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help found a stray cat

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ok so we live out in the country and about a month ago we found a stray outside our house.we let stay the night but didn't tell our mom. well the next day my mom noticed that she was pregnant. she can't be more than 1 year old. we have had her for about 1 month now and i was wondering when she is going to have her kittens?
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About 65 days after becoming pregnant give or take a few. She can be spayed up until a certain point after becoming pregnant and it will stop the pregnancy. I would suggest looking into that. Otherwise, get ready for kittens and start saving up some money because they are all going to need to be vaccinated, dewormed, deflead, spayed and neutered especially the mom so she cannot have any more after this litter. We can help you find low cost clinics in your area if you tell us your city/state or zip code. If you cannot handle all that responsibility then you really should look into spaying her now.

Remember she cannot go back outside until the kittens are at least 8 weeks old and can be spayed. She can carry 2 litters at once, from the same male or different males, and can get pregnant again right after giving birth so you really gotta keep her in and keep her away from intact males.

Good luck! Oh I see you are in ohio, where abouts? I live in Kent. Maybe I can help.
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i live in a small town called graytown in NorthWest Ohio
thanks for the advice
i've had tons of cats before(hazard of living in the country)
and i always get ansious waiting for the cat to have the kittens
i love it
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Are you planning on having her spayed after this litter? It really is unhealthy for her to keep having babies and or going into heat and not having babies. I can find you some low cost clinics around there if you like. It really is an important thing to do.
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idk... its depends on what my mom says we already have 1 boy cat
and she didnt even want this one ...gizmo(the cat) just kinda hung around and we begged with her to let us keep it.
i may have her spayed. how much does it cost?
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Well a vet can charge an arm and a leg, like over $150. But low cost clinics can be really cheap or even free if you qualify. The one by me charges $15 for males and $20 for females.

Hang on, I will do a search in your area and see if I can find anything.

Think about it though, if your mom didn't even want this cat and now she is going to have babies...that is going to be a lot of work and money and time to deal with her having babies. Kittens are messy. They may need vet visits or even emergency vet visits for a c-section. Please talk to your parents about it. It is dangerous for females to keep reproducing. They can get cancers and diseases that way. Same with males. Is your male cat neutered? Plus they are just adding to the overpopulation problem. Tell your parents all that and show them you are concerned and that it is really important to have done.
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well i will im sure if i pay for a spaying and stuff they'll let me keep it
i know how messy kittens can be
i've seen at least one litter be born every year for as far back as i can remember
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Ok, you are near Toledo right? You can call the Toledo Humane Society and ask them if there are any low cost vet clinics near you.

Or go here http://www.humaneohio.org/html/who_to_call.html to the Humane Ohio for the Toledo area. You can probably find a place there that is in your area if Toledo is too far.

If you go here http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=4 to petfinder you can scroll down and call the shelters listed there asking them to help you find the nearest low cost vets.

Or you can get a Friends of Animals certificate. Go here http://www.friendsofanimals.org/prog...ter/index.html and in the lower right side you type in your zip code and see if there are any vets in your area that will take these certificates. What you do it pay usually around $55 for females $40 for males, and you buy them from the site. Then you call the vet and make the appointment. Take in the certificate and you won't have to pay anything else. I would let the vet know when you make the appointment that you are using a certificate.

You can do the same thing with a SpayUSA certificate here http://spayusa.org/ the middle of the righ side click on the heart that says "looking for a low cost clinic click here"
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The neuter scooter will be in Ohio in July. Even if this is too early, you can still contact them to see when they will be back. They only charge $40 for a spay of an owned cat...and $20 for feral cats:


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