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Great pics, Jenn. You sure have a bunch of happy, healthy, beautiful kitties there.

Continued prayers coming your way for the new job!
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
Thanks gracie........... I need all the prayers I can get these days.......
Aww, you're very welcome.
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I have some "minor" news regarding Jimmy.

The last month or so I could tell he has been more relaxed in his mannerisms which makes me relax too...

So he is just one of the group. He is not the stray or the wild cat or the feral anymore. He just has his own place.

Today, ... after he sniffed my hand... in the kitchen, all the others walked up and I petted them................while Jimmy looked on a foot away....

I squated down and held my hand out ..........again...........and he slowly walked past me.

...................and as he went past, I put my hand on his back while he walked on by....... I petted him ONCE the length of his body!!!!!!

He went about 5 feet and stopped and turned around and looked at me for a sec and then went ahead and just saundered out the kitty door.

He was not scared....... and he did not bolt and he did not run. He acted surprised at the touch of my hand.

I am so excited. As soon as he comes back inside............... we will try again.....

It's been over a year now...... It's about darn time!!!

This week, he has taken to sleeping inside a tidy cat bid litter bin that i have rags in. In the kitchen. He wants food........!!!! He watches the kitchen like a hawk searching for prey....... bologna........yum.
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He is already back inside...... laying by his rag bin.........

here i go again...
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We have a starting point now. He knows he wants it...... and he is thinking about it right now....

But no go for now...... He is close and watchful...... and that is enough for now....
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Oh Jenn, that's great news.
You'll be petting Jimmy all the time before you know it.
He knows now that he can trust you, that's wonderful.
I guess I didn't word that right, he COULD trust you all along HE just didn't know it.
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Here's a pic I just took. It shows how relaxed he has become... This is my paint rag bin...... He has literally taken it over........ It's in my kitchen.

He lays in there and hides and when the young cats get on the table beside him he gets em............ He waits for them peeking over the top. He has turned out to be quite playful.... He is attacking Snoopy in this pic. I took this just a sec ago.

And it will be darn nice to pet him all the time. I hope to kiss his nose one day... I like nose sugar.....

but here is the "tidy cat kitty"............... haha Ya know, I was just thinking...... He lets the darn dogs kiss and lick him...... Muffin grooms him...... I want to groom him.... I'm jealous of the dogs.........

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What an awesome event! You've made amazing progress with Jimmy! I have my fingers and toes crossed that you get the chance to kiss that little nose. He looks like he's up to some serious mischeif in that picture! I love pictures like that!!!
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What a cute pic, Jenn. I love seeing Jimmy's playful side.

I'm so excited that you got to pet him and am sending lots of vibes for continued progress. Wish I could give tell Jimmy to just give in already. I know he wants to. He's obviously relaxed and happy there and has come to trust you. It's time!
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ok, I am excited.

I am waiting on a nursery to call me back about some grass. They MIGHT have 6 foot long grass runners 18" wide for 3.00 each. I want 5 but 9 would cover it all..... It all depends on what they have. they dont' keep it in stock but sometimes they have extra. That is what she is checking on.........to see if they have extra..

Kitty grass, kitty grass, kitty grass.......

The lady is checking to see if they have any extras.
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I love to kiss kitty noses too, Jenn.
I can do it to Gracie and Elliott...Lizzie always let me kiss her nose too.
Annabelle, she's a different story, I won't even attempt to kiss her nose...she's got a major case of "Tortitude" and she'd probably claw out my eyes
She can be the sweetest little thing one minute and "Catzilla" the next.

I just love that picture of Jimmy, what a handsome little guy he is.

I hope you get the grass runners, that'll make the furbabies happy!
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The runners were sold out........ alas......

But this will be a good day that I can get a lot done outside... I am taking this weekend off. Comp days that I still get paid for. Boss told me she was fixing to pay the comp time off but I want the days off....... Now I feel lazy today. I can piddle and do what I want...... Cat patio here I come!

Also, I have not touched Jimbo again but...... he is displaying a different attitude. He is very calm and relaxed.. He just sits and stretches right by my leg.... He walks two feet away if I reach for him..... Just like Star.

We have made it to this point... Now it is time for the brush......
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Aww, that is such a wonderful update Jenn. And a gorgeous pic.
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Not a great pic but............. I am transplanting grass. Tired of waiting on seeds to grow.

Mostly rye but a little of some other kind thrown in.

Gotta go now........ Back to shoveling grass. This week, the whole 10 x 10 will be grass........ try to get a better pic later. When the seeds do sprout in the rich soil I am putting in there, it will be super thick........ like a grass pad.

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I'm charging my camera. I probably close to half of it done. It's looks wild........... I have some tall grass and they are jumping and hiding and playing and going nuts....... good lord!!
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Love that grass........... I'll try and finish it tomorrow........ I can't believe I waited so long to do this. They like the tall grass.... They have been hiding under it and pouncing each other...... It took Jimbo a while before he actually walked into it.... but now he likes it..... He's been eating it like the others.

The gravel is where their little kitty river is when it rains....... We have an underground lake under our front yard and during the wet days, it over flows and runs through the enclosure... We dug a trench not too long ago and I graveled it today..... They used to have a bridge across it. I might make them another one when I finish and get bored one day.

By the way, the first and the fourth are of Jimmy. The other tux is Felix..... Look at Jimmy's feet and you will tell the difference. They look so much alike.

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They look so happy playing in that grass, bless their little hearts.
I LOVE that last picture of Jimmy, he's a handsome little guy.
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Jimmy is beautiful and thank you gracie...... He was sitting on his patio in that picture...

Here's two more of Jimbo. He was ready to pounce and play after he got relaxed in his new grass....... See the hair standing up on his back??? He was serious.

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Jimmy, the Great White Hunter...or should I say, the Great BLACK & White hunter!
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Butterflies get in the enclosure and they bring them inside to us........

They are contributing to the food......They are mighty hunters.... Jimmy is probably an excellent hunter because he had to scrounge and hunt for food before he was captured. Yellow is also an excellent hunter as is Cow...

I need to read and see if sunflowers are poisonous. I have some I could transplant for a little yellow color to draw butterflies.. They really enjoy jumping after them.
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I love seeing pics of your cats Jenn, you are doing such a wonderful job to give them so much space and happiness.
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Well it was storming this morning when I woke up. I went and checked on the new cat grass hoping nothing washed away and it was all still there. They rye due to the heavy rain is flat but still there. The lighter colored grass is still standing tall. Not sure what kind it is but it is a hardy grass. It is harder to get plugs but I think I am going to try and get some more of it up today. It is what covers most of the ground here where I live. And most of the grass they ate yesterday was this type. They don't seem to like eating the rye very much.

When it quits raining I can get to work....

And Tigger, I'll be glad when they have more space than this. I feel extremely guilty that they only have a 20 x 10 section of outside land to enjoy.
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I think I might just transplant some of that catnip as well......... I got a bunch that I planted.... soggy ground is good for digging.
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Wow, Jenn. You've created quite a kitty paradise for your crew. I love seeing the pictures of Jimmy and the others enjoying themselves!
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I'll bet Jimmy is so very happy that he doesn't have to scrounge for his food any more.

When Elliott was a stray he loved to chase butterflies too, but his favorite thing was to chase lightening bugs when it got dark outside.
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Jimmy is very very very relaxed today. He has walked up to me several times. When I walk by him, he just sits there and doesn't even scoot away. He even walked between my legs to get past me to get in the kitchen today when I was in the hall......

The grass did it!!! He is rewarding me for making him a grassy area.
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That's all it took, Jenn.
If you'd have known that you'd have planted the grass a long time ago

Jimmy is saying "Thanks for the grass, Mommy!"
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Well, what an exciting day!!!

I touched Jimmy 4-6 times. On the back, on his face and basically bugged him. He finally swatted at me GENTLY with no claws. But I quit and respected his wishes. He even played with a feather for the first time with enthusium.....

Here's a couple photos.
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Oh Jenn, that's wonderful.
He's one lucky little boy.
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I can't wait till I can really handle him. I feel like after today it won't be long. He is stretched out behind my chair right now snoozing.

I want to groom him so bad. I want to brush him. I want to wash his face. I want to front line him. [Thank god we don't have fleas but there are ticks way out in the yard]...... but since it's summer I am compelled..... I want to give him his shot updates..... I keep the yard treated for ticks but one could always slip by.........

I am glad he is not exposed out there since he is confined to a particular area but I will feel better when he will let me handle him and do these things.

I just want to groom him so bad. I think he will enjoy being brushed. They all love it so much. Even my little wild star just collapses under the brush....

That's toe standing on the other side of my hand. He was sure he was missing out on some food.
Speaking of food, my little girl "Flower" has lost about 3-4 lbs.. She is holding her own at this time due to deligence on my part. She is wormed and as far as I know very healthy. But the other cats have decided they hate her. They pick on her and keep her from eating. Since she perfers to be outside, I didnt' notice that she wasn't eating and she lost weight before I realized what was happening.. She is frail right now but on the mend. So I am feeding her separate and special food to fatten her up. I am also keeping all the cats off the bed at night except her. We are making her special and making sure all the other cats know it. She is afraid to even come in the living room. Tulip is the main culprit. He attacks her when ever he sees her... It has drained her emotionally.. I have started keeping food by the cat door for her and water as well so she won't have to come very far in the house to get a bite if she wants something in between her special feedings. We made her a special space in our closet that is hid from the other cats and she stays there when she is in the house. When I call her to eat she runs and gets in her separate place and gobbles her food up. The others do not have access to her when she eats. She has gained about 1 lb already. I went and got her some hard kitten food maxim and some iams canned kitty food since it has approx 300 calories per 6 oz. I am keeping her kitten chow out while she eats and feeding her one 6 oz can a day. I bought her 17 cans while ago... and 5 lbs of hard food... They did this to Pebbles as well when we first got her... But we got them over it by doing exactly the same things we are doing for Flower. Pebbles and Flower are full sisters by the way.... Flower has a loving little personality and is a meek kitty. She doesnt' fight back. She just gets cowed down.

I can already tell a difference in how several cats are relating to her based on how I am sheltering her. Sleeping in the bed with us gives her a little pull with them...The one exception is Cleo. She has always slept with me. And she is accepting of Flower being on our bed. There are only a few that even attempt to get on the bed with us. Cleo is in charge of that. I am telling Tulip NO when he tries to get her. IF someone jumps on the bed, I make them get down if Cleo doesn't and little Flower lays quiet and still with her little body pushed tight against me. I put my hand over her body and she lays quietly and knows I will protect her. She is terrified they are going to attack her.... I feel so guilty I did not notice this until she got skinny. I work and cant' watch them all the time.... This just slipped by me.... but she is doing better now.

I have never had this problem. She used to get along with all of them. But with Tulip being born and at an age where he is starting to grow up, he feels tough and is sowing his oats or something. So it appears he is taking the lead in this and the others are following or going along with it...

urmph.........that will stop....... He is already getting a little better but Flower is still afraid of him. We have a ways to go yet.

And also if anyone is interested, here is a link that lists calories for different kinds of cat foods.

This page tells how to calculate the content of other cat foods.....
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