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hairball meds

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What do you all suggest giving a cat for hairball medicine, and where can it be found? My cat has started throwing up semi hairballs once every other week. I did forget to mention it when I dropped him of at the vet this morning, but will remember to ask when I pick him up. When I say semi, it's mostly vomit, but still has a good amount of fur in it.

Also, this cat hates anything fishy flavored, so please don't reccomend anything fish flavored or I will have one angry kitty on my hands.

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Vet basis ... many pet stores have it ... I like the no petroleum and that it is softer
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Petromalt is what works best for Ginger - it's malt flavored and she loves it. You can find it at almost any pet store.
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I also use Petromalt. There is another commonly used variety called Laxatone. Also, increasing how often you brush your kitty may help prevent the hairballs, especially if they started up recently (during shedding season). The less loose hair on their bodies, the less it will end up in their bellies.
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Thank you for the replies. I am hoping to get more to help me better with my decision.

I do brush my cat with a good wire brush at least once a day, sometimes twice.

I will definately look into the ones mentioned here. Unfortunately I'll probably have to order them unless walmart carries any good ones.
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I have three cats (17.14, & 10 years old.) I use "Veterinarian's Best" "hairball & digestive aid" tablets which they like. I crushed them and sprikle on their wet food 2 x a day. I also use "Barley cat" which is a powder and is good for digetive problems.

I hope this helps.

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The malt-flavored hairball laxative should help the fishy issue. As far as getting it into her, try offering her a little on your finger like a treat. Some cats like it and will take it willing. Forest is like that.

If that doesn't work (like it doesn't with Tailer and Harvey), my vet taught me to put it on my finger, carefully open their mouths and swipe it onto the roof of their mouth. It's less over faster and less stressful than putting it on their fur somewhere for them to lick off. Plus, you know for sure they got it rather than wiped it on some unsuspecting piece of furniture. It's awkward the first few times, but with practice it gets really easy to accomplish quickly.
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Thanks so much everyone!
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