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Anyone know much about Wills.

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Well it appears my grandmother has gotten greedy and declared all out war on me. She buffaloed my dad as well. But that is beside the point. Let me make it first known that this topic ISNT about the money, ok sure 1,000 would be nice but my great grandmother was worth far much more to me than that. Its a principal thing..

Alright, my great grandmother passed away in March, its been recently i have found other things out. I got a copy of the will paperwork, from my sister. I did not get a copy myself, because my Grandmother left my name off the list she had to supply to the lawyer. And from what everyone in the family says she did it purposely. My great grandmother helped me financially on occasion when I lived in a smaller town. I guess my grandmother feels that nulls what my grandmothers will states that "All great grandchildren get 1,000"

I am flabbergasted at the fact that Yes my name is glareingly missing, My sister is there, my four year old cousin is there but Me the eldest great grandchild is absent. My whole family saw that. It makes me feel like I do not exist, and in essence that is exactly what the lawyer thinks I do not exist he doesnt know.

So my question for anyone that knows. Can my grandmother, or the lawyer (for not verifying) get in trouble for this. I have looked through the document. And on the end of the form just before the names to be listed it does states "Under penalty of perjury I decalre or Afirm I have read this document and I know or belive it to be true and complete"

I really a hurt by being left out. And as i stated its not about the money If 1,000 out of 80,000 plus 100,000 of the estate means that much to her she can keep it. But not even being mentioned. And she has not returned my calls in attempt to contact her about it.

So..I am sure i will be angering the family when I contact the lawyer..not sure what else to do. I at least want the acknowldgement.
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My estranged husband died last month and we both made wills out at the same time.

He always said that he would never change his will or his pension unless i wanted to marry again, and he kept his word because he's left everything to me.

My solicitor told me that here in the UK there are only 6 people who can contest a will and parents, sisters/brothers, grandchildren etc... are not one of them, it's only the wife/husband, children from the marriage or an ex partner with a child who is under 18 that can contest it.

So, i don't know what your laws are like but if there anything like ours you won't be entitled to anything because i know my inlaws are ticked off at me at the moment, but as my solicitor has told them, " It's at the discretion of the trustee what happens to their estate and their money ".

Lesson number one to everyone to make a will, because my situation could have turned really ugly, especially with us still being married.
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I am not contesting it persay. The point is my Grandmother, my Great Grandmothers daughter. Did not supply the lawyer with my name and address as she was required to.

The will states exactly pertainig to Great Grandchildren (that would be me)
2:21 I give the sum of $1,000 to each of my great grand children in existance at the time of death if they survive me.

end statment. I am a great grandchild I am the eldest. So it is not that I was left out of the will itself. Its that because the great grandchildren were not named By name, my grandmother was required to supply the attorney with each name and address of said great grandchildren, my SISTER was listed on my Grandmothers list. But *I* was not. THAT is what I am upset about. Because *I* was included in the will.
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That's an awkward one because i would have thought all the great grandchildren would have to be named in the actual will by the trustee so there were no squabbles like this, because what if your grandmother wasn't there to supply the names?. Was she the executor of the will?.

I know in my will The Cats Protection is being left some of my estate, but because theres a few of their shelters i had to name the area of which i want my money sent to.

Is it really worth falling out with family for a £1,000, especially when you say it's not about the money.

It'll probably cost you that anyway in solicitors fees.
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I would just write to the lawyer and say you noticed that by mistake your name got left off the list. That shouldbn't cost you anything and gives everyone a face saver if they need it. Even if it is not about the money, your GGmother wanted you to benefit, and it will always be bad if you feel you have gone against her wishes. And no, people don't have to be named - in my will I mention 'the living issue of my sister and brothers', so you don't have to change the will each time someone gets born.
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I would think you would be entitled to that inheritance. The attorney I would think should not be basing his decision on an imcomplete list. Does he need any sort of proof that you are one of the "survivors"??
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I think you would be entitled to your 1.000 if it states all great grand children then that includes you. Your grandmother did not supply your name and legally she should of. It was not her decision to make. Call the lawyer today.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
I would just write to the lawyer and say you noticed that by mistake your name got left off the list. That shouldbn't cost you anything and gives everyone a face saver if they need it.
Agreed. The lawyer cannot be held accountable for anything if he does not know you exist, and he has the right to rely on someone in the family to provide a list of great-grandchildren UNTIL something brings it to his attention that the list may not be complete--your letter would accomplish that. Your grandmother can only be held accountable for providing an incomplete list if she signed an affidavit to the effect that the list she gave included ALL great grandchildren (and not simply that the people on the list were great grandchildren of the deceased, because that would be truthful).
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Your granma did wrong by not supplying your name and it might be perjury, but I wouldn't even go that route. Just call the lawyer, it was your ggranma's wish that you be included and your granma should be respecting her last wishes whether she disagrees with them or not. Don't make a big scene, I agree with the poster who said to just say your name was left off by mistake. You're not trying to contest anything, you are just insulted about what she did and I would be too. It's always sad when family members get lawyers involved in stuff like this. My granma sued my dad for the money he used to pay my mom's(her daughter) medical bills, so I know how tough it can be.

It does seem odd that everyone wasn't listed by name. How many great grandchildren does your ggranma have?
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Yeah i dont plan on making a big stink but this really was a slap in the face to me. Me and my great grandma were close. I spent lots of weekends with her. And i go out to her grave at least once a week and have since she passed. So I can still talk to her.

My greatgrandma has only Three GGchildren. However the will was made in 1998 and as of 1998 there was only two of us. That is why she did not list us each by name. So she didnt have to go back and keep changeing it. She had better things to do in life really.

Well I Have the guys number. So I am going to call and politely state who i am..ect..and see what happens.
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I just had to dig out my grandma's will. She doesn't list any of the grandchildren or great granchildren by name. She just says the grandchildren get this much, etc. We have the records of addresses & stuff on our computer & on a backup disc, we keep track of that.
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well the guy is out of the office til friday I called. I am also compsoing a letter completre with a copy of my birth Cert.
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$1000 is a lot of money!!!

It is worth more than what your grandmother would think of you.
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thanks. yes it is. alot. but its also not about the money to me. To me i feel like its a slap in the face saying "i dont exist" that my name is missing. My greatgrandmothrer ment alot more ot me than money.

Considering she was like my grandmother. My grandmother has never been one. Infact when my dad told her him and my mom were expecting me allshe said is "i am not baby sitting"
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I don't know a lot about wills but I know strange things have happened. I guess one of my Great Grandmothers left everything she had to the Boy Scouts of America. This was in an era when you were lucky to have enough coal or wood to heat the house for the night. I guess she did what she thought was right.
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LOL..i told my would have been so my great grandma if she left everything to the Humane Society. She gave them alot of money every year.

But Ah well. In honor of her I have a In memory basket set up on my website that i donate all funds to humane society for
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