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Does Anyone Have A Cat That Speaks?

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My cat sleeps on my bed, he is about7 years old, and he actually TALKS in his sleep. At first I caught only little things, like "wow", no, no, - then actual sentences, "what will that poor old lady do" - "we saw you coming in". This cat does not meow, but makes other sounds, never talks though while awake.
He had an asophogus operation when he was very little still and I first got him and he could not eat because something was wrong there.
I have never heard of a cat speaking, nor am I making this up, merely am curious if anyone had this experience before. Thank you.
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Cats do not have the physiological equipment to make those sounds. I know sometimes when Zissou meows it sounds like a word to me, like "Mommie!" or "What?" but it's just regular old cat noises. If you listen to any noise long enough and expect to hear something you can hear all kinds of stuff. Remember all those scandals about playing records backwards and getting messages? It's the same principle. You can trick your mind into hearing nearly anything. It is interesting though.
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Here's a very cute and funny video of clip of some different cats talking.

Is that what your cat does ? I bet its so cute.
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The fact is that I was not joking, I hesitated in posting this. He also sings, "la la la, la la la la..." in a beautiful clear soprano that puts Sarah Brightman to shame. He has done that only once though. It is not something I am imagining, it is clearly happening and I am not hearing voices. I have another cat, they both sleep with me on my bed, the other cat meows and nothing else. I do not want to bother anyone and bring up fictitious tales, but this is really happening and was interested in knowing if it has happened to another someone's cat perhaps somewhere else too. That was all. Some very strange incidents I admit, but they are happening.
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. . . who spoke. Really, I would tease the guy who owned her that he was crazy, until I was cat sitting one night and I heard her call his name, Alex. I heard her say a few more things after that, clear as day, though it's been years now and I can't remember exactly what. I know what they say about hearing what you expect, but I've expected a lot of other things throughout my life that I never heard or seen. In fact, it was one of the only really strange things I've ever experienced, and when I was younger I believed in everything.
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hha, i had a Cat that had a meow that could sound just like why?.
The funny part was she would use it, at times she saw something new.

i had her for about a week, and it was time to trim my face furr( yea i am male),,, so here i am razor in hand kitty is watching me. She turns her head to the side like animals do,, and says why? i almost cut myslelf from laughing. Sad part is i even told her why then she left to go do cat things.
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Have you considered calling Ripley's Believe It or Not? If you cat truly does talk, if it were me I would contact them immediately.
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a talking cat?! that sounds so neat and i wish i could hear it

i watched the video link of the talking kitties and it was perty cool lol
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yeah I agree, definitly give Ripley's a call.
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I believe you. Watch that cat video of the cats talking.

Your cat may not understand everything it's saying but I'm sure there are genetic oddities in the feline species who can produce more human-like utterances.
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Originally Posted by theimp98
hha, i had a Cat that had a meow that could sound just like why?.
The funny part was she would use it, at times she saw something new.

i had her for about a week, and it was time to trim my face furr( yea i am male),,, so here i am razor in hand kitty is watching me. She turns her head to the side like animals do,, and says why? i almost cut myslelf from laughing. Sad part is i even told her why then she left to go do cat things.
Bobby has a meow that sounds exactly like "Now!" - he uses it when he wants something that he's not getting and is losing patience with us.

Also (but unconnected as I'm sure the above is coincidence) I'm convinced that his understanding of human speech is higher than normal for a cat:

1. In the vet with his MomCat, Molly went first, while Bobby ran around the office. The vet announces "Its your turn" and he bolted into his cage and hid (he loves our vet though).
2. Another time in the vets he needed to have a urine sample taken and the vet thought that she would have to draw it with a needle, but that we would have to wait as his bladder was "the size of a walnut". He immediately started scratching the floor - she ran out, grabbed an empty litter tray and he promptly gave a sample.
3. He has to be isolated from the other cats at food time cause his food is medicated and the others love the taste of it, so we shut him in the kitchen when he's eating. He bangs on the door til we call out "I'm coming Bobby". Then he waits patiently til we come get him.

There are other examples, and I can always tell when he wants me to come nap with him - and if I don't, he will come and find me and meow at me. My bf used to find this an amusing excuse for my napping (I love it) until he was home sick one day and saw it for himself.

Also, he's the only kitty in our house who has figured out how to use the door knocker to let us know that he wants to come in. The rest of them just sit there. And, he only knocks if we can't see him. If we can see him, he just waits til we come over.
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Scooter makes a sound like "feed me now!" when he thinks it should be dinner time. He lays his ears back and dips his head, looking a lot like a little gargoyle. It is hilarious.
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One time I had gone out for teh day and had asked my husband to make sure Reilly had another bowl of water later in the day (he had kidney disease and drank ALOT!) Well, I came home and my hubby was aggravated because the cat had been in the sink, licking the faucet. I explained that the water bowl was dry, (duh!!!) and that the cat was really thirsty. I also noted that Reilly really didn't get into anything and was very good for the most part (just really, really sickly!).

He then went on to say it was a dumb cat because he kept scratching on the one chair instead of the scratching post. Well, Reilly gets up and starts scratching on his post and staring at my husband. I just raised my eyebrows.

Then my husband says, well, you bought this stupid cat tree and he never uses it. It's a big waste! Reilly immediately climbed up and sat on the top perch and sort of smiled. (honestly, he had never even touched it before that day!) My husband looked at me and started laughing and I started laughing. If it was a coincidence, it sure was a humdinger!!!
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Call pet star, contact animal planet, send a video to david letterman or post your talking cat video on
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i wanna see! you should record her while she is doing it some day! that video was totally adorable! i want a talking kitty!!!
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yep, video your talking feline, we'd love to hear it

i believe you, btw, but i don't think my cat does. He was reading this over my shoulder and whispered to me "i think she's fibbing".
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My first cat could sound some words and not just the typical meow. He could say "out", "no" and a few others that were pretty clear most of the time.

I used to tease him to put the "t" on the word out and he'd do it. Most cats if you listen to them, have different sounding meows when they talk.
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That video is hilariously funny! Jade is very vocal, but not with words. Isis will only get vocal with you if she's getting a bath or she doesn't like the way she is being held! I want a talking kitty lol
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My Mom's cat Macho Says "Hello" as clear as day. You need to say Hello first.
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I the vidio clips. A Must see!
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My oldest cat "talks", but not in the people word sense.

She tends to talk in her sleep though and makes the cutest sounds.

The youngest who is 7 years, also is a chatterbox and chatters away while I'm brushing her, or while I'm in the kitchen. Again, not people words, just general cute kitty sounds.

Cats are highly intelligent and Egyptians worship cats at one time. Maybe your cat is in touch with a former "human" life while it's asleep?
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Our cat, Sunny, says "Mama" when she wants me, or sees me (and only me). We think it's because I call her Mama and she's responding thinking it's the greeting for two of us to use with each other. It's really cute. When she wants me, she'll go around the house saying "Mama! Mama!" until she finds me, and then lays down for some love. It's adorable!
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I used to have two cats that spoke two words. No and Milk. We would go to the refrigerator to get milk for something and they would sit there and look up and go "Milk".....We had some friends come over, and we all went to the kitchen for something, and I opened the fridge knowing what would happen,a nd they both did it......My friends were in shock...."WHAT DID THEY SAY!".....I'd ask the kitties, do you want some burger, they'd say NO....want milk....They'd say MILK.....only two words they ever could do. Far too many people heard it, without our telling them what the two cats would they weren't biased toward thinking that the cats would say it, they heard it on their own.

They were little stinkers, they figured out together how to open the cupboard door on the entertainment center, to get to the Whiskas Treats, and then work together to get the lid off...they also did this with Pringles Ranch Style chips...they didn't like the others. They'd lick all the stuff off the pringles and get them all mushy then sit and chew for hours on a few of them....
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LOL!! That's so funny!!

Our Hobbes has taken a liking to Doritos, for some reason. The other night, I had a bag of them that I left rolled up on the couch. All we could hear was, crinkle crinkle...crunch crunch crunch...over and over. It was funny until I realized he was eating my Doritos! LOL!! Big ol' Stinker!! It's happened a couple times now. You'd think he would go for REAL cheese, but I guess not! This is the same cat that loves broccoli! He's got strange tastes for a kitty, I guess.
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I just listened to the video on my computer. Very funny. Towards the end, my cat approached it to watch it also, puzzled. Very amusing also!

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