll spoil ya with Chinese take-out for ever more.
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and one of my favorite foods is white rice! Aren't tapeworms actually really long? Is that just a section of one I saw when it, uh, crawled out of her bottom?
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They are really long and yes, it was a section. *shudder* I hate creepy-crawlies. I am so glad we don't have any of them here.
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So will it kill them from her babies too or are her babies going to have them too? I assume they have worms in their bodies also? Vet said she should definatley have them this week. They are really getting to know me at the low cost clinic. They didn't even charge me the normal visit fee. I mentioned something about apparently being a cat motel and they said they are beginning to feel sorry for me. Hey I don't mind in the slightest. Well my credit card bills are going up and up but I couldn't imagine what I would do if this low cost clinic didn't exist.
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the kittens my possibly have them also. most puppies and some kittens usually have worms that is why vets recomend getting htem wormed along with first shots. not a pleasent thing. we got a border collie puppy from a breeder got her shots and wormed even though breeders said they have wormed them all and all i can say is o m g she had round worms so bad couldnt eat spegetti for a longggggg time lol ok that was gross and off the subject sorry too much info
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Yummy! thanks. So the wormer won't kill the worms that the babies have? They are all going to a sanctuary on Sunday so I won't have to worry about it. I may never even get to see the babies if she doesn't have them before Sunday. My luck she will have them Sunday morning right before we leave.
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