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Need Advice...

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I need someone who is a lawyer, or someone that can read between the lines.
Or, someone who has done things like this and direct me to real work...I am trying to find work online, I'm a stay at home mom and am trying to get a job so I can pay for certain things in our life that needs to be taken care of I.E. Pet care, getting my car fixed, paying tickets(EEEEeeek!) and schooling for me to be a vet tech. I don't have a working car and live in an area where there isn't much to do without a car.

My dad directed me to this site...


You just go to employment and it directs you to all sorts of online jobs. But I can't filter through the scams and whatnot. Here is one website that I ended up finding through bruce8.com


Seems legitimate, but you never know. Please, if anyone can help I will love you long time!!! Thanks everyone.
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Right off the bat I can tell you that if a company offering work at home jobs requires you to PAY for ANYTHING, it's a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

If you can find one that does NOT require that you pay them to find work, then go for it and best of luck!
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I wouldn't bother with the paid surveys, a lot of them you do half of and they say you don't match their demographics.

The only people I know who work from home successfully are people doing book-keeping for small businesses (I do this myself) or medical transcription / typing
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Ickle, how would I go about doing that? Could you direct me to a site or number or anything? Thank you guys so much for your help.
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bumping for anyone else who has not seen this and can help!
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I know some people who go around in dumpsters and look for stuff to sell as memorabilia on Ebay. You can actually make a good $400 a month doing that.

People can sell anything on ebay nowadays.........

I get annoyed because my BIL has a ebay business and people are constantly copying his pics because he takes really good pics. If you do that you could be banned from ebay, so be careful.
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