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Well, I can post pics. that's something I do alot of........

In fact, we are finally ready to frame.......... We have approx 10 trees cut and ready......

Pretty boy, this one is my future enclosure...... We are going to be framing it soon. It is too big to fit in one entire picture. We already have a small enclosure of 10 x 20 that is currently done but much too small for 24 cats. So we are adding a play room of approx 44 x 31 to the existing enclosure. Most of the recent pics are of that area I have been working on...... It used to be woods. I have been working on it for a couple months at least. But this pic shows the kitty path in between the gravel area and their rose moss. The fence goes right on the other side of the moss. The large rocked area has lavender growing in it and the small circle has cat nip. And our picnic table is going to be sitting in the middle of that grave circle..... I think that is also where I am putting some kitty shelters for the cats.....

This is the back side. It goes out 30' from this point.

The is from the top. You can see kitty hill from here..... See the new grass growing on kitty hill. The lavender bed is right next to kitty hill.....

Here is a picture of the enclosure we currently have finished..... This is right after we framed it. The new portion will be framed the same way........ from our own cedar trees...... We are also taking down the chicken wire from the front side of it and replacing it with welded wire like the rest. It is more secure from predators.

After we get the new portion finished, we plan on rocking the bottome of this one and completely weatherproofing it..... For rain, ice, sleet and snow.

We live in SW missouri in an extremely remote area....... smack dab in the middle of the ozarks..... The closest walmart is nearly 20 miles away.... But we love it here. We will be here forever....

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Here a couple more pics of closeups.......

When everything starts growing really well, it's goign to be so great........ It's not professional, but my babies won't care. They are going to love it as much as I do.........

It feels so good to get it all done....... I'm not sure if this was harder than framing or not....... It's a toss up.....

Picnic time.......

Here's a good one of the path...

And one pile of trees.....

rah rah Juan....... go hubby go.......
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Ok, remember me trying to identify this plant.........

Does this look like the same plant?

The insert grows 3" tall just like mine. I drew a line showing two similiar leaves.


Need a couple opinions on this. Need to ascertain for sure if this is non poisonous..... It is in the enclosure. Of course mine is walked on daily and is in my path for the wheelbarrow. We walk it constantly... So it is a little beat up looking. but extremely hardy.....

daves garden says they are poisonous.....

This site says they are non toxic..


guess to be safe I better pull it up.......... If I don't, it will worry me constantly.
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It sort of looks like it might be, but it's kind of hard to tell.
I took my contacts out all ready so I'm not seeing so good...is that a purple flower on the picture in the insert?...or is it just a different colored leaf?
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wow your enclosure is soooo cool !!

my kittys would lllloooovvveee that !!

is it attached to the house door or window ? and do they ever try to dig
under it to get out ?

love the new spots for the new additional enclosures ....your kittys are
going to love those !

thanks for the pictures ! i love seeing things that people have built for
their cats !
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That is a little purple flower Gracie.......... I don't recall ever seeing ours bloom. I guarantee you I will keep an eye on it now.....

And ya........ the enclosure is attached to the house. They have a kitty door and come and go as they choose. We in one in the wall. They have never tried to dig out. When they enter the kitty door, they are in our bedroom. Mine is one of the cheapest versions of a cat enclosure that you could get but it's a lot of work. No fence post cost since we cut the trees. The only thing we have to buy is wire and concrete to cement the trees in the ground. Juan notches the wood posts and wires it together. There might be a few nails here and there too..... It's a lot of work building an enclosure no matter how you do it.

If we win the lottery, Juan says we are building one out of sucker rod that is an acre big with chain link...... hehe...... I love the way he dreams!!!

I am working days today so when I get home at 5ish or so I am finishing my post holes. I still have about 7 to dig I think and the ground is soft right now...... I am going to try and use a shovel and see it that goes quicker. I am so anxious to get it done... This new portion is going to be 6 feet at the sides and 8 feet in the middle. He is using huge trees for the center supports.. These are also the ones we are putting little concrete forms around for sturdiness.

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I saved the picture of that plant to my computer and sent it to my MIL
She said it looks like "Creeping Charile" ( it's a kind of ground Ivy )and if that's what it is then it is toxic to cats.
She said it spreads like wildfire.
She's not a expert, but just thought I'd pass on the info.
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It is definately coming up........... No question there.

The risk is too great.......... I will try and find something to kill the roots after I remove it. Might not have grass there for a bit but that's better than the possibility of having a poison plant for goodness sake.....
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3 dug.......

4 to go

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Go Jenn Go Jenn Go JennGo Jenn

Jenn, what are those little critters?
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6" lizards having sex.............


[The kind my cats love to catch and eat]
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Well she seems very uninterested in the whole thing, doens't she

I guess since the picture is close up I thought they looked to be bigger than lizards.
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she kept trying to run away from him and he hung on.......... It was very interesting. I following them around the yard snapping photos......

They look like little dinosaurs........ The detail [for once] is great....... Can you uimagine if they were the size of dogs or station wagons....
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I can just see you running around the yard after them taking pictures.

If I turn "Animal Planet" on someday and see a film called "The breding habits of Lizards"...I'll new you made it

They do look preshistoric...any bigger and they would be kind of scary.
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You pictured me right Grace........... I am a lizard chaser. hehehe

Had to take an enclosure break and mow today... We have a rock ledge in the front of the yard..... Killed one rattlesnake today while I was mowing that was living there evidently.

OUt there in the woods, they don't bother me, but in my yard.......... I have to kill them. At least the poisonous ones. I don't want me or my grandchildren to get bit. Or the animals.

The king snakes, rat snakes and the constrictors, I will take to the woods somewhere but not the poisonous ones. Not if they are in my yard. I buried the head so nothing would eat it. I threw the body out for critters to eat.
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Thursday I am going to buy the wire........

It's on sale in Aurora, Missouri.....

50.00 for 100'........ for the welded wire.... 2" x 4" squares. 600-700 feet total.

I am going to check and see if they have 2' tall 1/4" square as well for the bottom.........

I need to measure and see how much I need before I go.....

This is progress......... ye haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG, Rat Snakes.
When I was a Junior in High School my homeroom teacher taught Bioliogy and he had all kinds of critters in our room
Two of them were Rat Snakes...we named them Clem and Jake...we used to take them out and play with them all during homeroom
They were friendly little guys.

There was a turtle named Molly and we would take her out and let her walk around the room, that is until one day Molly decided to poop on the floor and nobody wanted to clean it up ...so Molly had to stay in her aquarium after that.
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I like ratsnakes.......... They eat copperheads in their natural environment....... Clem and Jake had it made......... hehe

But I can't help but laugh at poor little poopy molly....... Poor little turtle girl..................hahaha

Sounds like you had a great time in school........... that's good.
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At the end of the year our teacher told us that if we could prove to him that we'd give all the critters a good home that he'd let us take them for the summer....he always took them all home with him over the summer break.

I asked my Mom if I could bring Clem and Jake home, she was afraid of snakes so she wouldn't let me
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That's a funny story,....... your teacher in biology sounds like he was a great teacher of kids.......
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He really is a nice guy.
To this day when I see him on the street he always stops and speaks to me.
The strange part is he remembers everyones name.
He must have had thousands of students over the years, but he never forgets a name.
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well, well, well............

We are exhausted..... Didn't go buy wire today..... Juan said we still have a way to go before we need it.... We are clearing land to get to the trees to use for the enclosure. Can't put wire up without posts. As a result, the dogs new area is shaping up......... I bought frontline plus today for 24 cats and 3 dogs...... I get it from petshed which is pretty reasonably priced. Takes it about a week to get here. Tick season is here and I can't let them run with us in the woods until they are treated. So they were sad today.

This is how they spent their day as they "watched us work"

Emma was a little more alert than Muffin..... Muffin was crashed in the sun.

My husband was clearing land when I woke up. Yesterday we went to walmart seperatly. We ended up both surprising the other with lopers... The old pair I broke working in the enclosure. So we needed new ones. His cost 12.00 and mine cost 30.00. He tried to get me to return mine. so this morning when I went outside, he had been using mine and said they were the best pair he had ever used. [I knew he would like them]... The lifetime warrantly sold him on them.

But this had been our day.... very very productive day....

Here is hubby at 10am with a corona.... All the land around him, he lopped... It was solid woods.... This is part fo the dog yard expansion.

This shows how thick the woods were..... He did a heck of a job and he burnt everything he cut. There are no leftover.

While he did that, I forged a path to the creek.

And then I cleared one side of the creek which mainly consisted of weed eating waist high grass and dodging ticks. Have not done anything down here since last year because we have been so busy on other projects.. But anyway, I had on shorts foolishly and I have blood spots all over my legs. But the results are very nice. We love it!!! I can't wait till I get off work tomorrow to do some more. This is going to be my dreaming spot.... Because I love meditation every single day. I started on the area above this but ran out of weed string so tomorrow after work I will get some more and some tick crystals to throw on the finished ground so we can actually go out here and sit sometimes. It's hard work but the results make the effort very very worthwhile.

These are the rocks [in an earlier pic] that were uncovered by the bush. They will be in the dogs yard..... I will toss some grass seeds around the ground here so grass will grow between them for them to lay on.

Juan also uncovered this den "of something" ... we just left it be. It was about a foot in diameter. Not sure how deep it goes back. but it is a heck of den for something.

It was a day well spent... Lots of things were accomplished and it feels so good........

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I'd be right there along side Muffin!

You guys sure got a lot done yesterday, it looks great.

That first picture of the den is scary, it kind of looks like to great big huge eyes looking out at you.
I wonder what spent the winter in there
Whatever it was I don't think I want to meet it on a dark night!
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JUan is hoping that is Sarge's home......... That is why we are leaving it alone. And we hate to distroy some critters little abode...... you know, they need their little home.

I doubt it is a snake den but it could have snakes in it right now. It has to be some small animal..... When the yard is actually done, I bet Muffin gets inside it and sleeps.......That's her favorite thing. Whatever lived there is probably long gone by now.

but Juan says, a possom or an armadillo or something........ After work today I plan on throwing a small rock or two inside and see if anything "rattles" or if something comes out. I just want to make sure no big copperhead or rattlesnake is in there.
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I have just caught up on weeks and weeks of news, adventures and gardening progress... wow! you guys are doing so great! Going to try and keep up more reguarly now because I was so behind and had to read so much that now I cant remember what I wanted to comment on
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Hi huggles........
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Relaxing with friends.......... I've been sitting in the kitchen floor talking to the cats while Jimmy sat a few feet away under the kitchen table. I held my hand out [empty] and he just looked at me. He wants to..... I do believe he actually wants to come to me now. But he still has somethign holding him back... Then a few minutes later I took this... He was playing with Pebbles and Tink.... He actually batted a ball. I have about 20 in the living room floor right now. I put the dogs out for cat time. [20 balls...........not 20 cats... [but there could be]
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Well, I was outside and Jimmy was sitting at the edge of the enclosure... I squated beside him with the fence in between us. He was withing stretching distance of me. I put my hand through the fence and he walked up to me and smelled my hand twice... I did not pet him.

the other cats behind him made noise and startled him and he jumped but he came back to me and smelled my hand again.....

I have tried that so many times and today he smelled my hand with no food in it. He had to take a step or two to get to me.... The fence gives him a feeling of safety I guess. And that's ok..... If I have to have him learn to be petted through the fence, so be it..... It won't always be that way.

Maybe next time he will let me touch him...... But he might take a few more "smellings" first.....
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He's making real progress, Jen.
I have a feeling it won't be long before Jimmy will let you pet him.
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More progress - that's great. It won't be long now!
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