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? about my baby's nipping

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Okay. My Sheba loves me and I know she does, but she is the most stand offish cat I've ever know. She hates to be held and we've had her since she was a wee little kitten so she is familiar with the whole family. She rubs your leg, and will give you kisses sometimes but she is in NO way a loving, purring, bundle of joy lol, but I love her. I wish there was something I could do to make her a more loving animal but I doubt it. If there is something I can do please let me know, but she's just not the "pet" type. My second question is when she loves me now, which I think she's pregnant and that's why I get as much love as I do, she rubs my leg and rubs her head all on my feet to the point where she almost seems to be ready to flip over. She does this several times when I'm going in and out of the kitchen I always check her food and water level, and I always pet her becuase I want more lover from her, lol figure that, so I never miss an opp. to show her affection, but everytime, and it NEVER fails, about the fifth or sixth trip in the kitchen, and rub all up and down the leg she give me a nip on the foot. What is that all about? She has food, water, toys, and my undivided attention, and most of time she doesn't want my attention. So what is the nip for? And BTW she was doing this B4 we thought she was pregnant. It doesn't hurt at all but I just have to know why she is doing that as it is the ONLY time she bites, nips, or puts her teeth to anyone and she only does it to ME
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Well my first question was going to be is she spayed? Some cats relax and are more affectionate after being spayed. Since you think she is prego, my second question becomes why is she not spayed yet? There are so many cancers and a really horrible disease called Pyometra that she can get from not being spayed. She really needs to get done. If it is a money issue, there are low cost clinics all over the place which we can help you find if you like. If money is a concern you really need to look at the fact that you are now responsible for the babies she will have and they will all need to be spayed/neutered, vaccianted, wormed, deflead, etc. You can also spay her right away which will end the pregnancy.

For your question though, sorry to get off subject, but I cannot over look more important health related issues.

some cats are just not the "pet" types. They come to you on their own terms just for what they want and that's it. All you can do is love them and realize that is how the cat is. The nipping could be love nips, but seriously, spaying will really calm her down a bit and could make her more affectionate. My cat ended up having cysts on her ovaries which we did not know until she was spayed. Turns out she was in pain from it and reacted to it by nipping and being grouchy towards us.

Remember too that she absolutely needs to stay in the house from now until her babies are 8 weeks old or so and she can be spayed.
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Well thanks for the advice on the spaying but all my cats were spayed. I bought this particular breed and was told that she was too young to be spayed which is the only reason she isn't spayed as of yet. Money is not an issue in the matter and she has a vet. Time was the issue for me, my husband I both work and I am a full time student, and now that I believe she is pregnant she will NOT be spayed until after she has the kittens and at that time we will care for all of their shots and spaying at once. My concern really was the nipping, but thanks for the advice. We'll see after she has the kittens, if she is pregnant, and spayed if she is more affectionate, or if she isn't we will see sooner than that if the spaying will cause to her to be more affectionate. Hopefully it will but most of us have accepted that this is just our baby's personality.
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Ok yes I am sorry for getting off track like that. Cats can be spayed at 8 weeks old or 2 lbs but some vets are a little more old fashioned and won't do it until 6 months, which as you may know, they can get pregnant much before then. But it really could help the problem here.

Also, there may be some issues if she wasnt sold with breeding rights. I don't know much about it but she would have to be sold with breeding rights for her to have a litter. You may want to get in touch with the breeder and talk to that person about it.

If she just slipped outside then just be sure to keep her in while being pregnant and until the babies are older and she can be spayed.
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No that's okay and yes she has one of the more old fashioned vets who wont spay, esp. not breeds until six months and by then I was very busy. Like I said earlier I would hope that she would become much more loving after being "fixed" but if not we will love her like she is because hey, she's ours, but I was hoping that the nips were little love nips esp. since she never hurt me and it was only me she did it to, and not a sign of something else
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Just curious, what breed is she? Do you have pictures?
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I have no pictures of her that I can put up on the net because my digital camera isn't work but and I have no idea of what breed she is either I just wanted her because of that face! There is actually a link on here with a kitty that is the exact replica of mine and I will look for it and edit the link in when I find it. What do they call cats when they are no breed in particular or a mix of breeds. I know they use the term mutts with dogs, no offense to any dog owners if that is not the correct term anymore, but what is it with cats. Let me look through these pics and give you the link.
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Moggy I believe is the term for mix breed cats. forget what I said earlier about buying a kitten with breeding rights and all that. It sounded like you bought a purebred from a real breeder
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