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Worried about cat's asthma

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I really need some information on feline asthma. Does anyone have a site on feline health issues (in addition to this one of course) that they really find helpful? My 3-year-old cat, Isaac was diagnosed with asthma when he was a kitten. We did not treat it as the vet said he would most likely outgrow it. He stopped having the attacks at about six months old and had no more until January of this year. He began having several a day at that point. Our vetinarian gave him a shot of a steroid which stopped the symptoms for about a month. He continued giving him an injection as soon as symptoms reappeared-about every 30 days. After his injection last month he put him on a steroid in pill form (prednisone). He started at 2 a day and we were to reduce the dosage to one pill per day and then remove him off all together. Two pills a day stopped the symptoms but moving him to 1 pill per day brought a return of symptoms. Our vet said he cannot stay on the pills or injections for the rest of his life as there can be serious side affects. He has not said what our other options are. I plan on grilling him today when we take Isaac in.

Any information, advice, experiences anyone has would be most appreciated. Thanks. In peace, Hannah
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The one new thing that I have heard of is using an inhaler just like people do. They make the chambers and masks for children that will fit over the cats face.
Check it out
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Sandie that is really neat!! Just the other day at work we were talking about it would be nice if they made an inhaler for cats. It didn't sound like it would work but looking at those pictures I'd say that's a good idea.
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