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Wednesday June 19 DT

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Good day all! I thought that I would strat the DT since no one else has. Only over 3 hours until I can go home from work - yeah! Our office building was giving free cake in the lobby today. I have no idea why, but it was very good cake. Who am I to dispute free food.

What is everyone doing today?
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Well hello Adrienne! After having a horrible day yesterday, today seems MUCH better. I wish I had some free cake, sounds yummy! I should probably lay off the baked goods though; I made brownies the other night and ate 5 of them! I don't know what it is about brownies; I have to keep myself from eating the whole tray!

Today is June Teenth (aka June 19). I don't know if the whole nation celebrates or if it is just a Texas/Houston thing, but today is the day when the slaves of Galveston Island were freed. The reason we note this day is because it happened two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Evidently, the slave owners new they were to release the slaves but didn't until two years later.

Hope everyone is well!
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Sabra, That's something I never heard of. How awful for those people to live in slavery at all, let alone two years after they were freed! I guess you commemorate the day, but businesses don't close?
It's a very pretty day in PA, and the week is supposed to be warm. I hope the rest of the day goes quickly for both of you. There's no place like home--(she said, as she clicked her ruby slippers together.)
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Contrary to popular belief, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation did not free the slaves. It was worded to free the slaves held "in the states, currently in rebellion against the United States." It did nothing to free the slaves, still being held in the states that didn't secede. Lincoln's intention was to bankrupt the Confederacy, by removing their workforce. Naturally, the states that had seceded ignored a proclamation, from a president they didn't recognize. It hot, again today. I had to walk home from the supermarket. My car wouldn't start. Fortunately, it is only five blocks. Bill is going to be late, getting home but, we'll go get my car, later. I was trying to get by, until payday, without buying a new battery. Bill insists, though, I will get one, today and I can pay him back, when my alimony check comes in, next week. It is so nice, to have a domesticated mechanic in the house! He works cheap, too!
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Good day all. Nothing much going on for me. Work is dead, which is kind of nice since I was slammed all last week. But this is the second day in a row, and I'm getting pretty bored.

Sabra - we have Juneteenth here, too. The main black neighborhood in Denver, 5 Points, has a huge celebration the weekend of Juneteenth. I just hope that they know what they are celebrating. I'm a bit jaded on "celebrations" around here because of Cinco de Mayo. The Mexicans have their flags flying, cruise Federal Blvd. (shutting down that whole section of town), shoot guns into the air (and at each other) and get drunk. Most of them have no idea what they are celebrating, just that it's an excuse to wave their flags and raise hell.
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Work is going ever so slow...like usual. I ordered in Chinese food for lunch and a friend of mine I work with and I watched Ricki Lake and Tom and Jerry during lunch. :LOL: It was pretty fun. They just installed sattelite at my work in some of the conference rooms. Tomorrow is our company picnic from 12-4. I get to go from 12-2 since someone from the mailroom has to cover for me. I don't get to go the whole time. I don't mind though b/c its suppossed to be really hot and possibly raining.
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Good afternoon. I've been here working on Word and Excel. I am almost done with school. Almost a week to go!

Well, yesterday I received my Depo vera shot on my arm and it dosen't hurt.

Cake sounds good right now! But I also have to watch it. The other day a friend invited me to a pizza and I ate eight slices of a medium peporoni pizza I was that hungry!

I was thinking that I'd be happy working in a call center as customer service. I did that before and enjoyed it. Nothing but answer phones and help customers!
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