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She is rotten to the core.......... Just a small amount of sweetness is throw in for good measure and to soften the blow............hehehehe

Amy a couple months ago, found a tiny little black kitten in Springfield, mo in the middle of a highway stuck in a water hole in the medium...... She has her at home now and "Little bit" is another bottle baby....

Kissy is her sister that doesn't live with her.........hehehe At least that's what Amy tells her...

If Amy and her husband ever have babies, oh my god....... !!

And Amy is precious. She has the kindest nature and the softest heart of any of my children. She is such a good person. She is like a shining light that draws people near her...
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I just went in the kitchen and petted the cats. And Jimmy was standing there. I stroked his back and he arched upward toward my hand. And so I kept petting him. He whirled once and lifted a paw but I said his name and continued and he fell to the floor..........hehe

And he allowed me to "truely pet him"... over and over and over. When he lay down on the kitchen floor, I went and got the brush and I brushed him all over....... I even scratched the top of his head. I stayed away from his "under the neck area"... Since he has had biting tendencies, I want to be safe... He has a big mouth and big jowels. I bet he could bite hard.

But I kept petting him and he just loved it!!!!!!!! He likes the brush and he likes my hand.........

Frontline in the next day or two is coming his way.......I have his shot too. Possibly tonight frontline.... It all depends on how he does... I am going to wait a few days or a week on the shot....

But he has given up......... Totally....

There is not much left to do except possibly him allowing me to hold him. I will have to get him to sit by me too......

I cant' believe this....... This week, with the grass, has changed him....

What a good feeling.....!!!!!!!

Jimbalina is socialized............. I am sure there might be some sort of setback but he is there..... truely there.

And don't it figure I don't have my darn camera.........?????

Oh, and while he was laying on the floor, Pebbles had her kitty arms around him and was biting him and he liked it..... He was getting double attention and it was ok with him. He lay there half on his side and half on his back enjoying himself. His mouth was wide open but not in an agressive way. He was mouthing Pebbles with love.
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I just brushed him again.. He lays down. He keeps one paw in the air but he lets me do it. He enjoys it most when there are several other cats around. I removed lots and lots of loose hair from him.....

He really enjoys it.

And as you were saying. I held the brush out and he rubbs his face on it.. AFTER his initial brushing. He knows it feels good.
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ok, I did it again!!!!

This time, Felix and Honey were there. He really likes Felix and rubbs all over him. While I was petting them all ... Jimmy walked out of hand reach and walked behind me. I was squatting in the kitchen floor. Jimmy walked all the way around me rubbing against me in love. I was scared to move. I thought he might scratch me but he was loving on me.... I am a pretty big woman and this freaked me out so because it was so unusual. I was scared I was going to topple over and startle him and cause a setback. My heart was pounding. It was a momentous occasion..[happy days]

However a few mintues later when he was settled down laying on the floor, I reached for him and that paw came up....... He doesn't have his claws out but his fingers are open. I backed off and petted the others. He is not afraid of me and he does trust me but he still is making decisions about this petting thing... He likes it very much but he is still a tiny tiny tad unsure as to WHY he likes it....

This is thrilling.

Hubby called and I told him. He is as excited as I am....

Jimmy is afraid of Juan..... He might never let Juan near him.. Just like Star... The closest Jimmy has ever been to Juan was to scratch his feet as he dashed across them..... But then again, I suspect Jimmy is going to be one of the most loving cats we have eventually. Every tux we have is extremely loving...... Jimmy, for him to rub again my rear that way, is going to be exactly the same.

I feel it in my bones. And I sense it.. And I can see it.... Jimbalina...... He's a good kitty man...
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I just walked in the kitchen and called him and he came up to me.... I petted him some more.

I can't wait to take a pic of him and Felix laying side by side. They nearly look like twins....

I am thinking of getting the front line ready...... I nearly think I could put it on him...... I'll wait a few hrs and see if he stays the same....

he just walked in the living room and is sitting by my chair..... Oh lordy, I don't know what to do..... I dont' want to spook him but I want to love on him so much.

I must be patient.......
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I just cleaned house rapidly because I want to play with Jimmy and test him and see what his new limits are.

right now, every time I walk in the room, he auto walks toward me with head up and eyes wide open. He stops about a foot from me.

He has done this time and time again since I brushed him......

He knows his name.... which is a good thing. But I have been calling him jimbalina for quite some time. Not sure if he knows that name but he definately knows Jimmy.
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I just talked to my son and he has my camera put up.... thank god. I thought that's where it was at. I had to take pics of my little granson the other day. He is so cute. Dark eyes with red hair and olive skin. A real lady killer...

And also rotten to the core..... but that's ok.... He is much loved. He will be a yr old Friday.

I can't wait to take pics for elly of Jimmy getting brushed and petted..... She is going to flip totally out...... I better buy her some kleenex.......
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Am so pleased to hear this!!
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ok, if I hold the brush up to him, he rubs it. But I can't reach from this way to brush him or pet him. He backs up if I go "head on head" or holds one paw up....

However, if his side is to me or his back, I can stroke him all over including brushing his cheeks.... From this direction, he will turn his head and watch me pet him with no problem and he get really into it. He leans and arches and carries on like he has always been petted. He loves it very much........ It just makes him topple over in enjoyment straight to the floor... I hold his tail between my hands and stroke all the way down it. It's nearly more than he can stand..... haha

And if he is ALREADY LAYING DOWN when I approach him, that is off limits too. He has to fall down from being petted and then it's ok.....

Isn't this crazy???? He's doing jimbalina things now.......... hahaha

Also If I give him the brush, he plays with it. He lays down and scoots it on the floor and holds it in both paws and tosses it. He rolls on it. He likes the brush more than the feather.

Just all it once...... Hopefully he is thinking......"What took me so darn long?"
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Awww, Jenn, this is truly one of those kleenex moments. I'm so happy for you and Jimmy. I knew the big guy would finally come around. Sure took him long enough.

I'm so excited for both of you! Jimmy's journey of learning to trust and the progress he's made in your care is such a wonderful example of what patience and love can accomplish.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving Jimmy as you do.
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He's a good boy. I am so glad I saw your original thread.... Sometimes things happen for a reason. Jimmy is one special cat!

And it sure did take him a long time.... I did so much reading on taming/socialzing adult ferals and I read that sometimes it can take up to 10 yrs....... I dont' believe he would have progressed this much if he had of lived with cats who were feral like him. He learned from them and he saw them enjoying touch when he finally got brave enough to be in the room with me so he could watch.

Now, he is constantly in the room with me. He is a creature of comfort. He likes the heater and he likes the air conditioner. He prefers being inside. And now he is usually in the room with me so he won't miss anything. I am cookking fries right now and he is watching intently in case I drop one.

and yea, he will get one........ he has certainly earned it......
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Jimmy ate his french fry.

He is a picky eater as far a human food. He hasn't had a lot of it in his life I guess.. But he likes ff's..... I have to mush it up so the soft part is out and that's the part he likes.
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I'm not surprised that Jimmy appreciates the creature comforts, Jenn, especially considering he spent the first six months of his life outside and made it through an usually harsh Cincinnati winter.

Glad the big guy enjoyed his french fry!
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Well, he just got another good brushing...... I'm amazed at all the stray hairs on him........ After I start brushing, I lay it down and use both hands and rub him......

And he never had to spend another harsh winter alone....... He will always be safe with a warm spot and plenty of food...
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I want my camera..........!!!!
I am on cloud 9 and no way to record the moment except by memory.....l And at my age, that could fail at any sec.... I'm having kodak moments!!!
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I just reread Jimbalina's original thread........

wow........... he has come a long way...
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I have Jimmy's frontline ready..........

We will get it done before the next hr or so....... Just have to pick my time. He will not be afraid or feel traumatized. He won't know it even happened hopefully....

He is laying in the kitchen floor playing with a catnip toy I made right now.
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Jimmy is frontline-plus-ed now.

All it took was a can of can food in the floor and while I hand petted him, I separated the neck hair, squirted it, and rubbed it in.

He never knew. He just kept on eating.....


He is still eating......

Now, in a week or so, he gets his shot updates. I am going to worm him tonight too.

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Still letting me brush him.............

Hard to believe how much hair is coming off on the brush....... He is doing better and better each time.......

He is playing tag with the others too. He just ran mama in the living room from the kitchen.....
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Been worming....

I have wormed:

still to go.
flower [wormed last week so exempt]

Jimmy just won't take it....... so I might have to do something else... This is just a cheap pin worm med from the store that I mix with milk.. None have tape worms.... The others drink it right down..

It's a quick fix for "just in case"....... I do this about once every couple months since I have so many...

Jimmy is still relaxed and letting me pet him..... He is getting caught up for lost time.. He is doing great. Something I have noticed is that since all this occured today, he is really watching me.. I can see the trust in his eyes... Star, bless her heart, does not have that trust.

Jimmy is doing much better than Star as far as me handling her.... I have done exactly the same things with her that I have done with him but she is just aloof. Jimmy is not aloof at all...... He is in the midst of it all.. When I sit in the floor to pet them all, he comes up and waits a foot away and waits for his turn.... He has made a 99 percent turn around today. I don't say 100 because of that little paw....... hehe. I wonder how long before he sits by me while I watch tv..... Or how long before I can pick him up..

Juan is coming home Friday. My son just bought a new house and I can't remember how to get there. It's on the other side of Branson. It is beautiful and I am so proud of him. I am hoping Juan can get this camera either Friday or on his day off... I am off Wednesdays and so is my son so if Juan can't go Friday, we will go Wednesday morning and pick it up....

I can't wait to post pics of this. I suspect it will be very easy to photograph. I will turn the lights on in the room and turn the flash off so it won't spook him. I want all to see this. I am so proud of Jimmy........... He will be like the others. They are afraid of other people. They only trust me and Juan. If someone comes over, we are catless. Noone that comes over belives we have 24 cats. They do the invisible thing except for a couple of them.
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Everyone is now frontline plus-ed..

Took nearly an hr and a half. But it went without a hitch for all the cats....

Tomorrow morning I'll do the dogs. They are all outside sleeping in their doghouse. It is raining and they are muddy....

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Wonderful update Jenn, he seems to be coming along quickly now.
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Jenn, that's so wonderful.
Yesterday really was a holiday in more ways than one for you and Jimmy.
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He is doing fine this morning and I have already given him a good morning petting. And I was thinking.

As far as his biting........ Socks used to be a biter too and I worked her out of it. I could just touch her back legs and she would whirl and draw blood by biting. I had to quit jumping back and I started tapping her lip with one finger saying no. She didn't know she wasn't supposed to bite. It took a few bites to teach her not to do it. I remember the last time she did this. She held my finger in her mouth but did not draw blood. She just looked at me. I told her no over and over and she released me. She never did it again. She is extremely loving now.

JImmy has not bit me but this morning while I was petting him and while he was enjoying it, he opened his mouth in that "biting way" that I recogonize.. He did not hiss or anything but since elly told me he was a biter I am being careful... I continued petting him but said NO firmly... He shut his mouth. I am hoping since he has heard me use that word in the past with different situations that he knows what it means. Jimmy is very very intelligient.

Time to brush now..... everyone seems very happy today.. Got feeding chores to do.....
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Aww, sweet little Jimmy.
He's probably like Socks and doesn't know that he's not supposed to bite or at least try to bite.
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I am comfortable around Socks now...... She doesn't bite anymore at all but for a few months after we got her, I had to keep her away from my face. Now she is all lovey dovey. She is a tux female...and very beautiful..... bright green eyes..... this pic does not do her justice. Her eyes are incredibly green and this pic does not show that. She is georgeous. She was given to us by her owner who had always kept her outside. She never got attention. And she was a breeding machine. She had litter and litter after litter....... Now she prefers being indoors and lounging around......

this is socks... the ex-biter
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JImmy absolutely loves mama kitty..

When I go to pet him, I start with another cat and then he walks up and joins in. I can put both my hand on his sides and stroke him full body back and forth over and over and he really get into it.. If I scratch the side of his face, he puts his face down and mashes against my hand in enjoyment.

I don't see how we could have a major setback at this time. I see Jimbalina only moving forward from this point...... He has absolutely broken through the trust barrier.....

I suspect he will be a lap cat one day... He is totally different than Star..... Star has never acted this way.... Never. She has never gotten into being petted like Jimmy is.....

Maybe it's the torti in her......... I don't know but we have had her at least three years. I have held her, brushed her and loved her but she has never been like Jimmy is doing right now.....

He is much much more loving than my beautiful little Star with her feral halo...

I am a little weepy right now when I think about her. I want her to enjoy being loved on too....She touched my heart so long ago. I have tried so long and so hard with her. Jimmy is one in a million...... I hope he can be an influence on her. She is my last hurdle with Jimbalina doing so well... She is a wonderful little kitty and she is happy but she just doesn't like touch too much... She isn't afraid exactly but she darts when I come around. Not sure how to change that. I can frontline her ... I can worm her... I can give her a shot.. But she won't let me love on her..... She won't let me pet her. She doesn't enjoy it at all. She enjoys being brushed but that is it. It goes no further.

I have got to find a way to reach her and get in her heart....

Here's most of my babies......
Can't finish till I get my camera back....

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Oh there's little fur butt Toe Man.
He's such a beautiful boy.
I remember when he was so sick, but thank goodness he pulled through.

Socks is a beautiful girl.

Maybe it is the Tortie in Star that makes her not want to be touched or picked up.
I grabbed Annabelle out of the middle of that street going on 5 or 6 years now...I can't remember exactly, I have it written down somewhere but I'm to lazy to get up and to this day I can't pick her up....if I walk up to her and try to pet her she runs.
If she's sleeping and I pet her she'll lay their for a couple of seconds until it dawns on her that I'm touching her and she's off like a shot.
Annabelle wants petted on Annabelle's terms.
If one of us is laying on the couch at night, we'll hang our hand down over the edge and Annabelle will walk back and forth under our hand...she sort of pets herself.
Maybe you could try that with Star?
I know it won't be as easy for you considering you have a lot more cats than I do.
I can see them now I lined up to walk back and forth under Mommy's hand
Maybe if she sees that Jimmy is now interacting more with you, she'll do the same thing.
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good ideas on star......

I 'll give it a try......

Twice she has laid on my feet when I was sitting on the couch and my feet were covered. She will get real alert if I wiggle my toes under the covers. A couple of times she has even swatted them like a toy since she can't see they are me...

She usually just avoids me... hehe

I need to push her a little harder like I have done with Jimmy.... I've tried the relaxed mode for a long time.....
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JImmy got his first kiss..........

On the little tip of his tail...... It was sweeter than sugar!!!!!
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