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Jenn, I had to smile when I read that part about Jimmy being fine unless you look at him. What a silly guy! That's a feral kitty for you, though.
Glad to hear he's settling in at the new place and enjoying the enclosure. Can't wait to see pics. Take care for now.
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Aww, bless him.
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We have had some weather in the 20's up here on a few nights. Jimmy does not like the cold. He always spends the night in the house...hehe

Felix and Festus curl up outside in their cat houses burrowed down in the hay. Jimmy however is just a house kitty who enjoys the great outdoors....[when it's warm......]
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Jimmy's a smart boy!
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He has good taste in kitty women too. I took a picture today of him snuggled up with Cleo in the cat tent. Can't wait to post it. He has dreamy eyes in it. He throughly enjoys being snuggled by a cute chick kitty!!!

I spent most of today preparing for the winter storm coming our way. We covered a 5' by 10' section of the enclosure to make it water proof and wind proof and sleet proof. We put extra stuff around the edges of the kitty tents and beds and I put cardboard with kitty doors cut in them on the bottom around the edges so NOTHING is open to the elements. 12 degress will be the temp on one night... It is going to be cold. I am buying more hay in the morning to really stock pile their enclosed winter area.. They all will come indoors except two cats. Festus and Felix. I might have to force them in the house so they won't freeze. However, I am making sure and taking extra procautions in case they won't come in. We have foam board around the sides of the enclosure and have it all wind proof as well.

There is nothing more I can do for these two cats if they refuse to come in...

The winter spell will be over by next week.

I took pictures of how I weather proofed them but just can't post them yet.

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We're back on line. Jimmy is doing great!!! He is in the house most days now. He has reached the point where he enjoys sitting in the living room with hubby and me nearly all the time. He still does not like being touched at all but he is very comfortable around us. He does not jump from our noise or anything now. Taming him is next.... [if this big boy allows it]

He actually takes naps in the same room with us now. I can sit approx 3' from him with no problem. Any close than that invades his personal space. There will be many updates in the days to come as he is progressing rapidly. He still enjoys having the enclosure but he prefers the house and the people which is great!!

Here is a quick picture of him.. Just a few days ago. He has star's old spot under the tv. He is just a snoozing.

He has come so far it is hard to believe he is the same cat. I still fully believe that one day he will sit in my lap..... OH, also.......he plays with the other cats now... He is fully adjusted to everything that we do. He is not afraid of us anymore....
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Hey, Jenn! I responded to your update in JJ's thread, but am obviously thrilled to here about Jimmy too. That big guy will always be special to me.

Glad to hear how well he's doing and that he's feeling so comfortable with you and hubby. He looks great in the pic, so cozy and as handsome as ever. He's made such incredible progess in the time he's been with you and I really believe that if anyone can convince him that human laps are a good thing it's you.

Looking forward to more updates and pics when you can. Welcome back!
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Hi elly,

I am so glad to be back. There will be many updates as time passes. Never fear.

And you know what? I am sooooooo glad we have that enclosure. I saw three mountain lions yesterday evening across the street. My kitties are safe thank god.

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I've brought in a lot of ferals over the years and learned this lesson from them: cats learn best from each other. If Jimmy becomes close to any of the other social cats in the house, use that to teach him that you are OK too. Lavish extra affection on his friend so that his friend spends more time snuggling with you. If he sees his friend snuggling with you, and he follows the lead of his friend, he will be in your lap in no time.

Your Jimmy looks like my Eight-ball. He was born feral and has lived with me for 10 years now. He is the first in my lap whenever I sit down.

And btw......his pictures since the beginning of this thread really show how he has relaxed. There was a look in his eyes early on that has disappeared in the later pics.

Good job!!!
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Aww, I am so glad that he is continuing to do well!!
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momofmany, that look in his eyes was absolute fear......hehe

I'm glad its gone too.......

and hey book tiger!!! glad to hear from ya!

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It took some searching but I found this thread Jenn.
Somehow I missed it before.
I think that I was busy with JJ.
I have some catching up to do.
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Jimmy has been as busy as JJ........... just in a different way.

The boys keep me busy......!
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Hey - whatever happened to that pic of Jimmy curled up with Cleo?

GREAT progress! He sounds so happy. And every time you post a pic I can't get over how much he and Tuxedo look alike! How can I NOT love him to bits, lol! ??????

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I have so many picture that I can't get to. My other computer crashed last month. I still have the harddrive but I can't access anything on it. The computer doesn't even recognize that a harddrive is installed on that computer. I am planning on putting the old harddrive as a secondary in this one and see what happens... I just have been so bush that I haven't done it yet.

This one is much newer.... We bought it when the old one crashed. It is my only hope to retreive all my lovely photos I took while off line. I have tons and tons........

I can't check it tomorrow because I am going to my sons in the am.....

As soon as I have time I will see if I can figure out a way.

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Oh Jenn, how awful! I'm familiar with the computer crashing problem, and it's a bear. (I'd rather use a different word!)

I didn't know I was opening such an awful can of worms when I asked that question. Don't stress and take your time! I'm really hoping you're able to recover everything you want to. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If anyone can figure out how to get at that info...
it's you Jenn.
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I'm hoping I can retreive the photos. It's all I care about. My daughters wedding pictures are on it.......... those pics are hard to lose.. Once in a lifetime pictures. I will figure out a way.
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I do love my new computer. It's a dell. It's a dell. I have a huge hard drive on it... 150gig......I'll never fill it up.......
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He is such a doll! Congratulations on winning so much of this sweet guys trust!
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Well, I have a true Jimmy update. For a while now, he has been coming inside and sleeping on the bed when noone else is in the bed.

Today, this morning, he was snoozing on the bed and I walked in the room. He stayed there which is nothing new. Then I sat on the bed and petted another cat..... And he stayed there but he did wake up and was alert and watching me.

I leaned over and lay down at the foot of the bed and he stayed there with wide eyes. I just kept petting the other cat. Jimmy stayed on the bed with us for approx 5 minutes before he got down..... Amazing.....

He is learning the beds and people at the same time are ok.......

Maybe eventually he will sleep on our feet.... That would be nice.

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Way to go Jimmy and Jenn!
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Awww....that is so sweet Jenn.
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Hey xo, that is not all........ I just sent Elly a msg telling her that I was trying to sleep just now [before work sleep] and Jimmy was on the bed and I did not realize it. I was under the covers petting Yellow and Flower. When I moved my feet is when he bolted down and went to he kitchen.

He had to have known I was in the bed because I was murmuring to the other two cats who were snugging.. There is no way he could not have known. I felt him jump up there but it never dawned on me that it was Jimmy...

It is a definate first....
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That's great news Jenn.
Looks like Jimmy is really coming around.
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That is great that he feels comfortable enough to sit on the bed while you are on it!
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Aww, that is wonderful news Jenn.
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The lat couple days I have been worming all the cats. Last night I got Jimmy crated and slipped him some soft canned cat food with his womr meds in it. He gobbled it down.

Oh, did i hear someone ask HOW I got Jimmy crated? He was in the house resting in a wire crate with a pad in it... I acted like I did not see him ans shut the door....
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
The lat couple days I have been worming all the cats. Last night I got Jimmy crated and slipped him some soft canned cat food with his womr meds in it. He gobbled it down.

Oh, did i hear someone ask HOW I got Jimmy crated? He was in the house resting in a wire crate with a pad in it... I acted like I did not see him ans shut the door....
You're so sneaky, Jenn. Whatever works!
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I know yall had neted him but I have no net and I don't think I could use it. This was very non trumatic for him. He just sat there interested. What was helarious was the other cats and Muffin reaching their little arms in to attempt to grab his worm med. They wanted more!!!

Here he is just hanging out with his worm food..... That is Princess Minny Pearl with him by the way. They still love each other...

Elly he is looking good and doing good!! I have also this week changed the kitty's diets. They are science diet kitty's now.........!! One of the cats is in the hospital and the vet is putting him on a special diet for stones/crystals and so I am changing all of them..

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