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following, meowing...comstantly

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I think I've posted a similiar thread before, but I can't find it, and I'm not sure what to do. Angel, my rescue, is driving me nuts. I love her to pieces. But she follows me everywhere I go (which is ok) and meows this desperate, lonely sounding meow. I had previously assumed she was lonely because the 2 boy cats were wary of her. Well, the reason they're wary of her is because any time one of them gets too close, she wacks them. Claws out and everything. No wonder they aren't all friends. Sometimes she is able to lay next to them without problems, other times, she can't help but beat them up. Which leads me to my point. The 2 boys don't need to be right next to me all the time because they have each other. Angel freaks if she can't see me. She'll walk through the house doing her blood curdling meows. I'm wondering if it's because she knows I saved her, or if it's because she's lonely. I've considered getting another girl kitty, just for her to have a friend, but I'm worried she'd beat that one up also. I just can't figure out what she wants. Any thoughts?
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my cat just screeches uncontrollably, i think she does it to annoy me because we give her a lot of attention but she still does it and we don't know what she wants.
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How long have you had her? Have you tried comfort zone plug-ins or Rescue Remedy?
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