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I just finished frontlining all the animals except Jimmy..... He is not dashing from me but he is staying 'one step' in front of me because he knows I am going to do something.

He is so smart. I get it in bulk and measure out .5 ml for each cat. He watched me do all the others and then it was his turn. I had been petting him through out all the process of this. He was on a bench a foot from me watching it all. When it was his turn, he jumped down just out of reach. When I would reach for him, he would jump back on the bench. Over and over. hehehe

Now, he only jumped if I had the frontline in my hand. Without the frontline he sat there and rubbed my hand..... He is gettign drowsy now as it is nighttime. I am fixing to get the brush out and do the brush fontline trick. It sounds good and I hope it works...

He is sleeping right now with one eye on me..... I'll have to do him like I do star....First and second.... apart from each other.

Star acts like she is dying when I front line her. She collapses and give up. Frontline is very tramatic for her. Jimmy is not like that. I talk to him like he is a person. With her, I have to coo that she is going to live through the next 10 seconds.. And she always does.. I remember her once staying outside for two weeks because of the frontline. She stayed away from me and my 'treatment'.... Now she is always first after that time.

I love it when frontline day is done. I can do them all in an hr or so... They all do real good.

Jimmy will be fine shortly. He did great last month when he got his shots. He sat through it like a little trooper. Star thinks she is dying when she gets her shots too. She avoids me for hrs afterwards believing I am out to get her. She peeks around the corner and watches the others.
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That Jimmy is one smart boy.
Poor Star, she thinks she's being tortured!
Don't you just love how they watch you out of the corner of their eyes...one false move and their off like a shot!

She sounds like Elliott when I'm trimming his claws.
He does fine with the front ones, but when I make a move for his back feet he screams bloody murder.
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Jimmy's so smart because of his days as a street kitty. Got it from his mama too, I bet. It took several years to trap her!

And, Star sounds pretty fiesty. I just love hearing about your kitties, Jenn. They sure have a lot of purrsonality!
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Poor Princess Minny Pearl.......... She has been replaced......

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Oh my I just love those pictures.
Your captions made me giggle!
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Those pics and captions are hysterical, Jenn. Who knew Jimmy was such studly guy!
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Jimmy loves all the girls. He keeps hoping one day that "the fixings" will reverse themselves.

He has got swatted more than a few times for his "manly behavior"...

Look at the look in his eye in the second pic.....

He is doing great elly. He is really transformed. Everyday he is more and more gentle. He is also getting better at eating people food. He has to smell it for a long time however before he actually tried it..

And I have also found a soft brand of cat food he really likes... Fancy Feast. He will gobble that up........

I'll try to take some more pics in the next few days. Internet connection is still slow do to the cable.

This payday I'll try to buy a new one..... Juan is going to measure the length we need. We think it's around 150'.... Blossom would have to pick the longest cable to chew on.....
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I so enjoy reading about Jimmy. I have just gotten March 1 Frodo, a snowshoe feral mix. He is a wonderful cat - we could see his potential.

I love reading about Jimmy because I have hopes my Frodo will warm up like him!

Frodo is out and about now some in the house, he comes out in the kitty room when I am in it and will eat while I scchoop the boxes. He loves the other kitties he is in with - but has some issues with my male Grey Goose.

Tiny Frogita (5 lbs!) has rushed up and lifted a paw to him, as if to threaten him - and he backed down immediately! Baby the tiny female he is in with in the kitten room, litterally attacks and rough houses with him, and he lets her get away with it.

Not so with Grey Goose, whom I thought he might chase as he vocalized at him... Frogita rushed in to defend her brother cat - from this big mean snowshoe. It was sooo funny.

In general Frogita likes other cats alot This one is taking some time for her to get used to. She's jealous of any attention that others get.

He will hiss when I approach too fast, or run. But if I approach slowly or sit down and play, he will get rightup next to me. I've stroked his tail a few times and touched one paw with a finger while crouching down (he was
hiding under his "bed"). He didn't seem spooked by it.

I suspect a rreally nice affectionate boy there. My hope is to tame, and get into a new home. But taming and socializing could take alot of time. I really hope he can be taken in by Siamese rescue.

The way we know he is part Siamese/Snowshoe - is based on his lovely blue eyes, and his coat colors - that sandy color with tabby points, and white sploches comes only from a Siamese/Snowshoe in the mix

Not to mention his meow - when he does meow that is...

He really is nice. I don't know much about Snoeshoes but I think that he
has a good disposition. Maybe that's common for the breed!

Anyway yayy to you for taking in Jimmy and seeing how well he is doing with the other cats. Always an inspiration.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post

The caption should read: "Iiiii'm in the ze mood for looooooove!"
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I have another Jimmy update.......

Jimmy lays on the couch beside me now. Not against me but about 8-10" or less away... He will flip upside down and lay there. I can wiggle my hand over him and he tries to play but he plays real rough with claws. He does not know how to be gentle yet.

And he also will head butt me on my head..... He will rub his head against my hand too when he sees me petting other cats. I can put my face and head real close to him and I feel comfortable doing that. We rub foreheads together.... Isn't that amazing???

He is 'becoming'............

I love him so much and I am so proud of him....

He still very seldom approaches Juan. When he holds his hand out to him, Jimmy just glares at him and then looks at me and walks calmly off.

And he also, when I am on the couch leaning back, he will walk behind me speed walking when he gets to my vicinity. He is looking for his spot. He is testing ground I think..... He wants to do so much..... And he has came so far.

When he started getting on the couch, I just patted it one day like I do for the others and he just jumped up there and lay down. When I sit on the couch I can call him and he will walk to my feet and let me pet him....

And he does know what NO means now. And he responds to it. But he doesn't do anything wrong...... He is essentially a perfect cat....

There are very few hurdles he needs to pass now..... He is still letting me hold him but not for long periods. I guess that is his next hurdle. Feeling comfortable in my arms and laying in my lap. When I hold him he does not try to get away but he leans out away from me...
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Oh Jenn, you've made such progress with Jimmy.
He's such a sweet and handsome boy and it sure seems like he loves his Mommy
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jimmy purred.................. It was the sweetest feeling. I was holding him with my hand between his front legs and his little motor was just running.....
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Awww, Jenn, that's great! That shows what a secure, happy boy Jimmy is! What a wonderful sound that must have been. I'm so happy for both of you.
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Oh Jenn, that's wonderful news.
That just shows that with time, the proper care and especially a lot of love that all most any cat can be won over.

I'll bet that sound just melted your heart.

Bless, you, Juan and Eileen...you were truly Jimmy's Angels and what a wonderful pay off it's had.
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How long has it taken? I ask cause I've a Siamese mix Frodo, that I'm working on. Alas I can get really close but NO TOUCHING is the rule,
and I get hissed at if I do. He is NOT afraid of me, he is SO intelligent. He watched me handle the kittens gently and he knows I don't harm the cats.

He looves kittens (I had a rescue bunch
for 4 days and he played so gentle with them..) and other cats, but
they (my cats) don't like him, LOL.

I keep him in because he won't let me pet, and catch and I worry
if he goes out and the others chase him, he won't know to come
back... but I really do want to let him outside one day....

I live in a place that's not quite safe *sigh*.

I'd be interested in knowing how Jimmy did the indoor to outdoor
transition and how all your brood gets on...
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Hi Opilot,

Let me say first I don't let Jimmy out. The first 3-4 months he lived in a closet with his crate by choice. I would never let Jimmy run outside. I think he would come back in but I am not taking the chance. We have an enclosure that he enjoys.

I am not sure how long it took for me to touch him...(not pet him). Close to a year I think. Give or take a month. I just left him alone, but spoke to him. That way he felt no pressure and just slowly integrated himself in our household at his own pace.

April 19th was two years...

It's a slow process. The mother watching you hold the kittens will help her. She will know your smell.

Just basically ignore her as you go about your day. If she is in an area you need to be in, talk to her too but don't be pushy with her. Use the same tone of voice with her so she can ge used to the sound of your voice. Eventually your voice will be a security for her.. Keep things in the household calm. She will learn the routine. Jimmy did.

One thing I used to do with him is stay up late at night with him when he started venturing out. Night time was easier for him. I kept the lights low so the house remained in shadows and he felt more secure -- half hidden. He eventually would sit in the room with me. I would act like a statue because I was afraid to spook him. Now after two years, he is very comfortable. He is secure and I pet him, pick him up, worm him, give him shots and do just about anything I do to the other cats. He handles it because he trusts me. I doubt anyone else could do these things with him. He is my cat. He is starting to let hubby touch him now. He will smell his hand without being afraid but he doesn't like him the same as me. But I have spend many many many many hours working with Jimmy.

But seriously, the first year was Jimmy's year. It was his year of just integrating himself at his own pace in our house. We have other cats so part of that was finding his place in the pack. As he got more secure with them, he would follow them and mimic them. He watched them getting petted with no bad reprecussions. That helped him. He very very slowly learned to trust me...

He is still learning. He doesn't sit in my lap. He doesn't lay on my feet. He won't sleep on the bed with me in it. But-- he lays on the couch a few feet away when I am sitting on it. He will walk to the couch when I am laying down if I call him. And that was a biggie. Him walking to ME when I call him...

Today I wormed them all. He takes it like a champ. He has never scratched, bit or slapped me. But it is because I did not pressure him in any way. NEVER.. Everything was always the way Jimmy wanted it.

The hardest thing we did was moving a few months after we had him... But he took it like a champ because he moved with his "friend cats".. They made him feel secure because they all moved together. He was not alone in a new environment. He was wit his group. It went very very easy..

Good luck with your girl. Patience and no pressure are all you need. And time. Sometimes it takes a long time. I read a story once about someone who had a feral for 10 yrs before she could touch him... that poor cat had a lot to get over... You just never know what a cat has been through.

Jimmy took 3 and a half years approx to reach this point in his development. He was in a rescue situation for a year before I had him with people working on him.... It takes time.....


p.s. I just read your post again...... oops..... its a boy cat!! not the mama.....
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elly and gracie......... that purr was a great feeling.... It was a strong purr. And it surprised the heck out of me.... It was the first!!!

Star does not purr like that...IF SHE PURRS, it is a weak little purr and I have to struggle to make sure it is really her and not another cat laying beside her purring loudly. I have had her close to 5 yrs now and Jimmy is much more friendly than Star. He loves being petted. She does not.. he comes to me to be petted but not Star... I have to approach her much slower than Jimmy. With Jimmy, I just let him know I am coming to pet him so he doesn't feel surprised and that's all I have to do. He is ready anytime to be scratched under his chin..... One day, he will be a true love bug... He just can't help himself.

Today I wormed everyone. I'm waiting on Frontline Plus in the mail. It will be here either tomorrow or Monday.. Then I can relax. I put some DE in the enclosure to ward off fleas. Haven't seen any but we treat the yard too so that's probably why. But I know the woods are full of ticks. Juan and I spray ourselves when we work outside. We have been concreting a post in the ground every couple days after work getting a large perimeter ready for cat fencing. We got lazy and got off track but we are determined to give the cats something huge where they can play and relax and be safe. It is slowly but surely getting there.

Everyone is well and doing good and looking great.
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Jimmy sounds like a really great cat who just had a rough beginning. Bless you and Juan for caring so much. Jimmy is lucky to have you in his life.
The purring probably felt good to him too.
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Well, here are a couple of pics of our enclosure enlargement progress.

We have some posts in the ground. We are going to do the enlargement different. We are going to frame the outside portion and put eye hooks on top of each post in the frame. and run lead wires all over it. Straight across and up and down it lengthwise. Then we can attach the fencing to the lead wires. We can make it bigger than way and also can shape it odd with no trouble.... Each post is 8-10 feet from the other. Framing it is easier that way...

We'll put a few posts in the center just for the eye hooks as we fence the top. We might use metal posts for that and drive them in the ground through the rock. Like sucker rod... Not sure about that yet. But the plan is to have their 20 x 20 covered with a much larger area for play. Like 50 x 40. All of the area you see in these pics is the kitty area ...

We are moving the gate also. We want a 4' gate. Juan is going to frame it in with 2 x 4's so it will be square.

In this one, you can see we are bringing it out 10' larger from the original. The 20 x 20 section is going to be enclosed for winter. We are going to tin it with a rock bottom. Juan also wants to put a mist line going through the middle of the whole thing when we get finished. We are going to hook it to the water line in the bathroom since it is on that side of the house. He wants a timer on it for summer months to keep them hydrated..

This picture is coming out from where one corner of the 20 foot section is going to be expanded. It is actually longer than this but this gives you an idea.

And no enclosure would be complete without catnip.... It has really grown this year..

And that's our tour for today.... The cats sit and watch us. We tell them we are working for them....

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It is so good to read your story - I am glad that Jimmy continues to do well. When I first took our kittens in (three ferals), I read this thread obsessively. It gave me hope and showed what patience can do. Two of our kittens have really come around to us - they love both the husband and myself (just got done with an epic petting session that Conor demanded...she mews and mews until she gets her good ol' belly rub). Steve is not quite there yet, but reading things like this show me in those frustrating times that we can do this. Thank you!
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You CAN do it.....!! And I am so glad Jimmy's story inspires... There is nothing quite like a feral love, is there?

And I love the names Steve and Coner. That is so cute!! What is the third ones name??
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Thanks so much for sharing. Frodo boy actually escaped the house on Friday. My Mom was visiting and we let him out of his room and
he finally found the pet door (which he didn't seem to know or understand before, so we never worried about it).

He hung in the yard for several hours, napping, observing, smelling the deck
stairs and deck. Orienting himself I believe. Then poof he vanished.

He hasn't come back inside, but we've left door open for him to wander in
if he needs to. I hope and pray (please send vibes) that he will learn to come
back inside, and trust us enought do it?? Prayers all who read, please!

He is a lovely boy, and we truely do not know what happened to him. He was great with the kittens, and good with other cats (not overly aggressive),
and he definitely was playful with me... I think he would come round to
being an outdoor/indoor, but at this point, after 2 days of no sightings I'm
worried. Just seeing him would be great!!

I will follow your posts on Jimmy's progress

and give you updates on Frodo when I finally do see him. Fingers crossed!!
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Steve is slowly - but surely- making progress! The other two were just a bit quicker

The other kitten is named Paddington. My husband picked that one out - he thought tiny kitten Paddington looked like a little baby bear, so he named him after Paddington bear. Steve was Niamh (it rhymes with Steve - pronounced Neve) when we first took them in, but we discovered 'she' was a 'he' and since Niamh is such a girly name, we felt it had to be changed. Conor got to keep the name even after we discovered she was a female, because she is a bit of tomboy. The husband actually calls her "Rina" as one of her nicknames is Conorina.

Feral love is the best. And stories like yours really made all of this seem viable. Before we officially took them in, we were really unsure whether or not we could do it. But the success of others showed us we could!
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Your names for them are so cute. And it doesn't matter about boy and girl names. I have one very manly kitty named tulip.... We thought he was a girl too. Now HE is a all boy cat. His middle name is Tina. Tulip Tina.. I call him Tula..... He knows his name and I could never change it....
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Quick update. we SAW Frodo! Last night and the night before. Also this morning for food on the deck. He is definitely hanging round, checking us out, getting food resting and feeling "safe" in the yard...

I do not know what will happen when it gets cold out, maybe he'll learn
by then to come in where it is warm and nice??

I don't know... but he does seem able to hang around, he lets
us get sort of close without running away, and seems much more
relaxed and happy out there... alert and curious and ready to
explore...fingers crossed he becomes a cat that hangs nearby.

I do suspect he was someone's out door feral, and that he mostly
lived outside except when really cold. He does sort of have the
whole "door" thing down...

fingers crossed he'll start becoming more friendly as he realizes
that life is GOOD outside AND In!!
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oh good........ that's wonderful...... go frodo, go frodo........

I hope he starts trusting you before winter sets in......

Just plan ahead with some sort of shelter. And possibly he will get used to it before it's gets cold.....

i am so glad for you!
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Very cool enclosure. Your kitties have a good life!
Tulip Tina is way too cute to change. How many kitties do you have that will go into the enclosure.
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We have 22 cats and a dauchaund that will share the enclosure.

Muffin the dauchaund is a kitty whose purr button is broken........ She goes in and out the cat door with them all the time.

We have three big dogs too but Muffin hangs with the kitties.
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WOW. 22. You must be running a mini sanctuary. I hope one day I would be able to do so much for so many. I admire your devotion and love for them.
As for the doggycat I just love dachshunds. They are such clever little sweeties.
The visual of him frolicking with his cat pals is too precious. I hope no one ever tells him that he is not a cat. I think he would be disappointed.
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Well, hubby built the kitties a kitty shelf yesterday and they love it!!!

This is a pic of Honey and Mama exploring on it..... They were the first to check it out..... Since it was new, they all sat and stared at it for an hr or so before venturing up the ramp.....

Here's Jimmy looking at mama and Honey........
"hmm, do I want to check that out???"

Then this morning JJ, my three legged wonder got up three and the incline on the ramp was too steep for him to attemp to come down.. He was scared...

So I made him a handicapped ramp!! It consists of three old 2x6's that I had laying around, He tried and slipped a little and promplty jumped back o the shelf. so......I tied a rope around it for traction for him...... He loves it and uses it.. He feels safe again now......

This is the handicapped ramp.....

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