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Pepsi was my neighbours cat, even though I fussed her more than her owner did, and I was going to post about her on here when it came to her anniversary in September, but I can't stop thinking about her at the moment, so thought I would post now. I keep feeling really guilty that I couldn't do more to save her some pain and suffering. My neighbours kept giving 'excuses' for not taking her to the vets, but I eventually found out that it was the cost of it, and they had had previous poor experiences with kidney probs (although years ago). I tried to explain that things had changed, and even contacted 4 rescues to see if there was any funding as my neighbour is a pensioner, but I got nowhere. He did eventually take her to the vets, but by that time the vet said that there wasn't even any point in doing blood tests as her body was giving up. Sadly, my neighbour doesn't believe in euthanasia, and I didn't feel it was my place to push it on him, so I had to watch her die - and it seemed a very slow process. I wish I had been able to do more for her, but even now can't think of any more I could have done - she was an ex feral who should have been TNR'd - but the vet did estimate her at 17, and she had had 2 litters before she was trapped, so I suppose they did some good for her.
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Oh, Pepsi. I'm sure you were loved, but I'm sorry you were caught up in humans who really didn't understand. You are free and at peace, now.

Condolences on her loss. Sounds like she was a very special girl.
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This is so sad! Thankfully the poor baby is now free from any suffering and playing happily over Rainbow Bridge
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RIP Pepsi, play happily at the bridge.
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so sorry darling that you had so much pain in the last part of your life.... play happily knowing you will never experience any more pain again
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Here is a pic of her, taken about a year before she died, when she looked healthy. And thank you all for not judging me for not doing more to help her, I loved this cat to bits, but have moral issues with catnapping, and also didn't feel I could push my euthanasia views on someone else, but it was so frustrating and upsetting watching a cat die slowly (something I have never done, as I would rather let them go a day early than a day late) as I saw this cat on a daily basis.

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Please don't judge yourself either. She is beautiful, and she is now at peace.
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Oh bless her she looks so sweet

Just picture Pepsi laying like that over at Rainbow Bridge in the shade of the sunshine under a tree
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What a sweet looking kitty. Rest in peace Pepsi. You were a special cat and you are much loved, even though you are no longer here. Hugs to you and I wish you peace in your heart in thinking about this precious kitty you befriended.
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Thanks everyone - RosieMac, that set me off, it is a lovely thought. I know she is free from pain and suffering now, I just wish I could have done something more for her, she might have had unconditional love from me (she knew it didn't matter how much she attacked me, it never stopped me giving her hugs and kisses), but she had to suffer and linger with health probs, and I couldn't convince her owner to do anything.
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Condolences, BookTigger Poor Pepsi, she will indeed be at peace and pain-free now. Was her owner just too afraid/selfish to do the right thing, or did he simply not care? Perhaps finding the answer to this will pave the future for his next cat, if he gets one. Pepsi knew your compassion & love and I am sure that made her long journey so much easier; someday, she will thank you for it. Bless you for caring!
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her owner doesn't believe in euthanasia, and I didn't think it was my place to try and change his mind - not that I think I would have managed it though, I am 24 and he is 80 (although at the time I was 23 and he was 79), and I am fairly certain all his pets have gone naturally, and not all pleasant (as Pepsi's wasn't). He has one remaining cat, but due to his age, wont be getting another. I do think it has slightly changed his views though, and if it has, that is a bit of a good thing, as hopefully his remaining cat might have a better end.
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