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Cat eating sugar bad?

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Quick question from the newbie again

I tell my kids time and time again NOT to leave their koolaid or soda glasses on the table because the baby Gizmo 3 month siamese > insist he wants to drink them, I keep telling them Sugar is VERY bad for cats... am I wrong?
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I don't think that cats can taste sugar so I imagine that it is not good for them.
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I know they supposedly can't taste sugar but I think they can, or at least like the sourness of the ascorbic acid / phosphoric acid in Kool-Aid and pop. Zissou loves sweet drinks too. Then again she loves my water too, so maybe she thinks it's just water?
Well, it is bad for them and it's good to teach your kids to not just leave any kind of food / drink around without being supervised around the cat because some cats will eat chocolate and it can kill them. So it's good to be in the practice.
A little bit of suger won't be devastating but it certainly is no good.
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Cats can metabolize sugars perfectly well, although they have no ability to taste "sweet." They actually need some sugar, in the form of glucose, to transport cellular energy - I found this info on a website dealing with cat biology and genomes.

However, processed sugars are not natural to a cat's diet, and should be limited as much as is possible.
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I found an article on it to prove myself wrong:

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That was an interesting article.
Thanks for sharing the link.
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