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Boo is off her food

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After having the kittens on saturday night Boo ate well and again on sunday.
Since then though she really hasnt been eating much. She doesnt like the kitten food much but she has even turned her nose up at her normal food. She is picking but not eating as much as she usually does.

Does anyone have any ideas of what i can maybe get her interested with.

She is looking a bit thin but im not sure if thats just me used to seeing her fat over the last few weeks.
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maybe a high calorie spplement for cats that comes in the gel form? you can also get it in the form to encourage them to eat.
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Boo and Ebony seem to be so alike. She has been exactly the same.

She has been really picky with her food since the kittens were born.

I've changed her wet food to a different brands which she seems to prefer slightly more. She seems to really love the dried kitten food I've been giving her so I got more of that today. Does Boo like dried? Also I give her cooked chicken and also some kitty milk everynight and she seems to have put somr weight back on now.

I don't feel bad spoiling her with special food at the moment as she doing a hard job
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i dont mind spoiling boo at all I just dont whats best to give her, Boo has always prefered her wet food to the dried but I just went up to check and she has hardly touched it. She has had some kitty milk though not a lot.

I gave her some tuna this morning that she scoffed down but then i read on here it wasnt a good idea.

I will try getting her some different food tomorrow but im not sure it will help as she hasnt touched her favourite brand.

Im not too worried about the kittens right now as they are gaining weight steadily. Im more worried about Boo.
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try getting her some tune wet food for cats, if thats what she is eating, at least ya know its safer then the canned stuff. also, plenty of fresh water. give her a few days too, if she doesnt come around then worry,lol
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