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Have you tried holding a brush for him to sniff a scent mark? Pearl is my little scared baby, though she is much improved now. I held the brush out for her, and after a few minutes, she began brushing herself by rubbing against it. We did that for a little while and then she gradually let us brush her. She began advancing a lot closer to being petted and handled after that. She still likes me to hold the brush for her so she can brush her face and whiskers. We use a small, kind of stiff brush.
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I'll try that tomorrow. ........... or tonight. Thanks for the tip.......... I always have my brush handy.........
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Flower feels good this morning. She was actually socializing with several other cats...... She loves the iams canned food...
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Poor little Flower.
It's not your fault, Jenn you can't have eyes everywhere.
Gracie is my meek baby, she got along so well with her Sister Lizzie and gets along with Annabelle.
It's Elliott who is trying hard to be Top Cat right now.
Annabelle won't take it, but Gracie is scared of him....he's about 15 pounds and she's 5 pounds.

We had this trouble a few months ago, but broke him of the habit and they were getting along fine, then we had to have Lizzie put to sleep...she was the Alpha cat...now Elliott is "trying" to take that spot over.
Annabelle's never going to let him, once she makes it very clear to Elliott that she's top cat things will be fine for Gracie.
Lizzie was Gracie's protector and I'm starting to see that now coming out in Annabelle...if Elliott picks on her it's Annabelle to the rescue

Elliott is sweet and loving to the human members of the family and he was great with Lizzie.
One thing I know for sure, when...I think it'll be soon we get another cat...it will be an older female.
No more male cats for me.
I won't have my girls bullied.

Now that I wrote a novel about me
I'm glad things are looking up for Flower and she's putting on weight...she know's her Mommy loves her and now it seems the other cats realize that you will not allow their bad behavior to continue.
You show them who's boss, Jenn
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Glad I am not the only one with male problems. The other others are so mellow. All the cats are mellow but it's like TesticleTulip came from another world.... He is an honery guy... It might have started out with him playing with her but she is tiny, he just got carried away and it went from there..... It might be a game to him but it's not to her.

She also weighs about 4-5 lbs and she is over a yr old. Her tail is the size of a pencil. It is the skinnest tail I have even seen. And she has short hair so that even makes her look smaller. We call her pencil tail sometimes. And we tell her not to worry that she is going to bloom and be a beautiful flower one day. Her name when we first got her was Rose but since she never bloomed we call her Flower and we are waiting on her petals to see what kind of flower she is............ hehe

And he is a solid 9 lb chunk of pure boy.... named Tulip...... and still growing. He is not a yr old.

Cleo is my dominate girl that they all listen to. She is the eldest female and we have had her the longest.... She takes no crap and usually protects the others if they get picked on...... She even kept JJ from attacking my dauchaund. Cleo and the dog sleep together even since Muffin was a tiny puppy. Cleo feels like her mom.....

But anyway, Flower looks better today...... I am fixing to feed her her evening meal now.
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Flower is so funny. I was in the kitchen getting her meal ready with all the cats gathered around me begging for it..

When I carried it in the bedroom, Flower was in her crate waiting on her bowl..... She knows I was fixing her meal...... and she sure didn't want to miss it...

Now isn't that cute???? The other cats stand around her crate and stare...... wishing they were inside.
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I'm glad Flower is looking better.

Aww, how cute that she went in her crate to get her supper...she knew it was for her.
Maybe that'll teach the other cats to lay off of her.
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She came in the hall today when I fed the others. She is relaxing again.... I haven't seen Tulip being mean to her today. I am off work the next two day so I can "retrain" testicle tulip.....
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
testicle tulip.....
I love the nickname.
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Flower actually came in the kitchen today while I made her breakfast. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was Star. When I went in the bedroom to feed Flower she came running from out of the kitchen........ She is coming back to being her old self now.

She is blooming....... I can see her petals this morning.. thank god.........

She is going to be fine.....

Juan is in georgia right now at his parents..... I miss his but it's nice to have a husband break too.... He'll be back Friday.
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
I love the nickname.
HE grew unexpected testicles...... He used to be a girl but he is very smart and had already learned his name. Juan calls him "lip"......because he is a talker...
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I'm so glad that Flower is going to be okay, bless her little heart.

The only time I get a Husband break is when he's a work, his parents live about four streets away so it's not like he could go and stay overnight

You know, I've always wondered why God made it so hard to tell the sex of a kitten
Dogs, cows, horses, people now there's no mistaking what they are.
There stuff is pretty hard to miss right from the start
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and armadillas too.......... This is Sarge........ I am not sure if I ever posted his pictures before. But for a day, we got to play with this little baby.... He is off living his life somewhere now in our woods. He came out of the woods when we were working and walked into Juan's hands....

But he was definately a boy.....!!! We put him back in the woods and he kept following us out. We had to go in the house to get him to return to his mama.... We haven't seen him since. But I am sure he is doing armadillo things...

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I remember you tell us about Sarge, but I'm not sure if you posted pictures of him before or not.
He sure is a little cutie.
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Jimmy Licked My Finger.............twice!!!!!! He Likes Iams.......!!!! I Have Been Following Him Around The House With My Finger Out. He Is Letting Me Walk Right Up To Him And Squat In Front Of Him. I Will Be Petting Him Soon..... I Can Tell.

It was a big moment for him to lick my finger. He really thought about it. I had Jimmy and two others licking my finger..... But Jimmy did it...... He has smelled my hand so many times. More than I remember but never licked me until today.

And I stroked his back today when he walked by as well....

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That's wonderful news, Jenn.
He's really coming around, bless him.
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Yay Jimmy and Jenn!!! That's so awesome. It won't be long now!
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elly, he is letting me approach him all the time since I put the grass in..... I'm not sure how that has changed him but it has......

He lets me step over him, walk past him and he just lays there. He is tentively tamer than Star at this point.....

He just decided that it is time....

After over a year he feels more comfortable. When he goes by and I touch him on the back, he doesn't run but stops in his tracks and turns around and looks at me like he is saying "what are you doing?"........but he doesn't run. And that is awesome.....

I still look at this picture when he was so so so terrified of everything and everybody when he first came to me over a year ago..... i look at this every few months so I can remember how far he has come. He was like this for many many many months.... I think when I took this picture Jimmy thought his world was ending. He didn't know it was just beginning. He hid in this box under this blanket and in the closet for approx 4 months. He never left this room. He is an amazing cat now.....
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Wonderful update Jenn, so pleased he has finally realised humans can be nice.
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I remember that picture, Jenn. Poor Jimmy looks so scared and confused. But, you're absolutely right. Little did he know what a kitty paradise he'd come to - a long way from inner-city Cincinnati. He's a lucky boy. Bless you for having the patience to let him come around at his pace. Jimmy has made such progess under your care and I'm excited to see what happens next.
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Jenn, you've done wonders with him.
He's come from this scared, hiding little boy.

Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
To this happy little Man.
He's such a little sweetheart.

Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post

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Jimmy, Jimmy and more Jimmy...........

This morning when I got up, he was in the midst of all the cats in the kitchen waiting for breakfast. That is also new...... Normally he would wait in the bedroom until I had it out and then chow down. He is now beggin like the rest of them......

So after I fed Flower her meal, I had left a tiny portion of iams in the can. I hooked it on my finger and held it out to Jimmy. He only smelled it but he opened his mouth to actually take a bite. But Pig-Pebbles beat him to the punch. So I tried again and he would not eat it..... on the floor yes but not on my finger.

So, ..... since he was eating daintly off the floor...I touched him and scratched him above the tail.. He arched his back up toward my hand in enjoyment and then he whirled about and looked at me and I laughed at him and he continued eating. He also rubbed against the other cats....

We repeated this process several times.

Now a question for all:
Do different colored cats have different personalities based on genes????
And if so, where is the info coming from???

Reason I am asking, the things I am doing with Jimmy would be impossible with Star.... She has lived with me for years... I don't know if Star will ever sit beside me.... Jimmy on the other hand.... I see him as being a lap cat one day who is going to enjoy human contact from me... [and hopefully my husband too]

I can pet Star and brush her [at times].....but Juan has never been able to get near her.

And now it's time to make coffee.........

It's going to be a scorcher outside today........... I can tell already. I have to get my work done early this morning.
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That's something I've always wondered myself, Jenn.
I do know that orange cats seem to be very loving.
My Gracie and Lizzie ( rest her sweet soul ) are as sweet and loving as any cat I've ever known.
Everyone I know who has orange cats, be they Male or Female says the same thing...that they are very loving.

We had a white Female...Maggie...and she was another sweetheart.
Elliott on the other had is also white, but he's a bully boy....but only to the other cats, he's a doll when it comes to humans.
As I said before he was fine when we first brought him in, then he decided he was going to bully Gracie.
We finally broke him of that, but since Lizzie's death he's again trying to bully her.
He's doing his best to take over the alpha cat role now that Lizzie is gone, but it's all in vain...Annabelle now has the role and she's "told" him in no uncertain terms to lay off...even to the point of coming to Gracie's rescue.

Our Annabelle is a Tortie, and well she has fits the "Tortitude" thing to a tee.

So it's been my experiance that orange cats are sweet reguardless of sex.
White females are sweet, white males are a pain in the butt and Torties are Torties

No science behind it, just my experiances.
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I have several torti's.....

Star, Turtle, pebbles, flower and kissy [i think]... Kissy is grey and cream. They other are A-typical.

What is tortitude???
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Well, since you don't know about it I'm guessing none of your Torties have it

It's that split personality thing that they tend to have.
Sweet and adorable one second and little monsters the next.
Usually it's their way or no way.
When Annabelle doesn't like something she sits there and huffs and sighs as if she's a little Queen and how dare someone do something she didn't approve first.

She talks ALL THE TIME.
Have you ever seen the pictures Susan posts of her Rosie?
Notice how her mouth is almost always open?
That's because they never shut up
She'll go into another room and just scream at the top of her lungs, then I call her and she comes in the room with us.
It's almost like she thinks we should have followed her into the room where she is..how dare we sit in the other room
She has to inspect the litterboxes after I've scooped them, jus to make sure I've done it properly.
I don't know why, because she will not cover the "Gifts" she leaves in the box..I guess it's beneath her!
She let you pet her one second and she's all claws and teeth the next.

I asked my Vet one time about her weird behavior....she's the only Tortie I've ever had and I asked him about it right after I rescued her.
He just looked at me, laughed and said "She's a Tortie, they're all a little nuts"

So I guess that sums it up...they're all a little crazy...but I love her to death.
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Well, lets see....

Star is very vocal. She has a high pitched little meow and she meows constantly...... Since she is still not exactly tame, can't tell on the other parts. But when putting frontline on her before, she has went nuts on me.. I have to do her first or last and make sure she does not see me do anything to the other cats. She is very in-tune to watching what I do in case she needs to hide before her dose of whatever it might be that I need to do.

Kissy is the one.... If I correct her over getting in my dinner plate, several times, she has backed off a couple feet and then actually pounced on me trying to kill me. She will attack me over fried chicken. When I eat it, she sits and growls at me. I tell her no and tap the table with a newpaper telling her to stay back. So she sits and stares at me and Juan growling wanting the chicken.... And she is absolutely serious about our fried chicken. I never give her left over chicken. I put it in the trash can. It's the principle of the thing with Kissy .....hehehe........ We laugh about it but it could get serious. She doesn't attack with as much vigor as she used to. We have had her two years. She is calmer now and knows what we will let her do. The last time she tried to attack me over food was a couple weeks ago. But it was a halfhearted effort. Juan laughed at her when she did it. She didn't scratch me but she pounced. I can see it coming when it happens but it's so unbelievable that we laugh. I correct her and push her away and she gathers her wits and jumps on me. I hold my arm out and point at her and say "no". She points her arm back to me with claws out and meows. I am serious. It is helarious. When we first got her from my daughter, Kissy wanted to kill us. She is neurotic.... She was in an open soft crate and when we walked in the room whe would throw her body on the side of it clawing and scratching and acting crazy trying to intimidate us....and she was not feral.. She was tame.. We even wondered if we were going to be able to keep her she was so nuts.... She absolutely hated our guts. When she gets mad, she hates everyone and everything.. But when she is sweet, she is very very sweet. But I have to be careful eating around her. Kissy got mad once at another cat and got on the fridge. I was leery of walking past it lest she pounce on me. so I put her a saucer of milk on top plus a little steak we had to calm her down so I could work in the kitchen. She is a growler but also she is the sweetest little thing in the world... Definately neurotic.... It makes me a little nervous at times when I wake up and she is staring at me 2" from my face. She like to sleep on your chest if possible. She stretches one kitty arm out and touches your mouth with it to feel secure...She likes sleeping with an arm stretched out on your face snuggling. She basically always gets her way except eating out of my plate.. That's our only issue now with her. All the other behavorial issues with kissy are long gone. It's just the chicken thing now. Felix and JJ and Cleo are the only ones she can't bully... But she doesn't bully alot. She has them all trained.... But she is also the sweetest kitty anyone could ever want...

Pebbles is very loving...... always.

Flower is loving also but her claws can come out in an instant.

Turtle is a loner but not exactly loving. She doesn't claw but she likes being left along. I thought Turtle was a male when I first got her. She is built like a male cat... She has the jowels and everything else that a male cat would have . Just no testicles. Very short thick hair and a hard stocky body like a big tom....... But like I said, no testicles. We have wondered before if she was some weird genetic mutation of a cat. She is very different in appearance and in attitude... Everything about her screams male cat but she had female parts.

Kissy is the one......... and basically I have always felt her behavioral issues were my daughters fault. Kissy was a bottle baby who was never told no or taught proper cat manners. She got her way about everything and she expects all to cater to her whims of a cat. She is sitting in my lap right now facing me with both paws on either shoulder hugging me while I type this. She wants something.

Here are a few pics of her and her former mother, my daughter amy...........
This is what is wrong with her..... I have taught her to drink out of a glass now... No more baba.... Amy says she is embriotic and needs her baba..... I think my whole family is all nuts.....

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You got it.
If looks and growling could kill, Annabelle would have killed us all a long time ago.
Sometimes when she's being really nasty I'll look at her and say "I ran out in the middle of a busy street to save your life and that's the thanks I get?"
Of course she gives me a look like "So what"
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Annabelle sounds like kissy........ And Kissy has that walk too....... That "queen of my castle" and "don't mess with me" walk......

But I love her and I know you love annabelle too....... It's actually funny.....

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by the way, the new grass i planted in the enclosure.........the seeds.......

It is coming up..... The grass I transplanted is doing great too.

But what I planted with seed is doing fantastic. The rains washed some of it but most has sprouted.....

yea......... They will have full grass soon.......!!
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Oh Lord, no wonder she acts the way she does.
The bottle thing is so funny and I see she wasn't the only one enjoying the bottle.
Amy is adorable.

Yes, I love Annabelle to death...we all do but sometimes!!

I'm glad the grass is taking hold, they'll be playing in and much on it very soon.
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