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You're very welcome.
I just hope that it works as well for you as it worked for him.
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ok............... Here's Jimmy on his kitchen perch. From this vantage point, He can see everything in the kitchen and living room. Several cats like to lay on top of this cabinet. It is about two feet from the ceiling approx.

I was sitting at the computer when I took this. He can keep an eye on me and what I am doing from here. He is very interested in what the people in the household do. He keeps a close eye on us from up here.... Mostly Jimmy and Dovey lay up there and watch things.
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He has such a sweet face.

I was watching something on Animal Planet the other night and they were showing this couple who had built cat walks all over the inside of their house.
It was like a NASCAR track for kitties ...they were running around all over the house from this walkway.
I told Mason we should build one of those, he told me I was nuts...so I guess his anwser is no
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There's that handsome big guy! He sure does like being in the position to keep an eye on things. Thanks for the new pic, Jenn!
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I think Jimmy is a dominate cat....... He is not exactly a loner but he is picky over who shares his space. He definately has his favorites...

Some of the females I have pick on the others at times declaring dominance, but Jimmy never gets picked on.

I also got some "kissy grass" planted today. Have some more to transplant but I want to get it going so when they enclosure is finally enlarged they will have lots of grass... I planted in several areas.

I think they will really enjoy it. Juan says the grass should grow really well there and spread quickly as the soil is so rich.

I also took Toe and Cleo outside with me today while I was working. They stay right with me. They think they are dogs. When I came in they came in with me..... They rolled around in the new enclosure area. I think they know it's for them.
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Also did something different with the catnip.......... I plan on making two of these in the area. It is approx 3.5 to 4 feet in diameter.......

One is planted and hopefully will start growing. The rocks will contain it and they are rocks we have just laying around. Rocks are plentiful. If there was a market for large rocks, we would be rich!!!

Two of them I used used to be stacked on top of each other for an outside chair.. but the kitties can use them now.....

It is a slow process getting it all done............but I will get it done!!!
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I'm sure they do know it's for them.
They were probably rolling around thinking just how much fun they're going to have when it's all done.
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i think they know too.....

The ground right now is saturated from water and soft.
I am hoping it doesn't down pour as I am off tomorrow. I want to dig some more postholes and plant a little more grass. Soft ground is easier for this type of work.
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I broke down and bought some perennial rye grass........

It was on sale.... It's going on the wet saturated ground in about 5 minutes.
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I have been moving debris today......... Nearly got it done...

I uncovered this vine in the ground on the back of the enclosure ground today. I'm leaving it in the ground. Looks interesting.. But see the problems we will encounter when we put the fence here.... Juan says we can do it. He says he knows how.... The rocks, or at least one of the rocks is unmovable. Not sure how deep it is but it stays. I just thought of something. I can hang swing toys from the vine.... They'll like that.

This is the rest of the debris I still have to move. It is mostly rocks now as I have been working on it for a couple weeks. But there is also an old burn pile from the previous owner that I have also been working on. This pile used to be about 4' tall of pure trash...... There were rafters there, 4 huge tree stumps that I only finished pulling out today with the truck. It was bad.. That little dirt mound on the left side stays. It's going to be their hill.... I planted rye grass in the kitty hill today.... The wooded area on the top and top left of this pic will eventually be cleared. It is in a bad way but not real deep. If you look through the trees you can see our yard. We have lush grass up there. I want to get the grass to grow to the top end of the enclosure as well.... To cut back on snakes. That area is probably a snake den. I've been lucky so far and have not seen any in this area. But that area worries me. I lift my feet high and watch when I put my feet down.... We are putting tiny wire around the entire bottom of the enclosure. 1/4 inch wire. The other sides of the enclosure are the front yard which is clear. And then the back side I have cleared up to approx 20 feet so I can see the ground and so the woods will not be directly against the fence for the cats.. We have a slight cliff back there and eventually we are goign to blow leaves to the this area and burn them. But that's another project when we work on the dog part. What we have cleared beyond the enclosure will work. I am going to put mothballs all around the enclosure as well. And possibly fresh burnt ashes. All animals are afraid of fire.

This is what is left of the actual trash/burn pile... It has dirt on it... I have to sift it and get all the metal and glass out of it.. I have found whole light bulbs, long metal strips, shingles, rusty metal cans, nails, wire and all sorts of things that are harmful.... It has to be done.. I can't not do it since the cats are going to use this ground.

I can't hardly wait to see them out there playing..... It is going to be so exciting!!! I am getting more and more excited as I see the ground shaping up....... All of this area has good drainage too... Has a slight slope with a few level places... And it also has gravel from the drilling from the well. It was essentially liquid rock and this was where it drained. That is the white area on the ground. I plan on rocking the sides of this for a makeshift sidewalk area. I am goign to put a few shelters on this portion for them along with our picnic table.

It won't be long before we can start framing it in....... I have been working as hard and fast as I physically can... Juan is walking around whistling as he watches me working covered in filth and muck.... I have never been happier......

And you know, all the cats have been country cats before except Jimmy...... They have all ran loose and had grass..... But Jimmy was a city cat in a bad neighborhood. He is going to be in shock...... The enclosure we have now does not have grass... And it's small. This is going to be a whole new world to him.... I will enjoy so much taking his pictures in this enclosure as he explores the ground and smells new smells.. I went to Springfield this morning to buy 60 lbs of cat food and got him a long toy with a purple feather on it. I am going to try to entice him to play later..... maybe I can get a pic of doing it..... Elly told me he likes them.. I haven't played with the cats much lately as I have been working but I just had to get this.... I've been loving on them but haven't played. There is a difference.

I am at a loss as to what type of shelter to build them. I am seriously considering building them a couple of natural cedar shelters..... The type that deer hunters use in the woods... But only low to the ground but built up slightly for drainage.... Low for body heat. I'm not worried about them freezing in the winter because every single one of them comes inside when it's cold..... or when they get cold.. They like sitting and watching the rain however.

Here is a better view of the woods I want to cut down... I want to be able to mow on all sides of the enclosure....... without fear of getting bit by something.

And here is their big cedar tree. My little spruce looks so tiny in comparison..... It's just a little baby tree. We are going to reinforce the top of the enclosure under this tree so if a branch falls, it won't crash through.
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metal is gone......

rocks to be gone by nightfall......... if I don't fall over.

JJ..........needs a soft flower pillow.. He has lost a little but it is slow.
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Well, it coming along........

The fence will go just beyond the kitty hill.... You can see my plan for the walkway down the center. I have to follow the flow of the land.

I already have lavender and alyssum planted in this spot. Right next to the catnip...... Have a small pile left and then we start chopping trees so we can frame it in.

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You are working so hard on their yard, Jen.
They'll love it...it'll be like "Kitty Disneyland".
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Rolling these 200 lb rocks is a job indeed........ but it's so worth it when I see how it looks... It looks better than the pics. I have no idea how long it takes the flowers to come up but the lavender probably won't bloom this year but next year it will... The cat nip is starting to come up just a little. I can see the little sprouts. Kitty hill is lined with large rocks now too. I have smoothed out their sidewalk and fixed the area for Juan and my coffee drinking table .. We love sitting outside in the mornings.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would become obsessed with a cat yard at 49....

I also just bought my first 6 pack of corona while ago...... I hear it's good when you work in the heat..... I had one last month with some pizza and it was delicious. I bought a coke as a standby drink in case I don't like it...

I have never been a beer drinker..... but here goes.... Have to celebrate sometime and right now it feels good to sit outside and look at the difference today has made.

Kitty disneyland......... that's a good name..... and it fits everything I have in mind for them!
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I can't wait to see pictures when it's all done and the kittys are outside playing in their own private Disneyland.

I'm not a beer drinker either...Mason on the other hand is a beer expert
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I can't wait either....... That is what is driving me to keep working so hard... They sit in their enclosure and watch everything I am doing...... They might not actually know it's all for them but they will soon.

Here is kitty hill...........and part of their sidewalk finished... I'll be glad when everything starts growing good. I've already showered and quit for the day and have had one corona..... I think that's my limit. Fixing to eat a bologna sandwich.

But here is kitty hill. ONe day soon, the rye grass will sprout and hopefully grow really well. The grass I transplanted is growing fast. But so far, no grass seeds have sprouted. I am watering them a couple times a day.

The little pile of rocks still there I plan on using to put around the bottom of the fence .... I have many more if that's not enough. And that's also the future area of my and Juan's picnic table for morning coffee...... Behind the gravel area is going to be more catnip.. and grass.

One more thing........ of beer..... Juan is a martini man.. He is shocked I bought beer. It's not that bad...... Me and Mason will drink the beer..... It's much light than the margaritas I usually drink... It was great after working outside.. And I suspect healthier than those salty drinks I love so much. I've had friends that were beer experts however...... haha
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Aww, I can just picture them all sitting there watching and wondering what in the world Mommy is doing.
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They do wonder...........

But this is the boy who is really going to love it....... I don't think he has experienced much nature........ He is going to have a blast... It's not a great pic. The color was messed up for some reason. Our floor is bright green. I can't wait to see Jimmy in the cat nip.... or sitting or kitty hill. Or playing in the lavender.

One thing I like about the rocks is it draws lizards. We have tons of lizards. The cats love them. It's like a little snack to them. I also want to catch and release some butterflies in the enclosure. They go nuts when one gets in it now. But with the flowers in there, I think the butterflies will have a good time too. The young cats chase them and jump in the air trying to catch them. Next year when we have good grass, I will probably buy some grasshoppers and put in there for them too.

When Cows first litter was tiny and in my house.........she knew they were ready to eat. I had to stop her several times from bringing live lizards in the house to feed them. She would hold their head but not kill them. She was trying to feed her babies. I made her turn them loose as I did not want live lizards in the house. She eats lizards all the time. She loves them. They all do.

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I made new plans........ It keeps changing......

Since most of this is already done..........except for the back area....... this is how it will look.... I like it..... I need to figure out what flowers to put in the rear........

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Wow, Jenn. I'm speechless looking at the diagram. Kitty Disneyland is right.
You're doing an awesome job!
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You are doing a great job Jenn, all your work is just beautiful

Have you heard anything about how Charlie is doing?
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I don't check on Charlie...... I can't help him so I don't want to know....

Now, off to sit outside and look at stuff....... mornings are dreamtime.....
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Does anyone know anything about rose moss? Is it poisonous to animals.....

I tried to find out online but might be calling it the wrong name. Not sure what the technical name for it is. I have tons of it...... I would put a little in their area if I could find out for sure that it won't harm them......... It grows rapid as a ground cover and makes pretty little beds..


This stuff here is already growing in a portion of the enclosure....... I have no idea what it is. It sits about 3-4" tall in places. Spreads rapidly.... came back from last yr where I dumped some old potting soil out of a planter that I thought was trash.. I don't know what it is or if it is poisonous and needs to be removed.

what is this? It is very very hardy. It is in an area that we walk across it every single day many times and it survives... I have two pretty good size patches of it.

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Jimmy is such a handsome Man!

I had to laugh when I read about them chasing butterflies.
Last summer...when Elliott was still stray we used to watch him running around in the yard chasing and jumping at the butterflies...he loved lightning bugs too...well any bug for that matter

Part of me feels bad for taking him away from all those things he used to love to do, but he has plenty of toys and the other cats to play with and at least I know that he's safe from cars.
If we lived out of town I'd love to build them an enclosure.

Jenn, those plans are amazing and so are you for putting all that time and effort into it.

The stuff that you said came out of the planter looks like the stuff my Mother-In-Law has on her porch in hanging baskets every year.
But, I can't remember it she told me it was English or Swedish Ivy... it looks sure looks like her baskets and I know she told me it was some kind of Ivy.
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I was thinking it had to be some sort of ivy......... I will do some more searching..... It is a hardy ivy that's for sure.

I've been out there working lightly but got rained out. I actually had a helper today......... Toe Man is struting his stuff checking out everything. I finally found out rosemoss is not poisonous so I made a little area of it around a tree. Toe promply got in it and sharpened his claws on the tree. He loves it!!

I know cigarette butts are poisonous but they are in my post hole. They will be concreted in the ground...

the little area in between will hopefully be grass..........
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There's that cute little Toe Man.
He's looking healthy and back to normal.
It sure is hard to believe that he was so sick earlier this year.
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had a visitor
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Maybe he's a building inspector and he's coming to check out the construction on Kitty Disneyland?
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Yes, it is wonderful that Toe is healthy again....... It would have been horrible if he hadn't made it. Felidae seems to agree with him... I keep dog food put up..... And toe begs for it. He loves dogfood.
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I'm glad the food agrees with him.

Poor little guy, it's so heart breaking when they beg for something and you know that it's bad for them and they just don't understand.

When Elliott was stray the neighbor gave him milk every single day and the little guy just loves it, but it gives him the runs.
Every single time the fridge door opens he thinks he's getting milk.
I do give him about a thimble full every now and then.
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