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panacur dosage

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Hi! I am looking for the panacur dosage for kittens. A stray barn cat here on the farm came home pregnant. I am a german shepherd dog breeder- so have background in litters. Anyway- we took her in and she had 2 kittens. They are 3 weeks old now and Id like to worm them with panacur liquid. Just looking for the proper dosage.
Thank you
Callie Smuder
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As I only use panacur on my horses, I cannot help you. I have never heard of it being used for the smaller animals. Perhaps Sandie or Bad Habit will know as they work with vets?
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Panacur is not labeled for use in cats in the US and it should only be used under the guidance of a veterinarian so before giving the kittens anything clear it first with a doctor. I'm not sure of the proper dosage for a kitten but if you contact your veterinarian they will be able to help you out.
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I will agree, even the vets I work with will not use Panacur in cats. I would talk to your vet about getting some dewormer like strongid T or droncit.
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I have a kitten rescue and specialize in bottle fed babies.  I have used Panacur for years on my older cats.  I buy the horse Panacur at my Vet supply and the dosage is 0.02/lb.  My Vet also gave me liquid Panacur for worms in my 2-3 wk old kittens.  I have never had any adverse reaction from Panacur.

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Do you mean 0.02mg/pound? If so, the concentration of Panacur paste is 100mg/gm. So, if the kitten weighs about 2 pounds, the dose is 0.04mg or 0.00004 g?  How to measure this?

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I use the panacur horse paste to worm my cats and dogs. How I measure it is I lay a thin line on their tongue that is the width of their tongue. That is what my vet uses and that is how he doses it. My dogs and cats do not like how it tastes and they will try to shake it out of their mouth. After you lay the line firmly grab their jaw and close their mouth so that they will swallow it.  

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