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Does she think I am a cat???

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We got Bella about 3 days ago, she is 9wks old. She currently lives in my bedroom to keep her away from my other animals, until she gets better from a URI.
I CANT SLEEP. She comes up and butts her head into my face really hard. Then rubs her face all over me, Im completely wet by the time she is done. I thought maybe it was her "kisses" , but I am not so sure because she is not the friendliest. Everytime I go to pet her she pulls away and leaves. But comes right back to the head thing.
Last night she walked up and down on top of my whole entire body for atleast 5 hrs straight. She came from a shelter, that now after knowing more about them, I am not impressed at all. So maybe she was never socialized???
Does she think I am another cat.???
When we brought her home, she bit me a few times, so I cant help but lay there worried that she will bite my nose out of the blue..
I will be able to sleep once they are introduced hopefully. Its just why she does this. or is this her way to say hi, over and over again
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It sounds like she is completely grateful and loving toward you for geting her out of a cold steel cage. Assuming that is what she was in at the shelter. She is a kitten, normally kittens should be with their mother until 10-12 weeks but she is close. If she bothers you that much (I personally love when my cats do these sorts of overly affectionate things) then buy a large crate to keep her in at night, make it all comfy with blankets and everything. Or put her in the bathroom or a small room like the laundry room until she is a little older. Just at night.
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I actually dont "mind" it. I thought it was cute myself at first, thinking it was kisses. But her not letting me hold her, or pet, makes me worry that when she is doing it she will bite my face. Only because she is doing it the same way my Garfield and Squeeky do it as they nibble on each other..

So, I could sleep through it, except for once I get all worried about my nose, I almost stay away to keep an eye on her..

I cant cage her, I just cant. All of my cats have always been free. I even feel bad keeping my bunny in a cage sometimes, but if it wasnt for the chewing he would be out right with the cats..
Only supervised runs for him right now.
But thanks, like I said once she gets bigger she will have more to do too, and hopefully atleast play with the other kittens I have. Squiggles doesnt really do anything AT ALL. But the other 2 hopefully will get along with her and show her the house.

Its just while shes sick shes stuck in my room.
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She really shouldn't have free run of your house though until she is older. And you can get large crates too, it doesn't have to be a mean sort of punishment to be in a cage. Make it cozy and then leave it out all the time with her blanket in it and she may sleep in it on her own when she is bigger. My cats do this, plus it makes it a whole lot easier to get them into the carrier when it is time to go to the vet.
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She sounds like she's saying thank you, thank you, thank you mommy! And more than likely the petting when you are moving will come when she is a bit older and more familiar. It sounds like she is more scared of you when you are awake than anything because she hasn't learned to fully trust you all the way, but once you are sleep and don't move she feels like she doesn't have to worry about trust because...well...you are sleep and not moving lol So I would just keep reassuring her even while you are awake and allowing her to smell your hand when you reach to pet before you actually do and establish a report with her and it sounds like she will be one of your more loving babies, which they are georgous btw.
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Thank you so much. Garfield is the most affectionate kitten Ive ever seen. From the time I got him he wanted carried. He will paw at my ankles, just like how a toddler reaches up to say pick me up. He wants carried like a baby, just craddled in one arm. But we do this all day, Even while I am doing other things he is in my arms.
I think he is feeling this the most. Since Bella's been here I have been reducing his time, not by much but alittle trying to keep an eye on her. So last night I wrapped him in his blankie, and today I am sleeping on the couch..Just to split it up between them. Squiggles and Squeeky, will get an occassional pet, and Squeeky will play with us. But the only real babies are Garfield and Bella.
Squeeky must have gotten his attitude from his momma
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