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He actually trusts me Elly. He really does.......

I can sigh when I look at him now in a whole new way...
Not with "wondering when will it happen", but "just with wonder".....
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And yeah Gracie,, pebbles is a little stinkpot. Very jealous...

She wants all the loving, all the brushes, and all the food.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
He actually trusts me Elly. He really does.......

I can sigh when I look at him now in a whole new way...
Not with "wondering when will it happen", but "just with wonder".....
Awww, Jenn. I know how you feel. Just had another kleenex moment.
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I know what you mean my dear little Elly... I have had a few myself since Jimmy is letting me touch him now...

The next thing I want to do is pick him up..... and put him down without him running or jumping out of my arms. Or getting bit.

As little red riding hood said, "My what big teeth you have Jimmy"...
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And from the front.....

Look at that face. He is just not real sure of this brushing from the front AND on top of the head WITH the dreaded flash in his eyes... ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

But he still can't resist the brush. He still pushes up against it even it is a little scary from the front....

And he was not showing his teeth to me or curling his lips. It just looks that way in the picture. He was stretching upward toward the brush...

He is quite the character.

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Since Jimmy has to do things on his own pace and since his pace is slow and easy, I suspect late next spring or early summer he will be sitting by me on the couch.

By the way, after 3 yrs, Star is finally letting me walk up to her and pet her also. She is a little tortie poop too. She is quite the little adult tortie now...

Still beautiful as ever..... She has never tried to scratch me or bite me. I picked her up briefly this morning. I can kiss her a and I can rub my head on her. The only time she has displayed agression is when I frontline her. hahaha I will probably always have to either do her first or NOT let her see me do the others. She hates medicine and fontline. The biggest challenge with Star was once when she was younger and I had to give her meds twice a day for 10 days. My god.....that was rough. After catching her, I had to wrap her in a towel to put liquid down her throat. It was so tramatic for her and me too. She is different from the others and probably her and Jimmy will always be slightly different in mannerisms. I have semi-ferals too but Jimmy and Star were the real mccoy.. Having a wild mother made a ton of difference in the things they were taught at a young age. I fed Star from the time she was approx 6 months old but "at a distance".... Star and Jimmy and Festus are the only ones that don't come to us for loving.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post

He is quite the character.


What a sweet face, he's such a handsome boy.
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Here is Jimmy's twin........ "felix". The boy with no pad. Except for the white on their legs, they look nearly exactly alike. Since Jimmy is getting tame, I will have to really watch those legs. Jimmy is slightly larger in size.. But just slightly. We used to confuse them. Juan still can't remember what leg belongs to who.... but Felix comes to us. And that's how Juan tells the difference. Silly men.
This is his original link..

Felix is an extremely loving cat.... He is something else.
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He's a cutie, he really does look like Jimmy.
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He is a sweetie.
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Wow, I definitely see the resemblance between Jimmy and Felix. Both are such handsome boys. And, Star is a real beauty too!
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I will try if given the opportunity, to get a pic of them standing together. They look awsome......

Both very very handsome and both pretty large... And they are best friends as far as male kitties go. They spend lots of time together in the kitchen.

I just showed Juan the pics of me petting Jimmy........ He still had not seen it till now. Jimmy won't let me brush him if Juan is anywhere in the vacinity........... He is mine.

Juan said "wow"...
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Here's something else. Do you remember when something was eating on my porch and I never could figure out what ??? I think I know the culprit..

His name is Stray or at least that's what we call him..... He used to be in bad shape until he fattened up on our porch. We are not claiming him and he is not ours and he is NOT one of our crew.

Toe loves being outside. He is older and so we let him out and he enjoys his life. He would be miserable if we kept him inside. He hates the enclosure. So Toe eats outside, poops outside and spends most days lounging in the sun on a table we keep on the porch for him. He lets us know when he wants in by meowing. We keep him food and water outside on the porch and he generously shares with Stray. They run up and down the dirt road together and hang out. They have become friends and he also lets us pet him. We keep him frontlined.. It is possible he belongs to someone but I doubt it. I saw him once last year when I was working on the place but he was only a yellow dash as he ran through the woods. We dont' have many neighbors and I don't think he lives anywhere. I think he was just a dumped cat.

But he has shown toe the ropes of living out here and how to behave in the woods. Toe does not go far. His territory is about one acre or two and usually him and Stray are together outside.

Here's stray.

We are going to put him in a crate as soon as we have the money and get him neutered... He is the only cat we have seen out here in the last year other than ours. He is very saavy about life and predators in the woods.
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I forgot about the "Thing in the night" that was getting on your porch.
Stray is beautiful!
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Juan is going to buld him and Toe a real stout and warm porch shelter for this winter. He is Toe Kitty's companion outside. Him and Toe eat side by side... This next week when I go to the vet with Flower, I am going to get him a shot just because he is around Toe... We keep him wormed too so he won't spread worms to Toe...

He used to keep his distance but when he learned our schedules he would be in the road waiting on us to get home from work and then he would dash off... but he always came back to eat. Now we can pet him. He is not feral but he is spooky if we move fast. As long as he knows it's us, he lets us approach him. We just talk to him as we walk up and he is fine.

Toe enjoys his company. And I am glad Toe has an outside friend. Occassionally, I let Mama, Angie, Dovie, Tink and Cookie outside. They stay in the yard or within the vacinity of an acre. Then they come in... But I only let them out if it is my day off so I can watch them.

Nite Miss Gracie.......
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Wonderful pics Jenn, it is lovely to read your updates.
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I'm glad Toe has an outside buddy to play with.

I missed your "Good Night" so I'll say "Good Morning"!
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I can't believe I slept till 10....... wow.....

That's probably a good thing. This is my second day off in a row. Tomorrow I am working from 8am to midnight....... Both shifts, however, I am working with people that I absolutely adore working with. They keep ya laughing and the time flies by. And since it's Thursday, we will probably be extremely busy. So the day will probably speed by.

And........."morning glory"!

And Hi Tigger, long time no see...... Hope all fairs you well..
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Jimmy does not like a raw diet......... Just thought I would throw that in. He turned his little kitty nose up at it...
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Presenting a new and slender JJ. He feels better, he moves better, he is more agile and he has lost some weight. Not sure how much but several pounds. I told Juan he needs a tummy tuck now. He hangs. He was quite overweight. He is at a normal weight now for his size........ Yeah!!

He is tucked in fixing to crash for the night..... I had trouble getting him to pose with his eyes open.... Tink is helping me wake him for his picture.

You know, he is not as happy with three legs. I have trouble keeping his spirits up. See it in his eyes??? He is not depressed but it would not be hard for him ot get that way. We pet him and love him constantly to keep him going. It is probably hard work hopping all the time. Don't get me wrong. He can move fast! But he is just not as happy go lucky as he used to be. He doesn't try to attack the dogs anymore. He jsut takes things in stride. Surgery changed his personality. I feel so sorry for him.

Losing weight has helped him. He feels more mobile. It is imperative I never let him get overweight again. See Tink? She is grooming him. Remember how JJ used to take care of all the others? Well, the ones he cared for groom him and take good care of him now. The tables have turned.

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I was only thinking of him earlier, glad to hear he is doing well and losing weight. Sorry to hear you dont feel he is enjoying life as much now, but maybe he is just finally settled and this is his true personality, not what you originally saw, as he had a lot of issues then.
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Just wanted to jump in and say a huge congratulations on the progress with Jimmy, and big sigh of relief that Flower is doing better. And of course...i wonder how you get so lucky to get such cute and friendly Stray's by your house!!! Lucky you...there must be a sign over your house that only kitties can see!!

Glad to see all is going so well!!
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HI Renny and Gracie...... maybe it is his true personality [JJ].... You could be right. He is mellow yellow right now.. And has been for quite a few months. And you know that makes sense to. He is probalby just relaxed in his enviroment and doesn't feel the need to be aggresive with the dogs. This might be the first time in his life that is is really relaxed.

Might be right.....

and thanks Renny concerning Flower Power. She is doing GREAT!! So much better that Juan and I can't hardly believe it. She looks and act normal now. She still has weight to gain but I think her health issue is resolved. She has never had this type of appetite. Her bowels are firm and she is tinkling well. She is back to being loving and has even started playing a little... It is quite a relief.
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UPDATE on STray..

Our one neighbor was talking to Juan the other morning and their were discussing Stray.....

Jerry, the young man, said Stray has always lived in the woods and has no owner.

He also said Stray loves Steak...... It seems he feeds him too.... No wonder Stray is fat.

With me frontlining and worming him and the neighbor feeding him steak to supplement his kitty food, he will be a very healthy stray cat.....

That big boy has it made. We'll all make sure he has a warm spot for this winter... I guarantee you that.
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Not only a very healthy stray, but I'd say a very happy one too!
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WEll, tomorrow .... Tulip-tina [the pretty boy] and Princess Minny Pearl are going to the vet to get fixed. Dr Carmichael. They are both eating their last meal right now. Then I have to take the food bowls up. Juan is taking them and he is determined to call Tulip...Lips. He told the vet that's what his name was. "Lips"...

But he answers me when I call him and he knows his name. I yell "Tulatina or Tulatine" and he comes running.. It suits him. He knows it. I don't want to call him Lips..

He told Dr Carmichael that since he is running out of names, he is resorting using to body parts for names.

Toe .... Lips.... ie.... They both had a good laugh.

Flower will be the only one who is unfixed after that. But she is just not ready yet for surgery. I want her to be a little stronger and a little bigger. Since she just recovered form "something" serious, I am going to wait a month and then schedule her. There is no one around her that could get her pregnant. Tulip is just now coming into his own and being a young man. Snoopy, his brother, is already fixed.

I will probably take Stray cat and get him fixed as well when I take Flower. Stray is an adult with HUGE testicles. I will just turn him back loose after we get home. [My first TNR]... I'll tell the vet to do him first thing so he will have more time to get alert. I'll have him a comfortable box on my porch that he can rest in with a fan on him... He'll be fine. But, before I take him, I will tell the neighbor that also feeds Stray and he might let him recover in his house since he has no other cats. I hope so. He is a kind young man of about 30 or so and he does not work right now due to a heart condition. He is cute as a button and an unmarried farm boy....

Also, Dr Carmichael is so nice..... He gives us 10 percent off so we can afford take good care of them all. Isn't that a nice vet???

I don't feel the need to take Flower to the vet to checked out right now. She can get looked at when she has her surgery. She is doing fantastic.... She made it!!!
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I'm so glad to hear that Flower is still doing well and getting stronger.
That's so odd, I wonder what in the world was wrong with her?
Maybe Dr. Carmichael will be able to give you some clue when you take her to get her spayed.
Or maybe it'll always be a mystery.

Either way it sounds like she's well on the road to recovery.
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She is doing wonderful...... This pic is after toinght's meal... She is really gaining and I am so proud of her... Looks like a whole new cat. In a month, she will be big enough and strong for surgery.. Right now I would hate for her to not eat for two days.. She would lose what she has gained. I want a little reserve fat on her bones first before she is put to sleep and cut on.

In a month if she keeps eating like she is now, she will be fine. She is eating about 12 oz of food daily...

I am posting her latest pic on her "sick page"...... Can't double post..
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Aww, fingers crossed for all the ops, you sound like you have a wonderful vet.
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The cats are doing good after surgery. Princess is not used to anyone handling her but me so Juan had blood running down his arms when he got there from transfering her to the car crate..

I still her her crated with litter and food and water. Tulip is already playing in the enclosure.

They went through it without a hitch........ Flower's appointment is in two weeks.

but Flower is vomiting this morning. I am not sure why. This is not hairball vomiting. We are going to keep an eye on her today and see if it was a one time thing.
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