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Bent Tupperware lid???

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Okay, so my roommate decided to put his nasty meat soup (sorry, but if there's one thing I can't stand the smell of it's meat soup) in my tupperware and then of course microwave it with the lid on. He asked me "Can you microwave this?" and I said "Yes, but take the lid off" and he didn't hear me and nuked the darn lid. So of course now the lid is doing that wavy tupperware lid thing and doesn't close anymore.
If it matters, this is oooooolld tupperware, probably from late 60s or early 70s, my mom gave it to me from her pantry because it's soooo pretty and I love it. It is a set of three, orange red and yellow, with a starburst design for a lid, square shaped, nesting... if a 21 year-old who doesn't cook is going to be excited abotu tupperware this is the tupperware. Anyway, it was a Christmas present from my mom. So I refuse to believe that this problem cannot be fixed.

So, what do you do to unbend a tupperware lid? Please remember this is the old, opaque, not-as-flexible plastic kind, not the new stuff.
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Perhaps our Mom's went to the same Tupperware party because I have some hand-me-downs from the same era and design. Back when I was living at home, I melted a lid in a similar fashion and am paying to this day because it seems to irreparable. If you find a solution, do let me know!
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Put some water in the container and microwave with lid back on and immediately rinse under COLD water - wont work if its really warped but helps with the waves, other than that - irreparable
My mum went to that party too
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Contact Tupperware Corporation, tell them it warped from age, and they'll replace it for free - it has a lifetime guarantee! (My mom used to sell it and I have TONS of the stuff!)
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That seems to be the best solution

That, and make sure you retire the set for general usage.
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The stuff is guaranteed for life but they may not have the exact replacement in stock any more.

If all else fails you can try e-bay and look for a replacement.

I just had this same conversation with my sister this afternoon. Any time I want something new or used her first suggestion is “check e-bayâ€.

She is the e-bay queen. Her specialty is glass and china but she keeps her eye out for Tupperware because there is a market for the vintage stuff.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21
Put some water in the container and microwave with lid back on and immediately rinse under COLD water - wont work if its really warped but helps with the waves, other than that - irreparable
My mum went to that party too
My mom still goes to Tupperware parties so we have tonnes of the stuff. That's how we un-warped stuff too. Hopefully it works for you.
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maybe you should try looking on ebay i'm sure you will find a replacement there
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my mum has that set too.
Tupperware parties. I miss them!
I loved the miniture bowl on a keychain!
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Well, it's nice to know all our Mom's have hung out together at their Tupperware party! That's a neat repair idea, and I never knew you could contact them for a replacement after so long!
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I'll try the microwaving again...
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Well, I tried doing the microwave thing and then the cold water and it didn't really do anything. Maybe that's for the newer tupperware?

I did figure out something that is helping a little based on that idea though, I microwaved it for a minute with a heavy plate on top forcing the lid to lay flat in there. It seems to be working, but I don't know if the seal will ever work the way it did...

I don't really want a replacement, and I doubt they've made this since 1975!
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My set is from before then, too. I believe I have exactly the set you're refering to with the starburst design in those very colours. Does it have a little handle like protrusion on each side at the top? The lid I warped was one of the clearish lids for the square shaped clearish blue, or yellow containers.
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I just came across this post while looking up cat information. I don’t know if you have already solved your problem however I am a Tupperware Consultant and I may be able to help you.

I would recommend that you contact Tupperware direct their toll free number is 888-887-9273.They might be able to supply you with a replacement lid. You might want to let your roommate know that there is now freezer safe, fridge safe and microwave safe tupperware. You can’t mess up! f you have any question please contact me through my website at
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Dang, I wonder if this is still an issue for this poster? I'd just check out yard sales...always find tupperware lids at too.

Somebody sure did look waaaaaay far back to find this.
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