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l'm off tomorrow and plan on doing that, or trying to do that, several times.......

It might be the key to another breakthrough. Right now Jimmy is comfortable in the house with us, in the room with us and so forth. I want him to know there is more......

That poor little guy must have been through heck in his life to cause him to have so much baggage.......
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Wonderful update Jen
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jimmy is actually coming up to the enclosures sides when he sees me. He is sniffing my hand with no problem at all...

The other cats bother him if they get too close to him while he does this so he hisses at them and then walks right up to my hand. Eventually he doesn't like group hugs..........

This morning after "his sniffing", he walked over to one of the boards in there and rubbed his head all over it. He feels affectionate I do believe....... He is just slowing coming to believe it.

Something else is the look in his eyes when he does this. He looks interested. Not afraid. He feels safe with the fence there. This morning he actually appeared to be waiting for me so he could sniff my hand.... It might become his morning routine.... That would be great!!
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I'm real glad to hear about Jimmy's progress. I always enjoy seeing pics of him, (and of course all the others too ).

My Sylvester, (Jimmy's look-a-like) managed to escape so I just figured I'd try again next winter. I did however nab him a few days back to do flea meds and kept him in overnight. Then when everyone went out the next morning I coaxed him upstairs to go out with the rest.

It took a lot of coaxing as he crouched on the basement steps, but he finally did make a dash for it and run up the walk like someone was shooting at him. He always becomes flighty over the house.

Gladly I can say that his distrust didn't last long and he is already allowing himself to get fairly close to me when I set his nighttime food on the truck. I just have to wonder if he and I will live enough years for him ever to truly accept me as a non-threat.

I have a feeling your Jimmy will willingly be in your arms before Sylvester is with me.

You keep those updates coming. I, (among many I'm sure), look forward to them.
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He's almost there, Jenn!
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I'm new here and didn't read your whole story but I'll chime in with don't give up on him...he'll come around. I've been working with a female feral cat for 4 long years and 4 weeks ago she was VERY pregnant (which slowed her down I guess) and she was close to me (she'd get close but wouldn't let me touch her) let me give her "itchies". She had the kittens that night so maybe that's why she was so happy for me to give her attention...lol

Even since then she comes to the comes to the door and wants me to give her attention. She also lets me hold her new baby and the kitten loves human attention. I have tamed 3 other kittens of hers from previous litters but I'm most proud of the fact that she came around. Now she can be taken to a vet and be spayed!! No more babies for her. Oh and she's also letting my husband pet her too. That was a big suprise.

Yes it took a long time but it was well worth it.
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I've had Jimmy since April 19th of last year, so approx 14 months.....

And Tru's kitty sylvester sounds like Star. She would come and go if I let her. Her advanage when I let her outside was the fact "she followed the pack" and would come in wiht them. But Jimmy displays more interest in me than she does. Oh, I can come up behind her slowly with the brush and she will allow me to brush her and then when she is tired of it she quits.

Jimmy ......hahaha.......on the other hand is watching for me now when he is in the enclosure. He manuevours through the other cats to get to me and smell my hand.... Today or yesterday, I don't remember which but JJ an him were standing side by side with me petting JJ through the fence. Jimmy smells me "as usual"........hehe.... Then he rubbed himself on JJ simulating a petting. He was so close to me.

He wants to be petted and I can't wait. I am going to just keep doing what I am doing so I don't spook him.

Because I have frontlined them all.......... except Turtle, Star and Jimmy...

Star smelled it so she has not came in from the enclosure since this morning. It is now 2am..... I am going to get it ready and tomorrow [i am off work], I am going to brush her and do it at the same time. She never watches me brush her. She keeps the back of her head to me. She doesn't like eye contact.

And speaking of eye contact, Jimmy looks me straight in the eyes and walks toward me. I keep my eye contact with him even though everyone says not to. I have avoided his eyes for so long that it feels really special to have him communicate with me. He does that slow blink thing when he looks at me. I just keep talking quietly to him and he walks straight up to me....

He is getting so brave..... through the 2 x 4 wire.. hehe But that is a good start. It give him a chance to be close and feel safe. We will work on not using the fence. I might could actully make a tiny fence a foot high and put between us in the house and see if that would make him feel better. I think tomorrow I will reward him with food on my finger .

It has taken at least three hrs to frontline plus 3 dogs and 21 cats....... I had to use a list and make their name off. I have a huge shot/incident/frontline dated file I keep on them all so I never have to wonder about anything concerning any cat. Turtle is a piece of cake to frontline but she has not come in yet. Star is purposely hiding from me. And it's weird, because I made a point of not letting her see me do the frontline.

I am going to wait on Jimmy's frontline until I can touch him. I suspect I can do him within a couple weeks... through the fence. He has made MAJOR progess getting close to me through the fence. When I go out now with my morning coffee he walks to the side and waits for me to approach him with my hand... hahahahaha.....

He is just amazing...... I never thought the fence would help me and Jimmy.

And you know, I have only seen a few ticks this year so far. But as far as fleas, we haven't seen a single flea.... I don't think fleas are going to be a problem here.
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Aww, I am so glad Jimmy is doing well Jenn, it is lovely to hear such good updates - and good luck with the Frontline!!
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That's wonderful news, Jenn.
It won't be long now and you'll be posting pictures of Jimmy sitting on your lap.
You're doing such a great job with him.
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Handsome boy!!! What a great person you are for letting this kitty into your home.
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God, I am so sneaky!!!!!

I usually put a little food down at night but last night I did not so this morning when I got up at 5, all the cats were waiting. Star was meowing at me in her high little voice. So after I had the food down, I started going down the line brushing. When I got to star she wasn't spooked because she likes it and saw me doing it to all the others.

But............ I had her frontline ready and on the shelves above the cat bowls before I put the food down. I hid it from her. It was on her before she knew what happened.......... hehehe I brushed some of her hair back and with the other hand .......wham....... done..... I rubbed it in good by hand. She looked up at me confused like "how did that happen"?????

Now Jimmy is the only one who needs it.....
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Oh Jenn, she's adorable.
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She is a mess........ They all get along so I can get back to my cat stuff.....

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update on cat enclosure..........

We are building it out of sucker rod........ I found a man who will sell me 25 foot pieces 5/8" thick for 6.95 each.......... cool ............. that's a bargain.

Juan is going to screw two 25' pieces together and bend them in an arch and put each end through the rock.

So their enclosure will be arched......... We are going to use coupling to screw the frame together and then tie the fence to it.

We will be getting that done and in the ground probably this week and next week.... then only the fencing is left.....

He says that will be easier
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I've missed so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn - all I have to say is that you're doing such a fabulous job! Of course I love the Jimmy updates the best - can't help it. He's walking toward you, sniffing your hand, then rubbing on something nearby. We can almost count down the hours now until you get that headbump!

But Star being brushed - and frontlined? You GO girl!

And the enclosure sounds so cool. You two are amazing!

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We're not that amazing Still not finished with anything. We are out of money....... hehe...

So things are on hold for a bit. I have applied for a new job that has a substantial pay raise of about 5.00 an hr more than I make now .....And it's doing the same thing I do now. Just in a bigger city. Got fingers crossed on that... I have already passed all their testing requirements. Have a 'first interview' next thursday.... I am quite nervous... It's in springfield missouri and only about 10 minutes further than I travel now. If I get it, I'll just be going north instead of south to work.

Then we can finish all that we have started...... If I get this job, that will be amazing.... They test 4 groups in two days to weed out the applicants. In my group, I was the only one who passed. That's why I have the interview. This interview will be the 2nd hurdle.

Juan went with me to my testing which took about 3 hrs. He said he saw "mad people" coming out... But of course he had no idea why. I took a cig break and told him everyone was gone but me and the tester..... It was quite stressful to be the only one left.... But exciting at the same time. These were city people and I am just a country bumpkin and I passed their damn hard test....... I got 86 percent. If I had of went back and rechecked my work might have gotten higher but I just forged ahead and did it. She told me my percentile was way about average and I am thrilled with that. But it doesn't really mean anything. To pass is only to pass... Nothing more is necessary.

This interview is a behavioral interview. Never had one of those and I have been reading about it and am freaking out. I have never done anything. My days off this week or Tues and Wednesday so I am going to spend those days thinking about possible questions and answers.

oooooooooooooooooooooo dear me........ My nerves are shot.....

IF I pass this interview, I have to observe the work area for 4 hrs. Then I have to have a second interview AFTER my background check which I might fail. 15 yrs ago I was arrested but was not conviced of anything. But they still might hold that against me......

The first creek is crossed but I still have an entire lake ahead of me......

I want this job so bad. It will bring us out of the poverty level of living.
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Good luck with the job interview, you deserve it.
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I'll be keeping everything crossed that you get the new job, Jenn.
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Good luck with the job, Jenn. Sending lots of vibes that it works out!
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............and thursday is my big day!!! I am nervous. I bought a new outfit to wear and I already have my shoes polished.
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Wonderful pic Jenn, and good luck for Thurs.
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What a cute picture.
I'll keep toes and fingers crossed for you on Thursday.
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I have been working so hard the last week.

FINALLY........... I have gotten all the darn hay out of the cat enclosure. Hay is a mistake we will not make again....

It molds, it mildews and when you clean things, you might as well be cleaning a horse stall......

So......... while I wait till we can afford the wire on our expansion, I am been working on the 10 x 20 section that we have now.

Since the hay is gone I am dividing it into two sections. Each 10 x 10.

One section is going to be a rock patio and the other is going to be grass.

Today I put sprigs of grass down and planted tons of seeds so thick grass will grow. The cats love the sprigs. They have been eating grass all day. I also started the patio portion which is hard work. I am putting big rocks down and putting large gravel in between them. When I finish, I will put quikcrete down to make a rough rock floor. It will be cool when it is done. And this winter, they get cedar in their houses. No more hay ever!!!

Here's a few pics.

Oh, by the way............ Jimmy got so excited by the grass and he spent an hr eating it.

It will grow fast. Everything grows fast around here. I rained hard right after I seeded it... I over seeded so it will be real thick..... In a couple weeks, I bet it is an inch tall.

Here a few pics...

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Aww, they sure look like they're having a good time in there.

Did you hear anything about the job you interviewed for?
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Not yet............ Since I first started trying to get on there, it's been two months. It's a long process to get hired working for the city in the 911 center. I think the hearing test is next and no telling when that will be. It all depends on the doctore they have and the appointment schedule. They told me it might be weeks........ But it's already been 8 weeks already. I am just going to keep on doing what I do now and if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't I still have a job...... But I sure hope I get it.

They take applications all the time, and they also told me that they have to have a trainer open who can train whoever they hire. They trainer trains you for one year... They are your shadow, so.......... who knows how long it will take. It is definately worth waiting for. If someone was unemployed and tried to get on there, they would have to find another job to survive. Thank god I am already employed. hehe

And here is kitty korner........... It keeps growing....

They stay in this area a lot. They love it........ Felix has finally discovered the joys of rolling the ball in the ball thing that they have. He rolls it for hrs. He discovered it last week... I have their cubes outside. They were in the enclosure and it rained on them which didn't hurt them but since I had the hay up, they got muddy so I need to wash them... They will do good in the grass...... When we eventually build another bedroom, we are giving the kitties our room and we plan on making it into a play room for them..... so we can claim our house back.......haha

Here is a closeup of what I am doing with the patio portion. I have never done this before. I sure hope it works......... This is Snoopy checking it out...... He likes new things all the time. The grass is going to grow right up the the rock. The rock part is covered for the winter. We tarped it last winter so they could go outside and not be in the ice and snow. I am just not sure what I can put down to keep them warm out there if I dont' use hay.... I might have to use hay in the wintertime and then take it up when the spring comes.... They love being outside.. Does anyone know of a hay substitute? I can put cedar in the houses but the rock will be cold....

Darn............. But actually most stayed in the warm house in the winter. They went out but they sure came in too... Nobody stayed out for long periods of time. So this might not be a problem at all....... I guess I could make them a big big covered hay bin this winter so they hay won't be on the ground.... I dont' really want it on the ground. It's just too hard to keep clean.
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Our new ball.......

They just don't know what to make of it yet. They love watching it spin.....

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Wonderful pics Jenn, they all look so happy!!
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I'll keep sending good thoughts and Prayers your way so you get the job, Jenn.

I love the "Kitty Corner" Gracie, Annabelle and Elliott want to know if they can come for a play date
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Thanks gracie........... I need all the prayers I can get these days.......
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