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inc taxes
$45 bag of litter (lasts about a month)
$49 for food (lasts 6 weeks)
$5 for two cat grass
$15-$20 in toys
$10 in treats
$5 donation to the animal shelter
an hour playing with the store animals and adoption kitties
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I did the $1-20 mark only because I lucked out here. There's an alternative store to Petco/Petsmart chains in the SE Michigan area called Pet Supplies Plus (don't know if they're anywhere else). But I can usually get 40 lb of cat litter for $8-10 there. The food is competitivly priced.
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Oh don't talk to me about pet store that's like browsing macey's I did the 51 to 75My cats have 2 cat trees a jungle gym, 2 of those square things to play in, a long canvas tubeie thing, a pet bed a big one, and about 300 toys, that they don't really like other then the super balls and fuzzy mice witch I have to buy on e-bay bevause they dissapear, pet store no way money I'm waititng to see if any of the cats can write a check Most of the big stuff like the trees I get on e-bay also, food that's what I claim to spend not all the other stuff
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
I also get stuck in the toy section... she has these little crinkly balls (they look like old christmas ornaments) that she loves so much, but they get lost in the house, so I buy 4 at a time, and stick them in a drawer & only give her 1 until that 1 is lost. I must have a graveyard somewhere with 30 of these little balls!
we do that too, except.. she wont play with the new ones she has to have the old one! so we literally search the whole house and she helps us!
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I haven't bought the girls any new toys since christmas because they have a boat load, but i've started buying Gils dogs toys for when i go up now But as for food and treats for the girls i've just started to buy their food in bulk now so i'm not sure how long the bag lasts yet, and their treats i get every week, or should i say Rosie's because Sophie doesn't like them.
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Ack! I went to the pet stores last night Granted I did buy a couple things that I really didn't need, like I bought the kittens collars when I know they're not going to be able to wear them until they grow a little more, and I totally stocked up on Meow Mix pouches-only 33 cents each with your petperks card and I bought some dog treats too, and feline greenies (for Sime's teefers) and those cat scratchers that hang on your door knob and litter (I get mine at Pets Supplies Plus too lunasmom, 40 lbs for 6.98, and its pretty good stuff ) Speaking of those door knob scratchers, they seem a little high off the ground I think Simon might be the only one who would be able to reach them, do I have high door knobs or does anyone else have this problem? I might have to rig something with clothesline to drop them down well anyway, I probably ended up spending close to $100... I swear I was just going for litter and wet food!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
....does a normal trip to the pet store cost you?
maybe $ 50.00 Us .........
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I spend on average about $30 a month for Sash's canned food, litter and tarter treats. Now, some months I go over that amount depending on if he needs his supplements or anything else such as dry food, I only buy dry food about every other month, so that trip will cost me around $40. I buy him toys on occasion but not all the time, since he's accumulated so many toys over the years to choose from.
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I voted for under $25. I'll go and buy a bunch of canned food for about $20 once in a while...and I buy the HUGE bags of Chicken Soup dry food so that's an every-other-month purchase. And of course I can never get out without stopping to pick up some toys.
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