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cat shelf

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I am debating getting a cat shelf for tavia so she can sit by my computer but not on my scanner and I am wondering if this is a good idea. because the window it is by is blocked by my air conditioner and my dad won't let me put one up in the livingroom and they are so low to the ground (the windows) that she wouldn't be able to enjoy them because of the dogs. And I have seen cat shelves before but I don't know if they have to be on a window sill or not. When I get my own place then it won't be such a problem because I will be able to put the shelf where I want and hopefully put up more of them for her. And I was wondering what you all think about me just putting a carpted shelf by my desk for her and if putting some catnip on it would entice her to sit on it but I worry about that because she loves on anything with catnip and she might fall off of the shelf and if she did she would either hit the scanner and computer tower or the desk and she could hurt herself. So please give me your thoughts on this.
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I think she'll probably sit on it without the cat nip.

It sounds nice.
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i made a shelf for the cats under a window. i went to Lowe's and bought the shelf and brackets, and just put it up myself, cost me all of $10. they LOVE it. i put there fave pillow on it, and its Prue's fave place to watch ther sunset, and traffic,lol
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She'll probably sit on it just to be close to you! My cat loves to sit on my desk while I'm typing. I don't mind until he stands up and blocks my view or tries to help me type!
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