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here is a pic of poor cow...... Her little face is so scratched up and her nose is a little swollen.... I don't know what happened. I don't see any other wounds on her... I have doctored them with antibiotic ointment. she has had an ordeal..... but she will be ok now. None of her wounds are serious and she is currect and up to date on her shots.

She does have one other small puncture wound in the black hair above one eye. Not deep but scabbed. And one scab on the top of one foot.

She faced her attacker and then stayed hid on this porch I think.. We could not see her at all from our house.

I'll call the pound tomorrow and let them know I have her back.

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Here's a new pic of Jimmy. I blew it up so he looks purty...... It' dateless but it was take 8-19-07

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Poor little Cow, at least she's safe now.
No wonder she's sleeping so much, like you said she was probably to afraid to sleep when she was outside.

It sounds as though Emma might have been dumped somewhere before you guys got her, that's probably why she doesn't like riding in cars.
The so sweet that Emma helps her sister out when they swim.

Jimmy is beautiful as usual.

I hope nothing got the yellow cat, he was such a pretty boy I hope he's just hiding somewhere.
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Cow is still resting but she actually looks better. I gave her some more canned this morning. She is exhausted...

Before this happened, she spent most of her time outside in the enclosure. I don't think she has been outside once since getting back home. She has basically stayed in the LR sleeping.

She acts like she feels better today.. Her face will heal and she will be back to normal in no time flat. Her nose swelling is down and nothing is infected. Looks like healthy scabs... The redness is gone too.
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Awww, poor Cow. I'm glad to hear she's feeling better, though.

Great picture of Jimmy, Jenn. He's as handsome as ever.
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Sending "no more wandering off" vibes to Cow.
You better stay at home from now on little Missy...or your Mommy will have a nervous breakdown!
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News on Jimmy..........

Just now we were all in the kitchen and I reached for him and from the front, he actually stretched his little head out to my hand to be petted. I really loved on him for his reward.

And then I picked him up. It was not6 planned. It was just a spontaneous thing. I held him against me in a standing position for about 10 seconds and then placed him back down.... He did not fight me but he wasn't totally comfortable either. But he was also not afraid.....

There is no way I can get a pic of this..

But I held Jimmy.....!!!! I actually held him.... !!!! This is so thrilling to me.... I have waited so long...... He is my boy and he knows his mama loves him.....

I don't know if he was ever been picked up before but it is my first time to hold him. I am fixing to do it again. In fact, if he will let me, we will do it every single day for a few seconds.
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Ok, i sat in the kitchen floor with my legs stretched out straight and with them all gathered around, I PULLED Jimmy to me and sat him in my lap. He walked right on over me and did not stay........ hahaha

I think he is just a wonderful feral kitty.......

No scratching, no hissing.........just learning about laps. And he is taking it all in stride.

He is also facing me when I pet him now...
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I held him again for about 30 seconds. He does not know what to think...... This time while I held him I braced him with one arm and one hand and petted him down the back with the other hand while I held him.

I feel bold and brazen.... I have to be very careful not to scare him because right now, he has never bit me or scratched me... I don't want that memory in his little kitty head.
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Jenn, that's so awesome! I'm so happy you finally got to hold Jimmy in your arms. Even if it was just for a short time, that really shows how much he has come to trust and love you. It must have been such a special moment for both of you! (It's another kleenex moment for me. )
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Jenn, that's wonderful news.
I'm so happy for you and for Jimmy.
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wHEN I GOT UP THIS MORNING..... he was waiting on me a few feet from the bed. He let me pet him the first thing today. I just got up and he is staying not far from me.

It made some sort of differnce in him.

Something else I did last night was put a chair in the middle of the kitchen and I sat him on my lap. He did not stay there but we repeated the process several times.

He just has to get used to it.

I am telling him that getting picked up is very handy in case he ever has to go to the vet or be crated.

Today I am going to buy him his shot updates and give them to him myself. I don't think it will be a problem. I have been waiting for this day to happen.... I anticipate no trouble at all...........

Today is a wonderful day........
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How sweet that he was waiting for you.
He truly does trust and love you, there's no doubt about that.
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Awww, another sweet moment with Jimmy. He loves you, Jenn!
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well, I have had an episode with Mama....
This is mama and I took this today.

Mama was a stray that I got when I lived in Berryville. She was a dumped pregnant cat. Living with ferals, she has developed a few feral attitudes. One is being fear of strangers.

Anyway, after I found Cow, life continued. Mama and Toe continued to be porch kittes. Then mama disappeared. The very next day after Cow disappeared. I put her out about 2am and planned on bringing her in at 5:30 when I got up for work. Her and Toe would sit on the porch together. This was the day after Cow was found at the people who live across the roadway. They are a few acres away from our house.

My heart was broke with mama gone. I looked for her, posted a HUGE sign coming in fromt the main road. Any one who lived down in this neck of the woods could not miss it. People called me with "alledged" stories of possibly seeing her. But no luck. We had nearly given up. It has been rigth at a month. I kept "imagining that I heard her meowing". I searched the attic, combed the woods, spotlighted at night and drove miles away calling. I knocked on doors, asked questions and nobody had any answers.

We decided something either got her or someone had her and we prayed someone was being kind to her.

Mama has been gone all this time. Then yesterday, when driving home, we drove by the house where Cow was found and Juan saw a cat in the basement window. We parked the car and Juan told me to wait and he would handle it. As I watched him walk away, I put our groceries and keys in the driveway and followed him. The people weren't home and it was mama. They basement door was open and we went inside and got her.

She was wild acting. It was a junky mess in there and she was filthy. We are not sure if she was trapped in there or if they knew she was in there. she would not let us touch her at first. I had to corner her on some "stairs that went nowhere" and touch her. After the first touch, she came right to me crying and I carried her home. We were nice enough to shut their door.

Juan says they could not have possibly stole her. But I think they did. I have wondered about them keeping their curtains drawn recently. They used to be wide open. They had told us they could not have cats because of allergies. She could not have been trapped in there becasue there was no poop anywhere. There was also no food or water. I think they put her in there when they were gone instead of leaving her loose in their house. They probably never dreamed we would see her in the basement window..

She was so glad to be home.

I went and took the sign down yesterday about mama. NO CAT is going outside again. They will have to use the enclosure. While I was taking the sign down, a woman who had called me on the phone about her stopped and asked me "have you found mama".. I told her yes and that I had found her in a neighbors basement. Since my address was on the sign, it will easy to deduct which basement had her... This is a small area and everyone knows everyone. That news will shoot like wildfire around here.

Juan is going to be nice and tell him we went in his house while he was gone to get our cat.....

Cow is much much wilder than mama and it probably did not work out quite like it did with mama.... They probably got cow in the house but had to let her out. She probaby scratched the fire out of them.. She hates people other than me or Juan. They would have had to bribe cow. Mama was easy in comparison.
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I agree with you, Jenn.
There's no way that they didn't know she was there.
I had a strange feeling about how Cow ever got on their upstairs porch unless she was put there.

They'll be just fine in the enclosure.
If anything would ever happen to Toe and you'd find him on their property I think I'd come their myself and tell them off.

Kind of makes you wonder about the yellow stray cat, I wonder if he does belong the them and they just got tired of him and tossed him out and if you haven't seen him lately makes you wonder what they may have done to him.

Either way, I'm so glad that Mama is home.
She's such a beautiful girl.
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They would have to come on my porch to get toe. He is like a dog. When I take Emma walking, he goes with us. When I went and got Cow and Mama, he went. Then he follows me home jumping and bounding across plants and grass. If I walk down the road, he walks beside me. When I call a cat, he stand beside me. He is my shadow outside. If I walk to the lake, he walks with me and the dogs.

If I am in the house, he is in his spot that I made him... If he is not in his spot, he is on our storage shed that is on the porch..

This is toe's spot and where he spends 60 percent of his day. He does not leave. When he tinkles or poops, he goes to an area on the side of the house and then comes back. he is older and naps all day long. The blue thing covers some board I have put across two corners of the porch. Underneath is a wood burning stove that is padded with sheep skin. But he lays on top. The blue is a thick exercise pad and is washable with a water hose... He loves it. It is soft and cushy.

When he was a kitten we had no litter box. I walked him outside like a dog. He will NOT use the litter box. He scratches at the door when he wants out. And he is a dog that I can't teach new tricks to.

But that my toe man. He loves his quality of life. I can't change it. He would be miserable... When the enclosure is finally finished, he might like it. We will just have to see.
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I'll tell you one more thing too..... I told Juan to NOT say one word to that dud about us going in his house to get our cat. Even if he says, oh my god, how did she get there? He will then know that we know. And we have animals to protect over here. I would have to hurt him bad if someone poisoned all my babies. I have their enclosure padlocked. Even if Juan is gullible, I know and FEEL the truth of this.

And Gracie you might think I am crazy. Juan does. But a few nights ago I had this very vivid dream that someone close by had her in their house. I could not see any faces but I heard people discussing in my dream 'me calling mama. In my dream, she heard me and wanted out and it bothered them. They were discussing that I was not going to give up and they might as well let her out.

After that dream, and I believe in some dreams, I made my efferts to get her to hear me with renewed vigor. My voice would crack as I cried when calling. I would call from 1-3am every night for a three week period. I spotlighted across their yards and others trying to find her little kitty eyes. I did see a huge deer in the yard that took my breath away. It was eating. I saw it's head raise higher and higher and the hair on the back of the neck stood up. Until it left I wasn't sure what it was. I saw it's back and knew it was a couple deer eating a midnight snack.

I had that dream and sometimes people just know things. At that point I told Juan we would find her on someones porch. I made him drive 5 mph past all house so I could look at the porches. I was convinced after the dream that someone had her and they had to be close if my calling bothered them. So the two closest houses, I bombarded with yelling her name nightly. I did not want her to forget me.

But what I had been doing was when i would come home at 1am from work, is spend two hrs calling her during prime people sleep time......unless you are a cat. I bribed her, saying her name and calling kitty kitty mama. I would stand outside and scream her name at the top of my lungs in a funnel wanting and praying for her to hear me. I know it drove them nuts.. Sounds carries a long way at night with no other sounds. At these times I could hear a meow but could not decern where it was coming from. We searched our attic. We took boards down from around the outside and hoping she was trapped under the house. We searched high and low. The roof, the woods.........everywhere.

Everyone down here knows me as the cat woman. There is a man who works for the shelter a mile down the road and he calls me the cat woman as well...... He thinks we have a great thing going on here and we do. These are lucky little ferals.

When we drove by yesterday and saw her in the window, she was staring at us drive by. When we opened the door to the basement, she ran from us at first.. One familiar touch was all it took and she was mine again. She had to take a bath as she was filthy. There were things in this basement that could hurt her. Filthy dusty glass was stacked all along one wall. there was an old bench press and trash was everywhere. There were old stove and ice boxes that she could have gotten inside. The old staircase at on e time went upstairs but had been blocked off. There is a trapdoor leading to the interior of the house. That must be how they got her inside the house without carrying her. She was afraid at first. I just barely touched her on top of her head and then backoff and said her name and she jumped to me. She remembered my love for her and she wanted to come home. She lay her little head in the crook of my arm the entire way. I kissed her over and over in spite of her dirt and dust covered body. I fed her instantly. She drank tons of water last night. She was so thirsty. And she was pretty fat before but she has lost at least 6-7 lbs. She is a lightweight now. I figured she was vitimin deprived so her first meal was raw complete with all the vitamens in it. I had made it two days earlier so it was real fresh. She ate that plus cat kibbles. And some cat snacks. She lay in our laps and snuggled and purred all night. I sat up with her most of the night holding her and making sure she knew that she was home. Tink groomed her half the night as did her kittens who are grown now. Muffin groomed her. Everyone knew I was calling mama and they were all glad for her to be home.

I also think that he planned this.. He said he could not have cats in the house since his girlfriend was allergic....... This might be true but we don't see her much over there. Toe killed a mouse recently. The remains he put by our front door after he ate his feel. it is the only mouse we have ever seen. We don't and have never had mouse droppings either. The cats keep them away. But I bet, his house is overrun with mice. I suspect that's why he wanted one of our cats.

And you know, I would NEVER do a loaner cat for kill mice.

It is just too much of a considence for me to believe that two cats appeared in his house area. An upstairs balcony with no entrance but to a house door. And one in a basement.

The miracle is that basement window. It is the only window that is not shut tight like a drum. We saw her sitting on the sill watching us...

the more I think of it, the more I am convinced that saying nothing to him is the best thing to do. We dont' see them much... The rear of their house is toward us. When they got home last night, they saw my sign gone and then when they got home they saw she was gone...... That is good enough. They know we know OR they might think she got out but I saw no exit when i was in there. She was put there....... ..... But I have to be good because I have the others to think about.

One thing I did do on purpose while I was in there was scoot the dusty weight bench over about 10". He will see the dust trails from the runners on the bottom. He will "know someone was there" and might suspect us since mama was our cat, but what can he say... "Hey, did you come in my house and take back the cat I stole???" I find that helarious. He certainly can't call the police and tell them we illegally entered his property and took back our animal that he stole... They would laugh at him. The best way to handle this is to say and do nothing and make sure it cannot happen again.

Right now we have the definate upper hand on the situation. He knows ---that we know--- that he stole two cats.... He knows.. It is bugging him bad too.. hahahahahahaha. And I love that fact. Not saying anything will bug him more than anything... He can't say anything. He probably wonders if we are going to call the police. He probably has some story planned. I bet after this he avoids us like the plague. And I think that is best.

I might add that is is a good thing the door was unlocked. When Juan came back from around the front to see if anyone was home, I was saying, "break the window. I am not leaving her here"..... He said wait, the door is open......

If the door had been locked, she would have still come home with us. We would not have left her behind. Good thing we don't have any neighbors that watched our activities.
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OH and gracie, I do see stray occassionally. He still eats on our porch. He came around a couple days before we saw cow... And Cow really wants to go outside again but I am not letting her.

They love the enclosure now but they will really love it when I get it much larger. During these cool days most are outside lounding on their rock patio... Getting that hay out was the best thing I ever did. The grass I planted is doing real good too.....

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Hi, I previously read the story about Jimmy, but have lost track of this thread until just this morning. I am so happy about Jimmy letting you pick him up and about him waiting for you in the morning. Also, I am so angry with that guy who stole your mama. I am so glad she is home. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories of your sweet fur babies.

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I don't think you're crazy at all, Jenn.
Every since I was a little kid I've had very vivid dreams from time to time and the more vivid the dream the more likely the dream comes true.
Then sometimes I just "know things".
I believe 100% that your dream is what lead you to Mama.

I also agree with you that Juan should just leave it alone and never tell that guy that you went into the basement to get Mama.
You're right, he already knows that and he also knows you found Cow over there.
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Hi Jenn,

I was wondering what has become of you, I love reading your stories of your wonderful cats but hasn't seen them lately. I sent you a pm on 9/29 but have not heard back. Are you still out there? How is the group? Thanks.

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Hello, hello????? Where are you Jenn???
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I am here!!! I have been working TWO jobs so I don't have much spare time except to sleep........

I just told Elly as soon as I find my camera recharger, I will post some new pics of all. My group is fantastic and still rotten spoiled......... hehe

I also am fixing to try and toilet train 24 cats... I think it would be cool for them to use the toilet..... This is ONE of the links I have been reading....


And I was also telling Elly that Jimmy is exactly like Star now. He has no fear. I pet him daily and he lays on the couch, the chair and anywhere else he chooses. He takes naps in our bed. I suspect it won't be long before he sleeps on our feet.. He is finally comfortable around us but like Star, he is not crazy about touch. But he is ours..just like Star..

And in some ways he is tamer than Star. He is easy to worm and easy to give a shot to for updates and easy to frontline. Star is very difficult. She hates worming and hates frontline. I can't let her see me do anything to the other cats or she hides for days.....

Love to all,
Jenn and the gang.
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Glad to see an update, Jenn and can't wait to see pics.
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It so wonderful that all your hard work with Jimmy has paid off.
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Hey Jen! It's all always great to hear from you and get an update on the big guy. Thanks so much! Can't wait to see pics.
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here are a couple of pics....... more later. I am late for work due to weather so I am takin advange of uploading a couple things.

He loves snoozing and electric heat. He's no dummy. He also enjoys laying in front of the propane heater. As you can see both of these are in our living room....

And here is little Stray. I made him a place on the porch and wondered if he would use it. We have an ice storm going on right now and I peeked out and he was inside. I am so glad. I can't let him in the house due to fights. Yellow hates him and I would rather him be outside as well.... But he is warm if he wants to be. The wild kitty is gone.

He has a rubbermaid crate with a hole cut in for a door and it is stuffed with hay. There is a little hole in the interior to snuggle in and he DOES get inside now. That is his bale of hay sitting on top covered in plastic....

More on another day..

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The look on Jimmy's face in that first picture is just priceless!
What a handsome boy he is.

The little stray guy is adorable...is there something wrong with his right eye, or does he just have it closed in that picture?
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Wonderful pics Jenn.
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