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This is fabolous news!

Way to go Jimmy and Jenn!
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I also picked Star up last night. She did not like it one bit because I tricked her. I scooped her up off the balcony. I did not have a good grip and she promply jumped down and glared at me. She still sits a foot from me and she is back to looking in the door. She wants in but is leery of frontline........ She did let me pet her today so she is not traumatized... She is just a hard headed little feral kitty wearing that halo.

Tonight one of the feral males in our area accidently got locked in the neighbors garage. I knew something was up because when I went out the back door Star was there. She NEVER sits back there. The only time was when Cow's kittens were under there. She looked worried and when I started talking to her, I heard the male start meowing. I called the neighbors and they told me the back door to the garage was open. So I went in and it took me about 30 mintues to get him out. I had to open the big door and feed the other cats outside the door. When he heard them eating, here he came... He is on my porch now. He is the one I call Festus... Star sat by the door the entire time until the male cat was safely outside the garage. Then she came back to her porch with me. I had my gown on doing this and it was hot as heck in that garage. He would have suffocated if he had stayed in there all night. I wet my porch several times a day to keep it cool for the ferals. It is slat boards that sit 10' off the ground so water drips through and cools it under also. They like to sit under there. It is open underneath and with the porch wet, they have a cool breeze.
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Thank you Satai...... I just love you!!
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
Thank you Satai...... I just love you!!
Thank you - that is so sweet, especially cause you are my hero.
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Check this out......... Jimmy is a big boy now!! And he is relaxed......... so cool so cool so cool.......

This is Jimmy's original thread that led to me adopting him if anyone want to read it. He is one special kitty and I am so grateful he is with me... Thank you Eileen! And thank Millie too... Jimmy is going to be ok.
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Yeah, in the second pic, he looks like he's hitting the 'nip pretty hard.

I have to head to bed

Catch you on the flip side.
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He is so sweet..........
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Have you seen the cat on the Friskies treats? Looks like Jimmy is doing some side work!

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He probably does a lot of side work that I don't know about. I got up last night and he scared me to death. I walked in the kitchen to get a drink and Jimmy was "drinking out the big water bowl"......and he dashed like heck past me. I startled him too. Evidently he likes having the run of the house when we are all asleep!!

But he is using the regular litter boxes now and drinking out of the regular cats water bowl and probably eating with them too at night and I am just not aware of it.

I still put him special food out however in case he feels like he is hungry and can't manage to make himself go to the food area. I keep him food/water under my dresser and also behind a piece of plywood that I put by the washer because he likes sitting there. That way he has two food areas that are private so he always has access to food/water... He is going through a hiding stage again right now. Not hiding exactly but not coming out around us is what I mean. Only at night does he roam when the dreaded humans are out of sight and snoring... He still lets me approach him "in the laundry area" but the last week he is preferring to stay there.

One thing different he did yesterday..... I was vaccuming the laundry area and Emma, the dog, was in there with me. So was Jimmy. When he decided to leave the room [he doesn't like the noise], he choose to "speed walk" past me rather than take the Emma route. He walked about 2 feet from me. Not running but not walking. It was a vacuum thing. Cleo was in there with him. She waited a couple more minutes before she dashed as well.

But that was the first time Jimmy chose to walk past me in order to avoid something else. I was the lesser of the two evils.. And that is cool. He used to prefer to dash on the side of the dogs to avoid me but not yesterday. He is used to me now but just doesn't fully trust me.

p.s. Wonder where he is hiding his Friskies money???? hehe He must have a kitty bank account somewhere.
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Got up their morning and Jimmy was sitting pretty as your please snoozing on the commode lid. I had to use the other restroom so as not to "disturb him"........

I have a large cat named JJ. Very big boned. I honestly believe Jimmy might be even larger or very close to the same size. I can't really tell because I can't examine him but Jimmy has a long long body and is also a tall cat. And I suspect Jimmy probably weighs in the neighborhood of 15-16 lbs right now just like JJ. He is not a 10-12 lb cat which is pretty normal. Jimmy has a big body.

Husband was saying this morning that he truely believes Jimmy is going to a sweet pet one day who enjoys his life with us. He is so unintrusive as an animal and he makes us laugh sometimes. He does nothing wrong. He causes no trouble. He just eats and poops and plays at night. He sleeps in our room and I suspect in about a year he will he sleeping on our feet at night.

Him, Yellow, JJ and the kittens are the only ones who are constantly in the house during the day. They are all pretty close. So having constant buddies help Jimmy too.

Watching him gain trust is like watching a baby go through their first year of life. There is so much to learn and he is soaking it up at a fast rate as he gains confidence in his surroundings..

Giving this adult cat his space is all I do to help him. Everything has to be on his terms and at his own pace or it will cause him to step backwards which I don't want. Many older ferals don't take to socialization and so I am not trying to socialize him except to our household.. I keep things the same so he always knows what to expect and that is itself is the one thing he can always count on. We don't have alot of company so he knows our voices and our step and he is used to that. He knows the tv and the vacuum sounds and our voices. He doesn't hear any cars or traffic. He hears hears the birds and outside sounds and I know he likes that because he likes sitting on window sills. I keep the cat food on a table in front of a window so he likes that too. He likes looking out the front door and will sit there with other cats. He is doing the best he can "in order to feel safe".

He is getting there. This might not sound like a lot of progress to many but with Jimmy being an adult feral, it is great! He has gone to complete exploration of the house and including sitting in the room with us from staying in hiding the first two months we had him.

It will take time but this is for the long haul and I look forward to the day where he sits in my lap. Or sits on one end of couch with me on the other. It will happen and when it happens is entirely up to Jimmy. I talk to him whenever I pass him.

He will sit behind the commode while I am in there. He will sit in the sink while I use the restroom. This is in close proximenty. He does not not run from the restroom. Why is beyond me.........hehe... No no......that's not what I mean now. The restroom I like is a very small room and I would think Jimmy would not like being in that room with a human since it might make him uncomfortable. I can brush my teeth and run water and he will sit 4 feet from me in the tub watching. He naps in the bathtub.

We also have a moving dolly in the laundry room. He like sleeping on the metal foot of it. He will let me approach him to within a foot squatting down and talk to him without him running.

I really want to reach out and pet him but I feel I need to wait a while longer so that he will enjoy it and not freak out. If it freaks him out, he will revert backwards, so I would rather wait...

And he absolutely loves special snacks put under my dresser. When he is under there, he gobbles them up. I plan these snacks so the other cats aren't aware of them so I absolutely know Jimmy ate them. He loves weinees but not cheese too much. He loves canned cat food too. And he loves raw steak cut in little bitty pieces. And bologna. Jimmy is definately a meat man. I have one cat who will eat fruit and salad including the lettuce.

Jimmy has the ball now. I am just waiting for him to throw it my direction.
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I always look forward to your posts about Jimmy's progress, Jenn. He's got such a special place in my heart and I know in yours too.

That's cute how he decided that between you and the vacum, you are the lesser of two evils. And, I love how you describe him as a "meat man."
What a character Jimmy is in his own special way!

You're doing a great job with him, Jenn!
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Thank you El..... And ya, Jimmy does have character.. And it's very nice he trust me more than the dreaded vacuum.......

He's been solitary for about a week now. He should be coming out again soon...
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
Thank you El..... And ya, Jimmy does have character.. And it's very nice he trust me more than the dreaded vacuum.......

He's been solitary for about a week now. He should be coming out again soon...
He's making great progress.

This is further than many ferals get, and I think he will go much, much further in time.
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Thank you Satai....... I think he will go all the way to being pampered and enjoy it.
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Jenn, sorry to borrow your thread - but if you've had experince with kitty birth, there is a weird problem on pregnancy forum -
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WEll, Jimmy let me reach toward him and pick his bowl up which was about 1" in front ofl his nose!! He did not run or dash off. He just sat there and waited for his filled food bowl.

Next time, I might reach that extra inch and pet the top of his head.

My adrenalin was pumping wondering if I was going to get scratched but Jimmy calmly sat there!!!!
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That's awesome, Jenn! Maybe next time you could hold out your hand to let Jimmy sniff it and see what he does. Then, if he seems okay with that, try gently scratching the top of his head without making a big deal out of it. Either way, this is huge progress in your relationship with the big guy!
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He had curiosity in his eyes. Not fear. It is so wonderful that he feels good about me and not scared........regarding food! hehe....... I hope one day to take a self picture holding him. We will get there.

I also moved his crate into the laundry room because I want him to keep using it and he prefers the laundry room. So he is staying in his crate again and I am glad.

When we move, it will make things much easier. I will just have to shut the door and he will suffer no trauma when we move.

I faced the door of it away from the rest of the house so he has a safe spot and put food and water in front of it like I used to in the closet for him. He jumped right in it. He never used his crate when it was in out bedroom. He preferred the dresser in there. So Jimmy is happy in his crate.
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Jenn, he's come so far! Don't be surprised if the move sets him back a bit. You know how it goes with these guys - it's either three steps forward and one step back, or one step forward and three steps back, lol!

You're doing great - and Jimmy's doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I suspect it will set him back a bit when we move but with gentleness on our part and with the same animals and people I expect he will do fine.

AND, I got Star in the house finally......... She has been outside since last month when she saw me frontline the others. The last few days I have made a point to feed the ferals when some of my own were outside. Which makes her feel braver and so she will come up with them and eat. I have been petting her for three day up and down her back and scratching above her tail. And she has enjoyed that. So I tricked her. A few mintues ago, when several cats were eating outside, I was petting her squatting on the other side of her bowl and then I just scooped her up, placed her against my body, opend the front door and walked inside before she knew what had happened. I have felt she has wanted in the last few days because she has been running to the door when I open it but not venturing inside.

So right now, she is sitting on the back of the couch grooming herself. It has been so hot and I have worried about her. All the other get breaks from the heat by coming inside but not Star......... She has endured the entire heat wave. The other come to the door with tongues wagging but she just lays there like she is cool as a cucumber.

I told my husband she is indoors and to not let any cats outside. He can't tell tink, Angie or dovey apart. And he can't tell Star and Turtle apart. Many times he has came in the house carrying Turtle but saying "Star is letting me hold her" and I would tell him.."No, that is little Turtle"......

I am so glad she is in. She is not going back outside till our kitty enclosure is finished!

What a relief.....

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I'm glad she's in - your husband is hilarious!
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He really is funny!! I ask him how in the world do you get them mixed up? Their voices sound different. To me, Tink look entirely different than Dovey and Angie. Tink is stocky. Dovey and Angie do look similiar but Dovey is smaller boned and meows all the time and they are just NOT THE SAMEW. And Turtle is much bigger than Star who by the way is still grooming herself. She seems very content in the house today. She might as well get used to it since it's for the long haul.

Here is Jimmy today.......resting is his crate. He has no idea he is getting ready for his big move...

The kittens have been in there with him today. I think he enjoys it but they eat his food so I have to keep refilling his bowls.

And here is Star Kitty Girl today... I think she's glad to be in...

Jimmy is doing great with our family and Star is inside. I can now relax........ whew......

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Here's one more of Jimmy with Hank eating his food. Jimmy is very relaxed with Hank with there. But the other two have been in there with him at the same time. Jimmy likes being crowded because he does not come out when they are in there.

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Glad Star's inside! Sounds like you're ready to go.....

I'm sure they'll be fine. New spaces to get used to but... Two of our cats hid under a chest for a week when we moved. Tuxedo was out the first hour - he thought we'd bought the new home just for him, lol! (And I still can't get over how much Jimmy looks like Tuxie - the expressions are just SO similar in almost every pic!)
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I KNOW.......... I was looking at Tuxedo in his condo again yesterday and there is an amazing resemblance.......

It's truely remarkable.....!!

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Moving can be a bit traumatic depending on the cat. When i was about to move, I took Lucky and Rambo over (no furniture in the house) to take a look around. Lucky freaked out and started throwing herself at the windows (head first). Rambo was fine, but started getting upset at Lucky's behaviour. I ended up taking them back to the apartment to calm down. They next day I brought over most of their stuff, put them in one room and left them in there for the next few days. Before long...you would have thought i was a visitor in their house (i think i am....)

I'll be keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for the move!
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I'll let you know how it goes Renny. I hope it goes without a hitch. When we moved to Missouri from Arkansas, my husband moved first and took two animals. When I moved up here, I moved the cats in groups in my large dog crate, some disposable crates and the regualar small crates. It took a two day period. This house we are working on is only 14 miles from where we live now so it will be easier.

When we moved before, Yellow got out of his disposable crate and showed his true personality. Remember he was a cat who just walked up with an old broken leg and crippled but was also fixed. He, upon getting out of his crate promply lay on the dash and watched the drive. He was not nervous at all and really enjoyed it. I could tell he has been on many road trips. We believe he was owned by some old woman who catered to him and something happened causing him to lose his home. Maybe a death in the family by his caregiver and we feel since he likes to roam, that no one could find him. He is a wonderful cat who has traveled before. It was obvious and very susprising. The others do not like it. They expect the vet at the end of the trip!! Boy do they have a surprise in store! We have decided we are not goingn to show them the kitty door. We are going to let them discover it. Husband and I have a bet going to see which cat find it first.
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Aww, I do hope everything goes well, it sounds like it will be a purrfect home for them all.
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I hope it will...........and I feel like it will!!

As far as Jimmy, he is throughly enjoying his crate. He is staying it in the laundry room. I changed his covers yesterday and put a pillow in there for him which I think he likes???? He is on it.

But other than me sticking my head in his crate and saying hello, I haven't seen him. He is just sticking to the laundry room which he likes. It is private and right now he is into private time.

He'll be out in a few days or he might be out every night and sleep during the day. I just don't know....
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