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Awww, there's my favorite big tuxedo boy. Thanks for the pics, Jen!

Your little stray is cute too. I'm so glad he has some place warm.
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Stray's eye is fine. I guess he closed it for the camera flash. He is wide eyes and bush tailed.......... He comes around every 4-5 days for food and a little petting......

We plan on getting him fixed. We just haven't done it yet. There aren't any other cats around these parts. I have never seen another cat at all..... I'm not sure where he goes.

But we have seen him at the lake, down the road a mile or two..... He has a large territory.... But at our house he eats, gets wormed and frontlined in the spring/summer...
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I'm glad his eye is okay.
He must be like me...every picture taken of me I have my eyes closed
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i would like to say.......

"cow has never tried to go out the front door again".... She is perfectly content with her enclosure and with the house......

thank god......
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Good Morning All!!

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Aww, I just want to kiss his little pink nose.
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
Aww, I just want to kiss his little pink nose.
He's such a cutie!
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Well gracie.......... I pet him and I love on him but I have never kissed that nose yet. That is probably a ways down the road.......... I would be a little nervous if I 'dared' to try that.

He would not run if i got that close but I doubt he would like it much.

When I pet him now, he feels secure enough to lash out at the other cats if they crowd him. He wants all the love when he is in the mood.... Typical male......hehe
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Sounds like Jimmy and my Annabelle would make the perfect couple.
When Annabelle wants attention she won't let you be until she gets it.
She pushes Gracie and even Elliott...the big horse that he is...out of the way.
I wouldn't dare try to kiss her nose though, I value my eyesight to much

Speaking of Torties, how Miss Flower doing?
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As tempting as it may be to kiss that nose, I think you're wise to wait, Jen!
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Flower is doing wonderful........ Here are a couple pics I took a couple minutes ago... She is fat and sassy.

In another picture... all were eating a snack.

And in a third... you will see Jimmy cleaning his face after eating. Right now he is laying about 1 foot from me watching me type. I have a shelf over my computer and that is one of his spots.




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WE ALSO HAVE TWO AUTO FEEDERS NOW AND AN AUTO WATERER...... The feeders hold 10 lbs each.

They love it and we love it....
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Flower looks wonderful.
Bless your heart, Jenn you saved her life.
To look at the pictures you sent of her when she was sick and the pictures of her now, you'd never guess it was the same cat.

Everyone seems to be enjoying their snack.
Jimmy is such a sweet little man...I just love to watch cats bath.
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Flower is absolutely gorgeous, Jen. You've done a great job with her.

Of course, all of your kitties are adorable. I love seeing Jimmy so secure and happy!
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Jimmy............. his snacks are odd. He will not eat hamburger meat. He will not eat raw food. He will not eat cooked chicken.

He likes oily tuna. He likes french fries. He likes canned cat food for a snack. And he likes kibbles which is his main diet.

He is so picky about snacks which really surprises me. In my experience, most feral cats gobble anything edible. But not Jimmy. He likes everything to be special. It took him a yr to try a french fry but when he did he loved them. He watches me cook and enjoys the smell of the food. If I throw him a chunk of something, he lets the others take it from him...even thought he dashes to it..

I have a problem I need advise on. Tulip, the male cat..... He is fixed. And Honey, a little female, also fixed. He chases her trying to hurt her all the time. He picks on her constantly. She stays in a laundry basket on our dresser hiding from him. What causes one cat to do this. I have no other problem cats. He started this last month. I correct him when I see him do it. He chases her at breakneck speed through the house and he is not playing. And she seriously tries to get away. When she get back in her laundry basket he quits unless I intervene first. She is scared of him...

These are both cows babies. Honey is out of the first litter and he is out of the second. They are 5 months apart in age. But he is mean to her. But sweet to every other cat. He is big too. Very spoiled. And she is a tiny little cat. The smallest one next to Flower. In fact, her and Flower are about the same size. He is twice as big as her. She is a very passive little kitty and very sweet. I snuggle her all the time to make her feel special and I bring her out of her basket in the living room and spend time with her trying to make her feel safe. But Tulip is just an honery boy...... How do I get him to leave her alone?

What do I do???

In the pictures above, ......... in the photo right below Flower, Honey is the one with the little white face laying it on the other cat. That other cat she appears to be snuggling is Tulip... That doesn't make sense since he tries to hurt her constantly..... That is Flower on the other side of her by the way....

And yes Gracie, I saved little Flowers life. I told her and still tell her she had a little kitty life worth saving and we took care of her. She is rotten to the core. There is not other cat that is more spoiled than her. It is just not possible.
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Here is me and Jimmy's dancing debut!!! Merry Christmas all!! Have a happy time and safe new year as well........

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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
Here is me and Jimmy's dancing debut!!! Merry Christmas all!! Have a happy time and safe new year as well........

That's so cute, Jen. I had no idea Jimmy was so talented!
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How cute.
Jimmy is a really good dancer and you're not so bad yourself
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jimmy is very very talented. Without him I would not know how to do the robot......hehe
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He's the Fred Astaire of kitties
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i know this was a couple of pages ago.........

but i just wanted to comment that seeing that orange stray come in
from that ice storm was such a wonderful picture to see. it must have
made your heart so glad to see that ! good job !

and just as a side note.... i have heard that straw is way better than
hay due to it stays dry whereas hay does holds the moisture more.
well...thats what i heard anyway ? thought you might want to try straw.
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Here is Jimmbalina sleeping in the warm living room. He is a creature of comfort..... This corner of the couch belongs to him.

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Wonderful pic Jen
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The last couple hrs have been hard on poor jimmy. I have been making raw food and he was very very impatient. He finally got his filll. He did not like it at first but now he loves a small amt once a week or so.....
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Oh just look at that little pink nose.
I just want to kiss it!
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Here's one of jj......... They were resting on the bed. That's Honey beside him. Haven't posted one of JJ in a while.

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Honey says "Mom, I was taking a bath don't take my picture now!"
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Here Jimablina the other day. He stretches his head out when I reach to pet him. He actually loves it now. Still waiting for him to sit in my lap but that will come.... That is Mama beside Jimmy in the picture. Look how much bigger his head is than hers..

And here is Blossom. 10 months old now and close to 100 lbs.

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Wonderful pics Jen
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Aww, what a wonderful job you've done with Jimmy.
He's a beautiful boy.

I LOVE the picture of Blossom...head on the pillow covered up with a blanket
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