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Don't Pick me up!

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Anyone have a cat that does not like to be pet or handled? Our cat Chaka never really took to being picked up. Even at the vet she was able to deny the doctor from taking her temp and such. She's strong and determined. She does cuddle with the Mrs. at night and lets us pet her once in a while on her terms. But she's an island compared to our other two cats that seem to never get enough attention.
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Sounds like she really is her own cat!. She sure does have personality
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Hehe, my kitty Abilene (was born a feral kitten- now she's completely indoors) won't let you pick her up at all (you have to get a good hold on her if you do and pray to the Lord you don't have any "battle wounds" when you're done, if you hold her more than a minute. lol....she's not a lap kitty,but she's sweet on her own terms- and is a good girl when she wants to be.
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My Callie doesn't like to be picked up. She will let me pick her up, but only hold her for about a minute. She LOVES to be petted, though!! She'll just purr and purr while I'm petting her.
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Only two of my five like to be picked up.

Of the three who don't, Eliza is just plain ornery. She likes to be pet, but only a little and when she says "stop," she means stop NOW! You listen or you risk being clawed and/or bitten. Oscar is a mama's boy. He loves to be pet and babied, and likes to sleep on my face. He just doesn't like to be picked up. I've had both Oscar and Eliza since they were born -- their mama was a pregnant stray who moved in with me.

Precious was supposedly born feral. I'm not really sure what her background is. After having her for several years, she does like to be pet now and she always tells me when she comes in the house (cat door). She runs in at full meow, just to tell me she's home, I think, or maybe to order me to feed her?
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Cheshire Cat WILL NOT let anyone pick him up. He weighs about 27 pounds (he's just a gigantic cat), and if I absolutely have to hold him, he struggles and wiggles and I can't hold him at all. He doesn't bite or scratch, though, so that's good. The weird thing is that he LOVES sitting on my lap or my boyfriend's lap while we're watching television, and he sleeps curled up with me in bed. He loves attention as long as you don't try to pick him up!

My other cat, Dinah, is just totally crazy. She doesn't like to walk anywhere at all, she wants to be CARRIED everywhere she goes. If I sit down, she's on my lap. If I leave the room, she follows. She really likes it when I just carry her all over the house.
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Lots of cats don't like being picked up - they feel vulnerable. I didn't pick mine up much when they were little and Jaffa hates being restrained in any way. He's very affectionate and loves his cuddles but I never try to pick him up unless necessary because he hates it. My kitten Mosi, on the other hand, loves being picked up and carried around.
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I can pick both mine up no problem, but after a while they both get wriggly, more so Rosie, so i just give them a quick cuddle and a kiss and put them back down
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Max is his own cat too. He will only let you pet him and hold him on his own terms, and those times come very rarely. And in the three years we've had him he has only slept with us once. Usually he sleeps at the very edge of the foot of the bed and if you get close to him he'll leave.

However, I never worried about him because you can tell he is happy and he loves us. He is ALWAYS purring and he gets excited and runs in circles when we come home.
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Marlee does not like being picked up. I almost wonder if she was dropped as a baby at the shelter, because she doesn't really fight me if I pick her up, but she seems a little scared no matter how I hold her, and as soon as she knows you're leaning to set her down she tries to take a flying leap to get down on her own. But she is getting better. Just to make it easier in the cases that she needs to be held, I'll pick her up every so often, hold for a minute and kiss her, then hold on tight and set her down.

But she is an incredibly happy kitty, and loves to cuddle when she decides to (usually in the morning before I get out of bed).
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My Chester is the same way. He does not like to be picked up and will let you pat him on his terms.

On his information sheet from the shelter it says “tolerates being heldâ€. This info came from his former people and is an understatement.

Some times I just want to pick him up and hug him but I have to approach him just so and he will usually put up with it for about a minute. Then he wants down in a hurry.

He makes me laugh because when he gets down he will shake himself, give me that look, like he is saying “how rude!†Then he will start grooming.

He will sleep on the bed at night. He has this little ritual where he starts out kneading then he will come up and lie down next to me so I can pat him and give him belly rubs. But most of the time will be just close enough for me to reach him without being able to get a hold of him.

His former people said that they got him as a kitten from a neighbo. So I am assuming that they did not give him a lot of positive attention when he was a baby.
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