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UK Persian Cat Rescue Centre

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Prompted by a recent post on your breeders forum (Exotics), I just had to post to make everyone aware of what this great organisation is doing.

It's a fabulous charity I came across recently, based in the west country of England.

Aparantly it's the only rescue centre for Persians/longhair pedigrees in the UK. It's quite a specialism to unmatt these poor babies once they get into a state, and not all recsue centres are equipped to cope.

I'm going to do some sums and see if I can't contribute to their worthwhile cause (don't worry - this isn't a begging letter on their behalf - but it does so break your heart when you read about these adorable creatures ending up in such a mess).

Anyway, I just wanted to say full marks to this brave lady.

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You're so right. Thank goodness there are kind and good people who care that much!
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Yola... thanks so much for posting this link!! You know, a while ago I found the site by accident, but I could never find it again!! I'll have to go back and asee if there are any needy kitties that need some help from me.... hee hee hee..... Actually, we just adopted a Persian cross, she has the persian fur, but not the persian face, unfortunately the previous owner had let her fur become TERRIBLY matted... poor little thing, but we got that all sorted out now.... (Though I'm not sure she appreciates the large bald spot all down one side and on her back bless.... at least it will grow back! )
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