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I'm glad the babies are doing well...better than Juan!
Elliott did the same thing when he was neutered, he acted like "So what's the big deal, I feel fine"
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Tulip has his surgery yesterday morning or Thursday morning. And you're right ...it was no big deal for him. But boys are different. They dont' have to have as much done. Girls have their innards laid out..... The potential for something going wrong is much greater with girls. Tulip played hard and then slept hard all day today according to Juan. He spent the night sleeping in the shower. I'm sure he still have some left over sleepy meds in his system. We have never seen him sleep in the enclosure. But he is fine and so is Princess.

When Flower is done, we will have all 24 fixed with all their shots. We have spent a fortune getting them all done..... But I feel so good about it.

Dr Carmichael only charged us 70.00 for fixing both cats... That is a bargain. They didn't need anything else but to me, that is cheap.. And he is such a good vet as well...... I had absolute confidence in his surgery....

Juan's arms are better tonight. I told him he needs to start handling the cats more. The 6 that get to go on the porch sometimes and play won't come to him if in the front yard. They wait for their mama.....

But Princess has not been held by him in a while. He has his favorites and all of those come to him.... But I work with all of them everyday.

Had some people over last week. The only two cats that showed their faces were Kissy and Socks. They both walked up to get petted. The others were totally invisible.
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Wow, Jenn.
$70 is a real bargain.
You've found yourself a real gem in Dr. Carmichael.
I'm glad Juan's arm is better.

Our cats are the same, when someone other than family is here you'd never know we had cats.
Gracie will come out after a little while, but that's because she's nosy and just had to find out what's going on.
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I can pick up the front part of his body. I am "afraid" to actually pick him up.. hehe, but I can put my hand UNDER HIS BODY and lift his front legs off the ground with him totally relaxed in my hands. He just lets me do it. He doesn't act afraid or anything. His legs just dangle for me.

He is a real dangling dandy dude of a cat... I just tried it and he let me... So I do it every day now to encourage his trust. I will sit in the floor the first time I actually hold him. I don't want to put him in the air just yet. Don't want any bad experiences with him.

Patience with this wild boy has truely been the way to victory.

I want to hold him. I am "easing" him into it. He still enjoys being brushed and petted and rubs on my legs on occassion. He is doing great! I am off next tuesday and wednesday and I will charge my camera and try to get some new pics.

Oh, and also he finally ate some soft kitty chow off my fingers... Actually took that bite...

He is on the way to being domesticated. What a long struggle it has been. He resisted for so long. Now he is leaping forward toward love.

I'm still here but just out of touch for a bit. We are all doing good but I have been busy 'writing' and 'working'..... NOTHING SPECTACULAR. I just feel creative..... It's just a little thing but it is fun. Just trying my hand at a few things.

and also....Jimmy's story I hope will inspire other to NEVER give up. Keep moving slow with the ferals and let them make the decision of WHEN to go to the next step. I got Jim the 19th of april, 2006.. We are working on 16 months or so.

Star, if you think about has taken much longer. It has been 3 yrs. She is finally now letting me pet her without running. I approach her slow and talk to her.

Her and Jimmy do the same thing. They turn their backs to me and let me pet them without watching. However.... Jimmy is starting to look at me now.

Different personalities. I can see Jimmy one day being a love bug here at home with us. I don't think Star will ever be a love bug...

Jimmy still hates Juan and won't let me touch him if he can see Juan. I am him only person. Star won't let Juan touch her either... I have been the main feeder and talker and caregiver of both of them and that's why. It's nothing personal with them. They just are more used to me doing things. They know my routine. I think that's why.

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That's wonderful news, Jenn.
It won't be long now...Jimmy will be sitting on your lap purring up a storm!
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Well, this morning Juan got to watch me and Jimmy. He was amazed. Juan even walked in the kitchen and Jiimy did not run.

So I pushed Jimmy a little. I picked him up 4-5" from the floor and set him in the floor in front of Juan ...... He did not resist until Juan's hand reached out. He flew about 3 feet on the other side of me and gave me a "go to hell" look for doing that to him. hehehehe He is quite the character. But Juan was reachingn from the front and I forgot to tell him Jimmy is not quite comfortable with that yet.

But NO AGRESSION!! just determination to not let Juan touch him.....

And he walked right back to my hands again a few seconds later... But he does not want Juan to touch him. But he will eventually.

When I picked him up, I placed him about 4' from his original location. He did great!

I also forgot to tell you that He LOVES to have both sides of his face scratched at once. And I can approach him from the side of his head now. Not head on but by his head. He can watch me but he doesn't like my hands to approach him directly in his face. 2" to the side is fine. I can touch him all over the face after my hands are on him ... He is not afraid of me... I can also brush him while he lays down now. He is relaxed... A biggie was petting him and brushing him while he was laying down. I can even brush his tail while he lays down. I am working him him letting me brush the backs of his thighs. I have brushed them but he is not real comforable with it. But he will be. Just like one day he will lay in my lap or sleep on the bed beside me. I can also scratch his belly with my hands...

He is doing better and better and better and better. It tooka long time for him to realize that there is absolutely nothing for him to be afraid of.
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Awww, Jenn, your updates about Jimmy just warm my heart. I love that big guy!

Before you know he WILL be sitting on your lap and loving it too. I suspect he'll warm up to Juan soon too. It's just a matter of time. Jimmy just has to make up his mind that he's ready.

Thanks for the continuing updates on his progress. They mean so much to me. I really do think his story needs to be told and am working on it, like we discussed.

Looking forward to more pics! Take care for now.
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I can't wait for the first purr. I suspect it will be a while... but you never can tell..... He is sitting in a chair about 3 feet from me watching me type this. I think he knows I am thinking about him... He is definately thinking about me.

Oops, myabe not. He just closed his eyes.
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Sweet Jimmy sure has come a long way.
I'm sure it won't be long now that he'll let Juan pet him too.

A little off topic, but how are Miss Flower and Miss Blossom doing?
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Flower and Blossom are doing wonderfully........ Blossom is taller than my lab but ONLY 5 MONTHS OLD.......

Flower is a litlte pig kitty that holds out for her Raw diet..... She loves it. I make her enough for a two week period. I want her to eat cat food too but she hold out for raw food. We even put a little bacon grease on some kibbles and she even refused that. So she is the raw kitty.

Jimmy is doing well too...

My latest big topic is Tink..... On cool mornings I let her cookie, angie and dovey out to play.. They don't run off and stay in the yard/porch area. Tink got on top of a rubbermaid storage shed that we have on the porch. How, I have no idea. It is 8-9 feet tall.... but anyway, she found a hole going into our attic. I went to the store and when I came home I could not find her.

I could hear a little meow sound. Thank god she is a very vocal cat. I kept trying to locate her by sound and finally discovered her over my head peeking out a little hole going into the attic. It was a venelation hole.

Tink was in the attic TWO DAYS. We could not get her down. Juan crawled in there but since she is scared of him all he coudl do is run her toward me. But she would not come to me. She was freaked out.

Before it was all over, she had her own fan up there, tuna, hamburger meat in a saucer, milk and water... We tore sections of the front of the house out to get her air so she would not have a heat stroke. She was up there two days.. It was absolutely horrible. So hot.... I kept her food in front of the fan. When she discovered the food, fan and water, she stayed there. I coudl not turn our attic fan on.... It has no cover. I was afraid she would accidently get in it. So I put her a box fan up there.

How I finally got her down was this. Inside the house I have a large opening that goes into the attic. I put a cross board 6" wide over it and got my lawn table and put it in the hallway under the opening. I put a chair on that to raise her "landing Zone" up even higher. She only had to get ger courage up to jump about 4'-5.

Then I got myself a hamburger pattie, beans, corn and ate supper on the table. She sat up there watching me. I put her a little of my food in the chair and Down she came. She was so hot. She was hassling with her little tongue hanging out. It is like an oven up there. She kept pausing and I could tell she wanted to jump but she was afraid. From her vantage pint it was scary. She has to climb down to get to the board that she jumped from. What finally caused her to jump was this. She was standing by the fan and she accidently pushed it and it moved and startled her. Since she was already facing downward she took the plunge. She went straight out to the enclosure before she came inside and relaxed from her ordeal.

Then she got her bath. She was covered in insulation and it cooled her off too. I used real cool water. When I brushed her she purred and purred.

All the spots around the attic are wired now. All holes are closed.

This morning when Dovie, angie and cookie went to play, tink would not go outside.

She has done nothing bur purr, sleep and sit in my lap since she got down last night.
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I'm glad to hear that Jimmy, Blossom and Flower are doing well.
Sounds like Miss Flower has made a full recovery...that's amazing.
She's now a healthy, spoiled ( more spoiled than she used to be ) girl.

Poor little Tink and poor you and Juan.
I'm so happy that she finally came down and that she's doing well after her adventure.

Jenn, I think you should write a book about your cats...it would be a best seller.
Jimmy's story, Toe's story, Flower's story, JJ's story...any one of those four would sell the book all by themselves.
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I have thought of that...... It "might" be in the making"....... who knows???
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Cow is outside. She ran out when I opened the door. She has been gone three days.. Today is the third day.

I saw her once on the first day several acres away with the Yellow Stray Cat.

I have not given up on her coming back. I keep food out and keep calling her.

I have notified the animal shelter and tonight I am putting signs up when I get home from work....

I am heartsick. Thank god she is fixed with all her shots so she won't get pregnant or get some disease.....

The woods are full of rabbit and water is plentiful so she won't get hungry. She is a good hunter.

I just hope she comes home... I still let toe, tink mama, dovey and angie on the porch. I hope she hears them and comes to them...

I have food/water on my porch as well....

There is nothing I can do..... Tomorrow I am going to REDRIVE the area and look for signs of her...

I have only seen her that one time.

Noone would be able to catch her physically and I doubt anyone could trap her. She lived in the woods for at least 6 yrs before we got her...

This has motivated us to finish the enclosure enlargement.. We have it roped off and I have already moved rocks around the perimeter and Juan has fixed the chain saw. I just need him to do the frame. I can do the rest. But I can't frame it.
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Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry that Cow got out.
Have you seen the yellow cat since the last time you saw Cow?
If not maybe their just off somewhere together.
Didn't you say there was a young guy that was also feeding the yellow cat?
Have you talked to him?
Maybe that's where Cow and the yellow guy are hanging out.

Sending lots of vibes and Prayers that Cow comes home safe and sound.
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she is still not back.

the same day i saw her with Stray, later that evening, he was in my yard without her.

I have not seen either one of them since.

I am probably driving the young guy and the people a few acres away NUTS calling Cow..... I was up all night yelling into the night.

I am leaving a spotlight on hoping th lights will draw her to the house.

No other sightings.

My heart is hurting about this.... I am just sick over it. It has been days.

i HOPE nothing got her. I HOPE she is safe, And I HOPE she comes home.. This is killing me.

I moved her and lost her.....
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And Flower bless her heart is so spoiled. Yesterday I was so down over Cow that I did not thraw her food and decided she coudl eat kibbles.

I think she starved herself all day long. So tonight for supper I experiemented. I got her canned kitten food and mixed a little with milk. She would not touch it. She looked at me like I had lost my mind. Then I tried her on tuna. She would not touch that either. I waited abotu 5 minutes between each course.

Then I got her raw out. She is gobbling it like she has not eaten for days.... I have created a monster.... She does not want to eat ANYTHING but raw....

If there was an emergency I think she would starve.

She is so picky that she does not like it warmed ahead of time. By warmed I mean "thawed in advance". If we get out three packs for the day in the mornings, she will only eat the first pack. The other two she won't touch. She like them fresh thawed under cool water with the chuncks half frozen. Then she eats it. If it is totally thawed she starves.

I don't know what i am going to do with her. I have NEVER had a cat like this... She is absolutely rotten.

As far a sCow, I keep looking for her out the door window and she is not there. Toe is sleeping on the porch. She has known him for a couple of years and if she sees him, she "hopefully" will go to him. To catch her IF SHE COMES BACK, I will have to use JJ as bait. She loves him. In my heart, I feel she is just out in the woods somewhere. I pray nothing has gotten her.
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Oh, Jenn I can't imagine how hard it is.
I'm sending lots of Prayers for Cow to come home quickly.

I agree, I think you created a little Monster in Flower
Bless her little heart, she loves her raw food.
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Jenn, I'm sending many vibes and prayers that Cow comes home soon.
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I hope Cow comes back soon, and glad to hear the others are doing so well.
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I was just catching up with your crew after a long while and am so sorry to hear that Cow is missing.

Take heart though dear Jenn, my Precious went missing last year in June. She always went off to play in the fields and woods to my knowledge, She was never one to go near the road. After a couple weeks of no sign of her, I figured something in the woods must have gotten her or her safety collar got hung up on something and didn't release so she could get free. We can really have some terrible thoughts when our loved ones are missing or ill. :-(

Well... Precious did come home 6 months later. I went to check that there was food in the cat house for Lippy and there she was in the cat house eating on New Years Day.

To this day I think someone on the road behind us took her in and kept her till she could break free and come home. So far, since her return home, she stays pretty close to home and doesn't seem to go on the little hunting trips into the fields and woods any more.

So don't give up on your little Cow. She could pop back home at any time where she belongs.
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I just saw cow. she is on a neighbors porchcrying in the rain. I have to go to the vet and wil then try to trap her with tuna....
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Jenn, I'm so happy that you've seen Cow.
I'm sending sucessful trapping vibes and Prayers your way.
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What relief that you saw Cow. Sending lots of trapping vibes your way, Jenn.
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i'm home. ; i had to take emma to get her toenails cut. I don't see cow but we bought some fried chicken for her.

the porch she was on is a second story porch with no ground access. I'm not sure how I am going to get her. She is still there. I am heading over there in just a mintue. I am going to at least throw her some chicken up there to eat. The man who lives there is very kind young man. He has proably been feeding her.

She evidently has been there all this time. 100 feet away. She does NOT come when I call her..

More on all of this later. It is 3:44 and I want her in my house before dark if possible..

we also brought some cement for the cat enclosure expansion main posts...
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I have cow in the house........ I went over there and the neighbor was not home. I walked up to the porch and stood on a little hill beside it and I could see her hunkered down in a corner wringing wet from the storm. I threw her a bite of chicken and she ran to it and gobbled it up. I did it again and she came to the edge. Toe was on the ground beside me and Cow saw him and they both meowed.

I fed Toe some chicken while Cow watched and down she jumped. I picked her up and she scrambled back out of my arms growling and hissing. But she did not run off because of the chicken and her hunger. She was real hungry

I picked her up again and started the walk home. I held her real close with my arms wrapped totally around her with her legs tucked under AND with chicken on my arm under her nose. She growled horribly at me the entire time but did not try to get away with any vigor. I think she was glad I had her. Juan walked ahead so he wouldn't spook her. I walked down a steep hill, down a rock road, up our drive and through our yard. 100 feet at least.. Maybe more.

I just knew the entire time that she would turn and scratch me and get away which she has done before... but she didn't.

Juan had the door open when we got there and in we walked and she hopped right now out of my arms. I had a crate ready but did not have to use it. I sure was glad.

She has lost a lot of weight this week and she is bone thin again. I am going to have to worm her since she has "been out there"... I have to feed her up too.

i thought she might dart out in the enclosure but I guess she is tired of the great outdoors. She is laying down in our bedroom.....

thank god..... it is such a relief. I can't believe it went without a hitch. For her to let me carry her all that way it makes me think she was waiting for me to find her and bring her home. She was so scared. I have never carried her like that before. She has never allowed it. Her growling unnerved me but I just kept her close with the chicken and kissed her on top of her head and she did fine...

She is glad to be back too.... ahhhhhhhhhh.... what a good feeling.
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i have her crated eating canned kitten iams. she is starving......

Poor little boney thing.

she has not been in the encosure yet. When I call her in the house, she comes and she is meowing at me. She is happy. I can tell. While she is crated, I am going to worm her.
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she is now wormed and full....... All the animals are so glad to see her. They are all grooming her. Her and JJ were so glad to see each other.

Today was her 8th day out there......

In looking at her other than her being thin....... her little face has quite a few scratches. One is by her eye and another is down her nose going into the edge of her mouth.. It looks like she either got caught in the briars or so she in a fight with something. It might have been a meal but I just don't know. She did not eat too much this week to have lost so much weight. I had just gotten her weight built up....

She is sitting on some sheep skin right now.......glad to be comfortable again. I would nto have seen her today if it had not stormed. I was on the porch and heard her meow. I told juan "I hear cow"..... and he said it was the cats in our enclosure. but it wasn't..... it was her. She had no shelter on the porch she was on.. She could have gotten under it but she choose to sit in the rain and cry. She was scared and didn't know what to do.

When I saw her the first day on this porch I shoudl have went over there but I didn't. At that point, I thought she would just come home. And then when I didn't see her again, I thought she was gone.

I am off tonight and will finally sleep good.
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She is sleeping with a towel for cover. She is purring and stretching when we pet her and working her little paws. She has never done that before. She feels safe again. She didn't know how safe she was until she felt lost..
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I'm so very happy to hear that you were able to get Cow and bring her home.
She was probably so afraid, bless her little heart.
Thank goodness she's home safe and sound where she belongs.
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she is still sleeping. She probably had all restless nights out there. Any normal night, we have coyotes and bobcats. Both of which could kill her. The balcony porch she was on proabably saved her life. The stray yellow cat is not been seen so it is possibly something got him...

But thanks gracie. It feels so wonderful to have her back inside. I have my camera charging so I can post a pic of her. And also a new one of Flower. She is getting to be a little hard chuck of muscle. No fat is on her ... just muscle.

And Emma's toenails are nice and neat from her vets visit today. She also got her cannine whooping cough shot.....

She hates long car rides. I have had her three yrs but I think she had some bad experience with a car or a truck. She always acts cowed down in the back seat and looks so worried when we go somewhere ... like I am going to dump her somewhere. She is always so relieved when we get home. Isn't that sad? When I first got her, we lived in town in Berryville, ar and when we walked around the block, she was terrified of parked cars. I drove a honda passport and that was the only car she was not afraid of.

I have taught her to ride in the back of our truck when we go to the lake. It's not on any roads per say. Just the one we live on. A one lane rock road. The lake is only 200 yards away. I have to put her front legs on the tailgait and lift her. She is fine once in there but she won't jump to go...... She will jump in when we come home but not to go. And she loves to swim. The only time I put her in the back is when we swim. She knows that too.

My dauchaund holds on to her back while emma swims. The use teamwork.... It's so funny

She is something else.
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