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Great pics, Jen! Jimmy sure has come to appreciate all the attention. He's so big compared to Mama. Blossom's a real cutie too.
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Jimmy is a sweetheart. I consider him gentled now... He waits for me, watches for me, comes to me and lets me pet him. He sits by me, watches me cook, socializes with the others and is part of the gang. He lays on our bed, the couches, the chairs and snuggles the other cats and tilts his head toward my hand when I go to pet him. He would be deathly afraid of other people -- like the others -- but not with Juan and I. It took a long time but it was well worth the wait. A adult cat who is a true feral who ALLOWS you to pet him is so sweet.. It is like icing on the cake.... He even loves the dogs and knows them.

The old Jimmy is gone and is replaced by a Jimmy who has come to appreciate comforts of a human hand..... If he doesn't want to be petted at some particular time, he holds one paw up extended toward me when I reach out to him. No claws but he holds it up. I talk to him and he puts it down and then I pet him. I let him know it's ok and he evidently agrees and he puts his paw back down. Maybe he is mimicking my hand extended. who knows>>>

He is easier to pet then Star. She is much more jittery than Jimmy. He is a solid stoic cat who is very stable in actions and in mind. He does not fear bite or scratch. I have went so slow with him and as a result have never gotten bitten or scratched by him which is a good thing. I am glad he does not have that memory with me.

HE IS A GREAT CAT~!!!! And Mama by the way is not a little cat. She is average sized. Probably 12-13 lbs. But Jimmy is huge..... big boned and large in every way. He is just a big guy. I bet he weighs close to 17 lbs. He is as big as JJ...

And Blossom by the way is LOVED by all the cats. They rub on her and she grooms them. They love her more than any other dog.... They put her in line at first as a real young pup and so she repects their claws. I will never forget her going out the kitty door and them cornering her in the enclosure for hours while we were gone. She was so scared ..... But now she just loves them. They can eat out of a bowl with her and she is placid. They sleep with her most nights in the living room as it has been too cold for the dogs to stay outside. Blossom and Emma love their cover. And several cats love cover too. Cleo, Toe, Honey, Minny Pearl, Flower, Kissy and Yellow mostly.

Here's a beautiful pic of Kissy I took the other day. She is still a bottle baby...

She was smelling my carnations that Juan bought me.
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I just want to say that this morning when I picked Jimmy up -- I kissed his back. His hair is so soft. This was a first. He did not seem to mind at all. I kiss Star on her head and back all the time. But this is the first time I have kissed Jimmy.....

Many more kisses to come....... Hopefully one day I can get a pic of this.... I'll have to set the timer....

I remember his first picture in a window. That was hard to catch a pic of. This will be easier than that...... He's a different cat now.
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Kissy is a beautiful little girl
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Kissy is truly a beautiful girl.

Regarding Jimmy, all I can say is thank you, Jenn, for having the love and patience to let big guy to come around at his own pace. He's a lucky boy to have ended up in your care and I'll always be grateful for your willingness to take a chance on Jimmy.
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Here is our morning picture for you!!!! I have held him about 5 different times this morning..........

Seeing is believing..... Juan took this pic for especially for you Elly... It was taken this morning..

He doesn't jump out of my arms. He allows me to set him back down and he does not run away after being held by me. He likes it. And he is getting used to it too.... He leans against me but at the same time is ready in case tragedy strikes him. But he does enjoy it. The first time I held him he was not relaxed like he is now. It took a few times and then when he realized nothing bad was going to happen to him -- well, he just lets me hold him now. I don't hold him for long periods. Just for a minute or so and then I set him down. He has always set our limits and this is no different. It's just the latest new thing.

I sure hate this pic is in my gown with grubby hair and no makeup.... But I just had to post it for you to see..... It's our first 'holding pic'. Hopefully many more will follow as time goes by.....

By the way, we also had another first this morning. You know how ferals' avoid their face being touched. Jimmy let me clean his eye buggers this morning. He did not flinch and took it all in stride........

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Umm, Jenn, are you sure that's Jimmy your holding? Just kidding. I'd know that big guy anywhere.

All I can say is "wow" and "congratulations" to you and Jimmy. This is totally a kleenex moment and that picture means more to me than words can say, Jenn. Jimmy has come such a long way from that hissing, growling, swatting 6-month-old feral kitten. What a transformation! And, it's all because of your patience and love, Jenn.

Thank you so much for sharing the picture (You look great, BTW), and please tell Juan thanks for taking it. Be sure to give Jimmy my love too!

(I need to go find more kleenex now. )
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One day almost a year after I joined TCS I finally went and read all the posts about Jimmy.
I'd been posting on it, even though I hadn't read the whole thing.

The one thing that everyone can learn from the story of Jimmy, Eileen and Jenn is that love can overcome so very much.

Like Eileen said, Jimmy went from a hissing, growling little baby that was so very scared to a big love bug and it's all due to Eileen seeing the loving cat inside and all the love Jenn and Juan have given him.
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Wow, what an amazing picture.
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Here is one more pic from this morning.... He is making rapid rapid progress now... I love him very much.......

He looks laid back here. He had just eaten... He is a handsome boy..

And I'll try to get a better pic of me holding him......... We need that face shot...
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What an adorable picture! He looks so relaxed.
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Aw, just look at that big sweetie!
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Jenn - I missed so much of this thread, I've waited until I had time to go back to where I left off and catch up.

But I couldn't wait. I started back in June of 2007, where I left off - and got to page 62 when I just had to reply without even having read the rest of it - and then there it is - a PICTURE OF YOU HOLDING JIMMY! OMG OMG OMG

I'd gotten up to him loving pets - I was thinking to myself - she's probably picked him up by now. But picked him up long enough for a picture to be taken?

My heart is melting. Completely and totally. And I bet he will be your biggest lover boy. Our longest hold out was Tuxedo -obviously also black and white. And though he doesn't snuggle to sleep with us, he is the biggest love bug we have. He starts purring when we just stand next to him!

OK. I'm not gonna have time now to finish reading the thread. I'll pick up on page 62 (and the pics of the baby armadillo were just too cute!)

But the alarm's ringing, so I have to go rescue the brownies from the oven.....

I'm just BUSTING for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, of course, for Jimmy!

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Jimmy has been going through so many many changes the last few months. He has broken nearly every goal I have had for him. The last few weeks I have picked him up daily. At first I just stood next to him and put my hands under his belly and lifted his front paws off the floor. Then I progressed and did all 4 legs for a while. Then I picked him up squatting on the floor and then standing and now I count how long I hold him.

He was a corker about it. At first if he was not in the kitchen I could not even pet him. And if my husband was around, petting was out of the question -- even in the kitchen.

Now, he does not care if Juan is around and I can pick him up and hold him a minute or so in if I stand in one place. He does not like me walking with him.

Today I was sitting on our chaise lounge, which is big, and I held my hand out and he walked up and I scratched him on top of the head. He came to me. I patted the chair and another cat jumped up beside me. He is learning now what patting the chair means. He has followed me around all day. He watches for my feet. He loves the food source of the kitchen. He likes me cooking.

We used to hope Jimmy would come in the room with us and we would sit still and motionless if he came around so we wouldn't spook him and now -- it is unusual if he is NOT in the room. He likes to sit on the entertainment center beside the tv while it plays. OR he just sits a few feet from us and enjoys the activity. If I say something to him, he will either come to me or not -- just like the others.

I am still careful with him as he could still be spooked. He is still new to the trust issue. But -- he knows us well and knows what to expect. He knows this is home and he feels loved and part of things. It took a long time and we took many many baby steps.

I remember sitting in the closet with him so many times trying to get him used to my presence and I am so glad I went slow with him or this would not have happened.

I wiped his face off with a damp rag today as well. He did not resist. I like to wipe their faces in the mornings but Jimmy was always left out as he did not like his face touched and I was a little leery. But I can do it with ease now. He has seen me do this many times with the others so he is taking it in stride and it might make him feel part of things. He gets the same things done to him that is done to the others. I don't know if that means anything in cat terms but I hope he feels as though I am grooming him.

He wants to do everything the others do... and he is in the thick of things with them all.

It won't be long and he will be sitting beside me.

I also predict he will be a love bug.

I am not sure if colors of cats has any bearing on genetic personality traits but i have noticed that all my tux's are big purrers and big lovers. They work their paws and demand the love. The grey tabbys are ALL playful and loving and the tortoise shell all do not really enjoy anything unless they decide. They let me hold them but it is like they tolerate me.. Even little Flower. Pebbles, as long as she has her snacks could care less. Star is exactly the same way..

With Jimmy being a tux, I hope this holds out for him and he is loving like Felix and Socks one day. They both lay beside us and work those paws and stretch out their arms tapping us on the arms for attention.

Cow's kittens are all different. Litter one is aloof but they were outside for a hile at first. The two babes that survived and were born in my house are very very loving.

But.... Jimmy is in a class all by himself. He was so wild and woolly that it even amazes me that I can pick him up now. He is awesome.

This is not the end of his story but only the beginning. We still have a lot of territory to cover. But reaching this point where he can be touched and picked up, wiped off, and medicated by humans without freaking out is a huge start in him having a great time for the rest of his life.

March 19th will be two years I have been working with Jimmy.

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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
But.... Jimmy is in a class all by himself. He was so wild and woolly that it even amazes me that I can pick him up now. He is awesome.

This is not the end of his story but only the beginning. We still have a lot of territory to cover. But reaching this point where he can be touched and picked up, wiped off, and medicated by humans without freaking out is a huge start in him having a great time for the rest of his life.

March 19th will be two years I have been working with Jimmy.

Jenn, OK, you did it, you got me crying. I misted up a few times last night - but mostly I was just busting happy. Now I'm crying happy.

And you are SO right - this is just the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to you and Juan and all you do for so many!!!!!!!

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This thread is so inspiring!!

Being a new foster mom (3 weeks), I'm amazed at what little steps can mean. And reading only parts of this thread, I can see how dedicated you are, and how rewarding it must have been to finally see Jimmy reach this point.

I don't even know you, but I teared up and said, "Wow" to myself when I saw the picture of you holding Jimmy. It totally gave me hope, and made me realize I'm still in the early, early stages, but patience and love can work miracles.

Funny, also, what you said about colors of cats and how they react to things. The male I have - Larry - is the one who's being a challenge. The female, Lena, is tortoise, and is out and about, but will only let me pet her on [i]her[i] terms.

I'll keep coming back to this thread for an education! One day, I'm going to sit here with a nice pot of tea and read the whole thing, not just parts. Looking forward to that.
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thank you Nanner...........

I am still finding it hard to believe that I could be a cat educator to anyone. The last two years have flown by.... It has been a pleasure having Jimmy.

I logged on just now to add a little fact that he just did that I thought was cute.

Sometimes when I reach to him he holds his paw out. Remember me saying something about that??? Well, he just did that so I left my hand out to see if he was going to scratch me or what because I really had no idea what his intentions were. [Even though he did not have claws extended, I was holding my breath]

Well, I left my hand out toward him, and when he reached out and all he did was touch me and put his little paw on my hand. No claws. He was touching me. Then I just scratched his head. It was no big deal.

All this time, I had thought he 'might' want to scratch me but no....... it was just a touch with him reaching out toward me -- like I do to him. I was so impressed by this... This means more than so many other things because it comes from him.. I had half wondered if I was imagining his smartness. I have held my hand out toward him so many times with him doing the same thing to me..

I hold my arm out and he holds his little paw out. He is going to learn a few tricks...

He is a great cat!!! While I type this msg, I took a pic of him... He is laying right here with me resting close. He is turning into a real people cat....

He also let Juan touch him yesterday.........for the first time. Juan had food on his hand and he walked right up to him...

Here is the pic I just took of him.... You can see on my puter I was looking at Jimmy's area on the cat site.....hehe
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How sweet, Jimmy just wanted to touch his Mommy.
He's such a beautiful boy.
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It's another kleenex moment. That's so just incredibly sweet, Jenn. The big guy has so much love in him. He just needed someone patient enough to let it show. Thank you for that. I'm so glad Juan was able touch him too!
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He does that slow blink at me when he is drowsy....... I can talk to him and he gets lower and lower and finally closes his eyes.. Like babies do.

He is a corker.

He is 100 percent at ease in his environment. He bounds through the house with the others. If we are sitting in a chair, he has jumped over our laps to get "somewhere" that he feels he needs to go.

He has never sat in our laps or lay on our feet and he might never.... But I suspect he will sleep with me on the bed one day.

He is very very alert and if we do anything food related, HE IS THERE.

Now I need to make one thing clear. He absolutely does not like eating out of a hand and does not like many people foods. He will smell my hand forever if food is on it but he has eaten from my hand only a couple of times.

BUT if I am sitting in front of the tv eating on a tv tray and all the cats are gathered around wanting a bite [or even if they are not there], I have to watch Jimmy. He will jump up on my tray and land in my plate. He would sit there if I let him. Can you believe that? He is very comfortable with himself. I tell him NO when he does it and he just looks at me. I don't want to scare him so I lift him off and then he sits with the others.

He won't eat the food but he likes watching me eat it from a very very close distance.

So he is also a TV TRAY KITTY MONSTER who is learning house manners...

NOTE: Jimmy is just now hearing the word NO. It is a new thing to him. He does not know what it means yet. He will have to learn. He is finally at the point where he can learn a few basic words. "No" is an important one for him to learn.

Right now he is running back and forth in the living room stalking imaginary things with Hank. I am trying to get a pic of him doing this but it is hard. He is fast....
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Oh Jenn, it was one of those choke-you-up moments with the paw reaching/touching - and this last post had me laughing out loud! He is such a character. : I'm so glad we're receiving even just a portion of "jimmy" - I can't imagine how much joy he brings on a daily basis.

My god, Jenn - you've gotten to the point where you WANT to start teaching him "no"!

And bolting around chasing imaginary things? He has come so far!

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Jimmy is a totally different cat........ He is special and he brings LOTS of joy in our house.

Here are a few pics I took today.. One is socks and him. One is me scratching his head and you can see how he closes his eyes and squints when I scratch him. He loves it. And the other is Star and Yellow on a new bed I bought them. They love it. It is ultra soft... Some of the cats are afraid to step on it because it is such a unique type of material but they are all curious about it but they walk around it. Only about 3 cats will actually lay on it plus the dauchaund. Star, Yellow, Muffin the dog and Tink love it. I suspect the other will love it too. If they like it, I plan on gettign several more. They sink into it and it molds to their body... it is so soft....

I love this picture. This is Socks and Jimmy. What I like about this pic is Socks. She does not submit to any cat. She doesn't even like her baby Cookie. She doesn't like the other cats to groom her. She only likes being groomed by Juan and me. She is not a social cat at all. BUT, she submits to Jimmy. She loves him and they sit together a lot. He is the only cat she doesn't hiss at. The dogs and all the other cats avoid her like the plague. She will not even let them eat beside her except on rare occasion. She doesn't fight them but with her attitude, they just avoid her. She is mean to them if they get too close. She hisses and will throw that paw out. But not Jimmy. I'm not sure if she tolerates him or actually likes him but she looks submissive in this pic. But with Juan and I, she is the absolute sweetest cat you could hope to have. She works and works her paws in our hair when we lay on the couch. She is extremely affectionate with her people. But here she is being sweet with her Jim. He was licking the top of her head.

And here he is getting scratched. He sits by the canned/soft food. He loves it and doesn't want to miss one single bite that might come his way. He eyes eventually close when I scratch him and his head gets lower and lower until he is laying it down on my hand. He moves his head to the spot he wants scratched.

And here is Yellow and Star. Star is the same color as the bed. You can barely see her. And by the way, she is doing better now too. She lets hubby finally pet her after several years. hehe

Oh, and as far as Jimmy learning the word NO..... he doesn't like hearing it. He jumps on top of everything. For instance, he jumped on the kitchen table yesterday and I told him no and tapped the table. He just looked at me. So I pushed him gently toward the edge and said no. He whirled around and GLARED at me as if he were saying "how dare you push me toward the edge of the table". I said no again and this time when I pushed him toward the edge, he jumped down. He will learn but he does not like no. He likes to do it his way... hehe... He has a lot of intelligence.

He is also very different from Star. She still has a jittery side to her. Kind of skittish. Jimmy is not like that. He is solid. He is not scared, skittish and jumpy. He is all boy... He does not shy away from new things that I introduce him to. He takes it all in stride now. If you can describe a cat as being solid, well that would be jimmy. He is solid about everything he does. When he learns something, he knows it and will repeat it over and over without fear. Star is not like that. It has taken her much longer to get used to being petted than Jimmy. He only took two years. It has taken her twice as long and actually Jimmy is much tamer than Star.. She still runs from certain situations. Jimmy does not run from anything any longer. He waits to see what I am going to do. He absolutely trusts me now.

Yes, it is really something to be teaching him words now.
Like that old cigarette commercial "You've come a long way baby"...
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What adorable pictures.
You've done a wonderful job with Jimmy, Jenn.

I love the picture of Yellow and Star on the bed, they look so cozy.
You're right though, I really had to look hard to see star...she just blends right in.

Star sounds a lot like our Annabelle, it took her forever to allow us to pet her but we still can't pick her up...maybe for a half second but she's squirming to get down after that.
She also still runs from certain things and if we get company forget it...they never see her...my Sister told me if she hadn't have caught quick peeks at Annabelle she'd think we were making her up.

Annabelle is also a tortie...I wonder if along with the "tortitude" that they might be a little more stand offish too?
I always blamed it on Annabelle being semi-feral.
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What you have done with Jimmy is amazing!!! I love updates on this thread and can show my Hubby. He found it hard to believe that someone else has more kittys than I do. Keep up the Great work. My kittys and and I send you the best.
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ok........Jimmy is doing it again!!! He is wanting SO BAD to sit on the couch with me. Yesterday I "carried him" from the kitchen to the living room and sat down with him and placed him beside me. He stayed there for approx 10 seconds before jumping down.

And then all the rest of yesterday, while Juan and I were sitting around lounging in the living room, Jimmy sat on the floor two feet from us. I would hold my hand out and he would come to the edge of the couch and let me pet him. He did not jump up on it but he is definately thinking about it. He sat on the floor by the edge of Juan's chair just staring at him.

We pat the furniture and Jimmy watches the others jump up beside us. He doesn't jump to us yet but he will.

Putting him on the couch showed him that he could. It didn't scare him so he is thinking about doing it.....

He is so cute while he contemplates something new...

I can't wait till he sits by me. I'll have to get Juan to take a pic when it happens.... I don't know how long it will be but it will happen.

By the way, he does sit on the couch and sleep when we aren't on it. It's just different with people there... He sleeps on our bed too... Just not with us in it.....YET...

The closest place that he lounges beside me is when I am on the computer. He sits behind my screen on a shelf. About a foot from me. It took him a month to let me pet him while he sat there. Now he doesn't care if I pet him while he is in that spot....
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Awww, Jenn, I just love hearing about Jimmy's progress and seeing new pics of my favorite tuxedo boy. He's a special guy. Bet it won't be long until he's up on the couch with yo and in bed at the same time you are.

Also, wanted to let you that I just had an udate on Jimmy's mom yesterday. The neighbors are still feeding her and Millie checks on her weekly. Says she looks healthy and is ruling the neighborhood with an iron paw. She won't let anybody get close to her, but does come running when Millie calls for her, just keeps her distance.
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OK. I've been doing some catching up. I cannot believe your neighbor stole Mama cat! Have you seen them since then? Have they said anything to you? Locking her in their basement to chase mice? I'm speechless! GOOD ON YOU AND JUAN for going into the basement and getting her back. I'm glad it was unlocked - but GOOD ON YOU for being willing to break in! What a nightmare.

How's Cow doing now? All filled in?

And while I was rolling through the thread, Gary looked over and said "Where is that picture of Tuxedo from?" OK. So the markings are not EXACTLY the same. And Jimmy's back left leg has a break in the black that Tuxie doesn't have. But that wrap of black around the front left leg is the same, and their faces just look SOOOOOO much alike.

I remember the day when all Tuxie could stand was one pet on the cheek. It's four years later now, and we can pick him up for a few, hold him and pet him and he'll puuurrrrrrrrr. In fact, he starts purring when we just stand next to him at this point. He even jumps up on the bed for pets and brushes. But he won't lie next to us on the couch. He will sleep at the foot of the bed if the TV is not on. If the TV is on, he sleeps on the condo on top of the bookshelf next to the bed. But he can be brushed and petted and loved on for like 15 minutes now.

I really ought to figure out how to use the video feature on the camera to get a picture of Tuxie loving on Gary. Because when he's up on the condo, he'll stand up, flop on his side, stretch out his legs and "hug" Gary's head while he hangs on and rubs his head and cheek back and forth across Gary's head. He likes giving love as much as he likes getting it.

I think you've got a lap cat in Jimmy that Tuxedo just isn't. And I think you're gonna get out there with Jimmy long before we did with Tuxie.

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WEll, I have been off line for a bit. Blossom chewed the internet cable in two pieces. We are on line by a single wire. I need to buy new cord. We blame ourselves because it was hanging on the fence and we neglected to bury it properly.

As far as Jimmy goes, he is doing great. Today he had another first. All the cats were outside all morning and now they are all tucked back inside and sound asleep from playing hard. All except Jimmy that is.

I was laying on the couch and he was the only cat awake and he walked up to me and lay on the floor by the couch at my head. I had the camera laying there and I dangled the string from it and he actually played with me. He rolled on his back and waved his kitty arms in the air and batted the string. I could hardly believe it. Before it was all over, I was scratching his head 'while he was laying down' and he was working his little paws in the air. THAT IS A FIRST!! He has not purred for me yet but we are working on it. He absolutely loves to be petted now.

Here's a few comical pics..... The two weird little ones were yesterday and the big one is just a few minutes ago after he was finished playing.

He is really coming into his own now and his little personality is able to really shine. He is a real joy to have around....! I am so glad his mama cat is doing good and that she is healthy. She obviously remembers Milly...

Some pics are just priceless........

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Blossom, Blossom, Blossom...don't you know that Mommy NEEDS to get on the internet

I just love seeing pictures of Jimmy, he's such a handsome boy
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Naughty, naughty, Blossom.

Thanks for the new pics of the big guy, Jenn. He's as handsome as ever!
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