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Just a quick ? about heat season

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Okay. Most of you all know I suspect that my baby MaxSheba is preggo. I guess I'm just anxious to figure out whether or not it is true. It has approximately been a month. For all of you who don't know I was rubbing her on her belly and got trully scared because I felt a lump. at the same time she got really ticked off because I was rubbing, ears went back and all, but I needed to see what I felt because I wanted to see if it was a lump so I could take her to the vet. That is when I noticed that the lump I felt was her nipple. This is also when I began to suspect that my little baby was about to become a mother. I have read the wonderful articles on this forum and outside this forum about cat pregnancy but this is my question that I don't seem to have an answer to. When my baby was in heat she was a yowling, howling, butt in the air, keep me up all night at the sign of the first thing out the window, MESS!! That has stopped, in fact I would say I havent hear that since her little "escapade" four weeks ago. Is there a time frame on how long cats go in heat? I heard that if your cat gets out and she just stops acting in heat she is likely pregant, but I don't want to take that as a sign that she is pregnant if the "season/cycle" has just ended? I know most people think spring is it and that's it, but how long do cats stay in heat? And how much longer do I wait to find out if my baby is pregnant or not? And where is there pictures that I can visibly see what a "normal non-pregnat" cats nipples looks like to compare it to my baby's because I declare now that I've found them to be bigger I just can't remember what they were like normal. She will be 1 in July, she seems to sleep a lot more, I can't really say that she eats more, she does sometimes and sometimes she doesn't. Her belly is hard and she was never loving but she MAY be a little more loving than before. Someone help me because I would just take her to the vet to see if she is pregnant but how much would that cost? If I take her to the vet I want it to be a full check up and all and it isn't time for that yet.
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Hi again

If she stopped going into heat she can be pregnant. If she got outside, then you can almost guarentee she is pregnant. It will become more and more obvious as the days go by. You will notice her nipples get big and her belly too.

For heat cycles, they are different in all cats. Some go in and out like crazy and completely drive you nuts. Others have silent heats and you won't even know. It isn't just seasonal really because they go into heat all year around, unlike dogs I believe. Plus they can get pregnant when they are not in heat because they are induced ovulators.

Vets can charge anything really to tell you if she is pregnant. All they will really do is feel and guess unless you pay for them to do a what do you call those things they do to see the babies inside? I forgot what they are called. I would wait unless time comes for her checkup appointment. Plus you can look at tthe time that she got out, and count about 9 weeks after that and that will be near her due date.
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a vet can tell but not until they are around 5 weeks I think it is????? my vet just charged what an office visit would be normally. Since they weigh them and feel their belly....... you can also get an x-ray to tell but can't have that till around 45-50 days after they got out since the bones are not formed yet.

I am not sure what to tell you but if you notice she is bigger and her nipples are bigger I would say probably........ was this her first heat cycle? do you know how often she went in before if it isn't? My cat goes into heat every 2-3 weeks during the spring and summer and it is further in the fall/winter months.........

She had her first spring heat cycle the end of April (the one before that was a bit back) and hasn't had one since and she got out. but my story is long and complicated. And she would be due any day now and I am STILL not sure if she is preg. my guess would be she isn't since her nipples haven't gotten any bigger since that first change and should be HUGE by now. And while she got bigger and gained some weight she hasn't gotten HUGE at all. BUT she still has not had a heat cycle in 9 1/2 weeks. she was LOUD when in heat, and also sprayed and my neutered male would go nuts trying to mate her so I know when she is in heat.......... so not sure what is up with my baby. LOL

hope you figure yours out soon as I know how much the waiting and wondering stinks!
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Jen, Don't I WISH she had silent heats! I would be so grateful! She was the most noisy little thing I've ever heard in my life and she turned into a complete ravenous you know what. I couldn't believe how trampy my baby was acting
And yeah this was her very first cycle and what brought her into heat was that I had gotten a male that was a stray and he brought her into her first heat cycle ever. I really think she is and I will wait until it is time for her next check up because I'm not going as far as the ultrasound I'm not breeding her so it's not that serious lol, but if she is it would have to be around the end of July or beginning of August that she would be due. And yes waiting STINKS, but hey junior something to keep in mind with your baby is that a lot of cats don't get huge if they have a small litter so maybe that is the case as well
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LOL that is how my cat is/was. LOL
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Originally Posted by ms_joshica
Jen, Don't I WISH she had silent heats! I would be so grateful! She was the most noisy little thing I've ever heard in my life and she turned into a complete ravenous you know what. I couldn't believe how trampy my baby was acting
haha oh man I know, they can be ridiculous when they are in heat! My mom didn't spay her Himalayan until she was around 5 years old and you wouldn't know she lived in the house until she went into heat. Then she would be right at our feet meowing all day with her butt up in the air, backing into things. Oh my, it was crazy. My mom finally had her spayed after I basically begged her to. I didn't know much about spaying and health risks before then so I never knew until I started doing research and working at shelters.
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Well I def. think it is official. My maxsheba has to be pregnant or either she is swallowing food that I can't see. She went through the eating a lot stage, but now she is sleep forever, and her belly is getting humongous! I have never seen her sleep so much. On top of it she is acting like she is trying to get away from everyone. She started crying last night because my son wouldn't let her in. She is so sensitive when it comes to that boy She is def. moody. One min she wants to rub you and the next she is like ARGG So I am almost 100% sure she is pregnant but I will give her until the end of next week at the longest two weeks to check her out. Other than that we may be sitting with kittens in the closet and not know because she is so private.
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