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I am so glad to hear that Jenn, but it doesn't surprise me. You are wonderful to animals, and I think that they know that.

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Cute pics, Jenn! I love seeing Jimmy and his princess! It's true Millie did have to net to deworm him, but he was a different cat then. Thanks to you and being in real home environment, he's learned to trust humans.
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Jenn, what incredible updates!

Soon enough you'll be saying "How do I get Jimmy off of my feet? I can't sleep, and he won't leave me alone!"

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Just look at his sweet face.
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Soon enough you'll be saying "How do I get Jimmy off of my feet? I can't sleep, and he won't leave me alone!
OH I can't wait!!!!! It will be so wonderul.................
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: It'll happen!

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It's starting to happen now......

I am at work posting this right now. While I was getting ready for work..

Yesterday I threw a bunch of old blankets and stuff in the bottom of our closet planning on moving them today. Well, I never got around to it so while I was getting ready for work, I noticed Festus laying on our bed which is very unusual. He has started coming in side only the last week or so. I petted him for a few minutes and then turned around and saw Jimmy snuggled down in the old quilts in the bottom of my closet. I told him hi and went and sat down on the floor two feet or so from him. Instantly he did that thing cats do with their eyes...blinking slowly and all that. So I did it back like Hissy had mentioned once. hehe.... I felt silly but Jimmy like it. We comunicated. At about that time, Hank, Pebbles and Honey all came running and crawled over over me and Jimmy. I kept petting the others while Jimmy watched from a very vey close distance. In fact, I petted Hank while he was laying 2 inches from Jimmy. My hands were mere inches from Jimmy and he just lay there with his little front feet all tucked under him. He was not in a flight mode at all. He was totally relaxed. I reached over Hank and petted Jimmy's head. He hissed. hehehe But, he did not move at all or shrink back from my hand.

Hank moved and so I moved closer to Jimmy. I sat with him diredtly in front of me. He was not cornered. He had mega room to run if he chose to. But he stayed there while I talked to him quietly. I placed my hand a three or so inches on the quilt in front of him. and left it there. He did not move. He just listened while I talked to him. If I moved my hand closer than three inches he would hiss. He did not strike out at me at all or untuck his feet. His body language remained relaxed. But he did hiss... And what a little hisser he is. I am going to put some gloves on tomorrow with clear plastic ones on top so they will look like my hands. And I am going to try and touch Jimmy. I might put a little soft food on my finger tip and see if he will take it off...

Jimmy is going to like me one day.....

Heck, I can't sit in front of Star like this. She will nibble off my hand but the only way I can sit that close to her is is I have soft food or the brush. I would love to brush Jimmy. I might try that. Star saw how the others loved brushing and leg me try it. She closes her eyes when I brush her. I hope Jimmy likes the brush.. I will know in the next couple days. I am fixing to put subtle pressure on him.

He is ready. If I can sit 1 foot from him without him reacting, I think he is ready. But isn't that odd about my hand? My hand three inches away is fine but two inches draws a hiss...........hehe He is guarding that last two inches from loving. His resolve is slowly melting.... Husband tried to pet him yesterday as well while he was inthe crate and he hissed at him too. But he was in a crate. The fact that he was loose and could have run but allowed me that close to him is just a wonderful feeling... The thing that impresses me most about Jimmy is that his little front feet remained tucked the whole time. But when he hissed, he opened his mouth wide and showed me his teeth. I have never seen him hiss before. But he did not run. He's my big guy and he is going to get some loving one day and enjoy it.

It felt so good to pet his little head..... He has soft fur. I only petted him for a moment. When he hissed I quit. I have always let him decide what our limits are and this will be no different.
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Wow, what a wonderful post Jenn, you really are doing wonders with him, and i am sure it wont be long now to break that final barrier.
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Awww, Jenn, I was so happy to read your latest update about Jimmy. Those kleenex you sent sure came in handy. This is just huge! That sweet boy has obviously come to trust you. I knew it would happen eventually, given time and patience. I'm so excited for you and Jimmy and can't wait to hear how things progress. I suspect I'lll be needing more kleenex.

Thanks, Jenn, for opening your heart and home to Jimmy and showing him how to trust.
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Elly, I also thank you for trusting me with Jimmy's care ... After all, you met a stranger from the internet world and trusted them with a companion that you loved. Jimmy will always have a home with Juan and I....... we will always take good care of him. I promise you that. I had a good feeling about you when I read your first post about Jimmy and how concerned you were that he was going to be put out on the street again. I also have never met anyone from online. You and Jimmy are my first and probably my last... But the care in how you described Jimmy and his ordeal won me over.......

But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me your trust! I know it had to have been very hard to do. There will be many more update as time passes. I suspect as years pass.... I will always be in touch with you somehow so you will always know how Jimmy is doing....

With love, Jenn
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Jenn, you are so patient and kind to all of your animals, I just know that Jimmy will come around, you are doing things the right way. Just keep doing what you are doing.

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Food is a great motivator! I suspect that at this point, food on a finger two inches away from him won't elicit a hiss.

...and we do the blinking thing with all our kitties. I really think they come to trust you sooner when you "look at them with your eyes closed." Now most of them blink slowly back!

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When I get off work at midnight tonight I don't go back till thursday night. So sometime during the next two days, I will try the food treat on the finger.

I have left the old quilts wadded in the bottom of my closet. Jimmy had taken to them and I hate to move them. They smell like us. He lays on them during the daytime. today when I saw him, I just talked to him but tomorrow, is snack finger day!! I'll either post snack news or a post a pic of my wound.....

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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
When I get off work at midnight tonight I don't go back till thursday night. So sometime during the next two days, I will try the food treat on the finger.

I have left the old quilts wadded in the bottom of my closet. Jimmy had taken to them and I hate to move them. They smell like us. He lays on them during the daytime. today when I saw him, I just talked to him but tomorrow, is snack finger day!! I'll either post snack news or a post a pic of my wound.....


I am hoping to see news of him eating, I do not want to see a picture of a wound.

And if Jimmy likes the old quilts, just leave them laying.
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I agree.
I'd much rather see pictures of him eating than a picture of a mangled finger
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If he is on the quilts when I get home I will try this. I'm going to wrap my arm in a thick towel... He looked pretty serious when he hissed. Hopefully he is all hiss and no bite... I think he is just trying to be a little dominate.

I'll leave the quilts there for a while . I might rearrange them a bit. Right now they are in the middle of the floor. I need to put them in a ball in a corner if Jimmy will let me... He is turning out to be the boss. He is quite a dominate male cat.. The girls boss him around however.

So later, if he is there tonight, either a mangled finger picture will ensue or a content cat eating from a finger. I will have to get the camera ready so I can take pics with one hand... Jimmy is used to flashing lights.

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I am hoping everything worked out for you Jenn. You are so good to all these animals.

Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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Thank you LSU... I love the animals. You know everyone needs a passion of some sort in their life. The cats are mine...

Today I am off work..... We'll see how it goes with jimmy...
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Good luck with the big guy, Jenn!
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ooooo - I'm dying to know what's happening! I am positive it's going to be that he licked the food off your finger. With what's been going on, it just HAS to be!

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Jimmy ... be a good boy for your Mommy.
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Just checking to see how it went with Jimmy.
I'm hoping he ate off of your finger and didn't just eat your finger!!!
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ok.............no pictures first of all.

I am still working on him regarding eating off my finger. It is hard to catch him on the quilts since all the outside males enjoy sleeping there. However, just now, I feed everyone and so most were occupied with food. Felix, Festus and Jimmy were in the bedroom. So I put dry food out in there. Felix and Festus quickly began eating.

Jimmy was across the room under a chair.. I had soft cat food in my pocket. I started to approach the chair and Jimmy jumped acroos the bed heading for the enclosure so I quickly dipped some out and tossed a piece that landed directly in front nof the cat door which stopped Jimmy dead in his tracks. He skidded to a stop so fast his feet were smoking.

Pebbles ran and ate it. Jimmy went back to the chair. I did not look at him and sat on the bed approx 3.5 feet from him. I dipped my finger back in the food here come Pebbles again. Jimmy watched her eat it. So I got some more and lay on the bed on my stomach and stretched my arm out to Jimmy. My fingertips were approx 6-8" from him. He could smell it. He sat there approx 15 seconds looking at my finger while I gently talked to him and held my head down and blinked my eyes. Jimmy walked toward my finger. I couldnt' believe it. My heart was pounding. He smelled my fingers and then back up. He did not eat the food but he knew it was his. I put th efood down on the "new carpet" [crap]....., and when Pebbles went toward it Jimmy swatted the hell out of her and she backed off and he ate it.

I have a couple hrs before I have to get ready for work so I am going to try some more. I don't know if at this point I can get a pic of this. I think it would spook him.

But he smelled my finger. It won't be long before he is eating out of my hand. Gotta go.... got to try again.... I never thought it would be so exciting for a cats nose to touch my finger....... oh boy..... I am thrilled beyond belief.

-p.s. one more thing. He was totally non agressive. He displayed mere interest. He knew it was food and he knew he wanted it... Canned kitty food is going to get him. I have always used it for treats.
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He is in the enclosure. I'lll have to wait a bit. He was just heading outside when I went back. I have my equipement ready now. Food is ready. And a little tray for floor...........hehe

This feels good.......
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ooooooo - so close! This is so much fun - and Jimmy swatted Pebbles - not you!

He's gonna go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You will win your boy over Jenn.
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Your're right...... I think he is going to go for it!!!!! He'll be back inside in a mintute.. I saw him poke his head in.... Poor Pebbles, but I am glad it was her and not me... She was not hurt..

All the others are milling around since they saw "soft food".........

since I am here, I'll tell ya what I think. I think Jimmy when he eventually gets humanized as far as Juan and I, ........ I think he will be dominate cat. I have never seen another cat swat at him or take anything from him. It took him a while to find his spot in my group of cats but I suspect he is going to be a top cat like JJ. I remember once when we had a feral tom on our porch that Jimmy and JJ were the ones at the door growling. I have pics of that posted in their thread somewhere. But Jimmy is very territorial. Yellow is also territorial. There is another yellow tom that lives somewhere out here and he was outside the enclosure the other day and I thought yellow was going to try and eat the fence trying to get at him to fight... He was a puff ball. Jimmy was right there with him.

Ok.........off to see what I can do with Jimmy again. I have about 30 more mintues to blow off. I need to leave early for work. We got snow yesterday and I am not 100 percent how good the roads are. I am giving myself plenty of time to get there..

I'll post on Jim before I go.....
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Good luck.
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He is not quite ready yet. But what I did today, I am going to do EVERYDAY so he will get used to it and of me being very very close to him. I will do it until he relaxes enough to let me feed him and pet him. I don't think it will take long.

He is in the closet right now. I laid down on the quilts with him with food plus Hank and Pebbles. They ate off my hand while Jimmy watched. I put food on my fingers and held it 3-4" in front of him. Closer than that, he growls but does not strike out.. So, I just continued laying a couple feet [1-2 feet] from him playing with the other cats and feeding them and talking to him. He was fine with that and he contines blinking real slow while I talk. He lays there and watches us... and he is learning by that.

Laying on the quilts that close to Jimmy is quite an accomplishment in itself. This boy comes from a long line of ferals and he is quite the little corker and I suspect if cornered he would fight. It would take very little to cause a setback and I dont' want to do that. It has taken nearly a year to get this close to him. When I lay there I make sure I am not blocking the door so he has easy access to get out if he feels the need. The closet is about 4x6 or 4x5. It is a good size closet so we have plenty of room.

I don't want to push him into feeling threatened so that he scratches me or tries to bite me. I want it to be easy and slow. I don't want him to have the memory of biting me or scratching me. I want him to only feel good where I am concerned. So I am just going to keep laying down close with him on a daily basis..... He will get used to me being that close.

I will keep the camera handy.. But darn, tomorrow I am going to make that closet more comfortable for me... It might be a cats haven but for a human it is rough. Thank god it is a big closet.

Now got to get ready for work.

Ill repeat this every day and post what happens. I feel it won't be long before he caves in and lets me pet him....

I have two months before I have re redo his shots. I want to be able to handle him by then.

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Heres a quick pic of Jimmy I just took. He is in "his chair" which is right beside our bed. He claims that chair......... He is so beautiful and I can't wait to love on him.

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