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Where do you get those nails from?

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Hey all! Where in the heck do you find those nail covers for the cats?? I have a friend that took in a kitten a few weeks ago, and hes starting to claw at her furniture, and she mentioned something about declawing him, and I changed her mind on she is interested in some of those nails(is that what there even callled? LOL) Someone help me!! Thanks!!
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They are called soft paws or soft claws. or or you can go to your local petshop and thy may even carry them.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
They are called soft paws or soft claws. or or you can go to your local petshop and thy may even carry them.
Thanks hun!!
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you
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One more thing-how well do they work??
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When I used them they worked great. They fall off when the nails would naturally fall off (the outer layers) so you replace them as they do. They last a while and can be quite fashionable!
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If the kitten is a little one, she may have to buy from a vet or order online, as most pet stores only carry the adult sizes.
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Alternatively she could just trim his claws and train him to use a scratching post Does he have suitable places to scratch?
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My parents were discussing de-clawing skittles cause of his bad habit of clawing furniture. After finding a post he actually liked and buying some time, I was successfully able to train him to use post instead.

These "claws" are also available at many vets offices. If you don't feel comfortable enough putting them on yourself, call vet offices. Mine offers for $25, they will give you a set and put them on for you.
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Roper has begun clawing at the furniture. When I see him I pick him up and say "no no roper." and change his focus to something else. I'm going to go buy a scratching post to train him on and I have been researching the Nail Covers at They look great and I love the colors. I just do not want to get him declawed but if all esle fails I may have to.
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Please DO NOT declaw your cat just because it scratches the furniture! If you think declawing is a possible option please read up on it and see what they have to do to declaw a cat. It's horrible. In Australia and a lot of European countries, it's illegal - the United States is very behind the times on this issue.

If your cat is scratching, cover the area they're scratching with double sided tape. They won't touch the double sided tape! But you MUST also provide something to scratch on, otherwise they'll just find something else.

Our new kitty was scratching on our couch when we first got her. We put tape all over the area she was scratching, bought a $15 cardboard scratcher and put it in front of the couch. She loves the scratcher, and was scratching just on that. So we moved the scratcher to a better position, and have now removed the tape, and she hasn't scratched on the couch since - and we've only had her for 2 weeks!

If you have a kitten, trim her claws regularly - all you need to is just cut the tip off. It's also useful to hold her paws, and push her claws out every few days just so she gets used to it.

I think the Soft Paws are an expensive option - try trimming the claws, using tape and finding a scratcher she likes first to save you some money!
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Soft Claws are very inexpensive if you buy them online. A set of 40 is usually around $12.99 and if applied to the front claws only the package will last you about 4 months.
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Petco, Superpetz, and Petsmart all sell them in a variety of sizes. They are reasonably priced. Also, it's not a bad idea to hold the kitty and get it used to having it's paws touched and retracting it's claws.....this way, you're able to get the softpaws on the kitty when the time is right without a lot of fighting.
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