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radio question of the day: 06/28/06

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What age would you like to be if you couldn't be the age you are right now?
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I would probably choose 18 ...because I had just graduated highschool and I had the best summer ever.....I didn't have the worries of work like I do now....
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25 or so, before the injuries and massive weight gain
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I guess I would be 11 or 12. I was living in Germany with really great friends and a very active lifestyle.
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I don't know 35 maybe. I like the unknown. I'm 28 now.
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I love being 22, but I'd have to say 17 - senior in high school, friends - everything back then was perfect, no worries.
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I'd either say 17 or late 20's...because hopefully in my late 20's I will have a different job!
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probably 21, one reason, among other things, was that I was at my lowest weight then, and also if I only knew then what I know now.... its amazing what a difference 7 years can make, so many many many things I would do differently oh well, if I hadn't made those mistakes I probably wouldn't know what I do know now
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I wouldn't mind being 28 again. I think I just stay there too!
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I'd say 17 too... that was the best time ever... junior year in HS... life was so perfect and care free... and I'd be wise enough to not break the heart of my HS sweet heart. That would be nice.
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I would have to say 29. This way I'd be done school, have a teaching job, hopefully have this child bearing issue sorted out and own my own house, have as many cats/pets as I want.
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Early 30's-was single ,living in a cool house as a cargiver & just having a good life!
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I just turned 29 yesterday so ima say 21
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Not really sure what age I wanna be again. Probly a young child, because life was so *carefree* then Ya know, being a child, you dont have a care in the world!! (Im referring to like age 5 and under)
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I would say was a good year all round.
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4-5 years old. I'd be spending all my time with my Grandparents during the day and already potty trained!
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But the day before my dad died. He died when I was 16. 16 was A GREAT YEAR untill then.
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