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Does anyone else here have health problems?

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Jeesh, I sure do. In November of 2003 I had a stomach ulcer and panic disorder. I was put on some sort of meds (don't remember what they were called.. they were in a purple box). I also went to the psychiatrist from Nov 2003 - March 2004. All my problems went away but I had a relapse in April of this year. I was having really bad stomach/intestinal problems, but those went away... and then the anxiety came back. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. It was so bad I couldn't even go out anywhere, and I have monthly ortho visits because I have braces, and I missed those. I stopped going to school and ended up getting homeschooled. I also pretty much stopped eating, and I lost almost fifteen pounds. At the end of May I puked all over the floor because I didn't eat anything. Later that day I went to the hospital and they wouldn't do anything there, not even give us any advice! After we came home from the hospital I basically had a mental breakdown. I ended up getting put on fluoxetine (Prozac) and started seeing a psychologist. She didn't help at all and basically told my mom to let me "fall on my butt" and not help me. Needless to say, we didn't see her again. Thankfully, my doctor sent a referral to the mental health ward of the hospital and I seen a psychiatrist that actually BELIEVED me. Everyone else we talked to (minus my doctor) didn't believe that I was actually mentally ill. This psychiatrist put me on amitriptyline and lorazepam to calm me down and make me sleep.

Since I was put on the last two meds, my life has been better. I'm actually getting outside now, went to the ortho, and went to school for three days! I'm still really pale though, but I passed this year thanks to my tutor, and somehow managed to get recommends for every class!

Sorry about that whole post, I just needed to get that off my chest, and ask if any others have problems like this.
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I don't have a problem like that, but definitely have health problems!

I'm 25 and have a genetic heart condition that killed my dad at 28 and aunt (dad's sister) at 24. I went from doing triathlons and lots of cycling, and aiming to do an Ironman distance triathlon to being told I had to give up triathlon. I'm not allowed to get my heart rate over 120bpm, I can't lift heavy things, and I'm on beta blocker drugs that slow me down. So now I'm putting on weight and can't do any of the fun stuff I used to do.

Throw in the dodgy back that often causes me grief, dicky knee that got operated on a couple of years back and still often just hurts for no apparent reason, and needing to get a tooth implant, so going through 3 operations to sort that out. The first operation, just recently, was a bone graft to build up the bone in the area, which went fine, but I wear a plate with a tooth on it, and the plate seems to be rubbing on the surgical site, and wearing it down a bit - so a bit of bone has been showing through my gum the last couple of days and it hurts. Can't see the specialist till Saturday though. Sigh. The tooth missing is a front tooth, and I went 6 weeks with no front tooth (quite embarrassing) while it healed before I wore my plate again, specialist gave it the all clear, and now it's causing problems. I daresay I'm going to have to go without the false tooth again
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Duodenal ulcer, chronic reflux, hypoglycemia, and my back is almost completely shot.
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Maybe the thread should be: is anyone healthy?
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I've got some mental health issues, if that counts as they can affect the entire body as a whole...

Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder (google them if you want to know what some of them are...my brain isn't processing regular thought right now).

I take 225mg of Effexor XR and occassionally Klonopin.

On top of that I've had high cholesterol since I was 20 (and weighed at that time 130 lbs so not a weight issue--which I have now)....and have had high blood pressure since last January.

Two surgeries (c-sections cause I have over 8lb'ders).

Back pain since I had my daughter nearly 7 years ago....which affects my sciatic nerve...never good.

Migraine headaches since I had my daughter.

Two broken bones (little toe and right index finger (twice)).

And last year I decided that since I had been able to rollerblade at the age of 15 that 10 years later and quite a few pounds heavier I'd make another go of it with shorts on.

Fell, cut up my leg, 24 hours later it was infected something fierce....they called it Cellutitis....it looked pretty nasty and the skin is still discolored (it was right around the 4th of July).

Wow....I must be feeling chatty cause I just gave a mini medical history huh?

And I'm only 26 years old...go fig.
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Ahhh I don't want to sit here all night So I'll make it as short as possible. " I'm falling apart" ...I'm so serious I was fine till about an hour ago, and now I can't hardely walk My knee on the side OMG every week one of my joints is stiff, sore, swollen backache headache a weekly thing...I give up I thought the 50s were suppose to be good But hopefull it's all to far from my heart to kill me can't wait to be 60 something
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Besides the back injury from the wreck (which I hope heals completely ) I also suffer from depression (hereditary from what I can tell) and joints that hurt when the weather changes.

There are a couple of other hereditary conditions I haven't come down with, yet, and dread when/if they do. (Diabetes and low thyroid)

But, I am almost to the half century mark and should feel lucky I made it this far when some of the previous posters are half my age!
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I have what they call knee miniscus-bone against bone. Its practically crippling at times.
I am supposed to have surgery, but with work and waiting on the opportunity to improve my health benefits, I need to wait a bit. Its terrible
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I do have my health issues, but I do my best not to think about them. When I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder I thought my life was over, but I soon realized that it was part of who I was. The icing on my cupcake of life if you will. So I don't suffer from anything any more. I live with it.
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ok how long can a post be? lol ive had a lot of problems in the past 10-15 years since early teens. ive has some muscle weakness and pain mostly in my legs. if i am on them more then 20 mins they start to ache then they go to just hurting. the pain keeps me up at night. from about knees down i dont have much feeling in them kind of numb. the drs says they know there is something but they are not sure what it is. the muscles are very tight and i dont have much joint movement in my feet that causes me to kind of drag my feet. i also have some stomache issues that im not sure if it goes along with it or not. losts of stomache pains been checked out twice for crones (sp) cause the drs says all my symptoms point to that but the scopes dont show it. its really depressing sometimes cause they just dont know so they cant help and i sometimes wonder if im just going crazy lol. but its a everyday problem i dont go anywhere where im gonna have to be on my feet for long and always scared to go far in case im gonna have to make a quick trip to the bathroom. the other issue to part of the reason they thought it was crones is cause i have a tendincy to get major chankor sores in my mouth were not talking just 1 and those days i can hardly talk. im adopted so i dont know any family history.
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Awww...I hate hearing when therapists/psychs reject people with mental problems. Everytime I hear that I think "Why did they go into the field then if they didn't want to help people?!".

Anyhoo, last summer I was diagnosed with panic attacks and placed on Klonopin. They only happen once in a blue moon for me now (basically I was the money maker of the household and not making enough to help us both out). I also have relapses of depression, but have never been tested for anything. My current therapist wants me to rid myself of certain things in my life that could be causing the depression before I even get tested and placed on meds. Makes sense...but doen't help a lot right now.

Then as for physical health issues...well I have a certain condition with my moles called dysplastic moles. When I was 21 I was diagnosed with having one. The dermo I had at the time wouldn't remove the mole because she didn't think anything was wrong with it at the time (it was a brown mole with a black dot on it...almost looked like someone poked me with a pen). I told her I didn't care, REMOVE IT! Turns out it was a dysplastic mole, which is a pre-condition to melanoma.
I haven't purposely tanned since then...I have a 25% chance of skin cancer and my offspring -if I have any- will have a 50% chance of skin cancer. so I have to watch my skin all the time. It sucks because I'm pale and people always comment how I'm pale.
Although one friend of mine use to envy me. She wasn't goth, but use to be a Goth...she said all Goth people would love my skin...some can't get theirs as pale as I am
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Wayy back in my mid 20's I had a duodenal ulcer but that got fixed up with Tagment (it was prescription 20 yrs ago) and really haven't had any problems since.
So I have anxiety-only certain situations like if the cats are outside and I can't locate them quickly enough-it didn't help with Sheba's situation it probably made it worse!!
Due to being a landscaper I have developed severe tendonitis in my left wrist and elbow-it hurts just to type this and we are in the midst of switching health insurers so I have to find a new doctor too!!
I had surgery in 1998 to remove bone spurs on and between my big toe-the bad thing was I had surgery in December and couldn't exercise for 8 weeks I gained quite a bit of weight (15lbs) and added another 10# since then which I cannot lose unless I starve myself-you would think doing a manual labor type of job would be the trick but apparently not.
Anyhow I have much scar tissue built up from that surgery around the joint of my big so so its very inflexible which has changed my gait while ealking which the doc said could cause hip problems when I am older. He recommended a joint replacement for my big toe-EEK. Its bad enough that I can't where many styles of shoes. Plus the doc now retired so I have to find another one.
I have made ragweed allergies for the past 30 yrs but actually they haven't been to bad in the past few years.
So that's the basics for me.
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I have a rare disease called Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My dad died at the age of 41 from this disease. In the last 17 months my colon spontaenously ruptured 3 times. This last surgery which was May 10 my colon was removed. I am 28 years old. I also ruptured my left bicep tendon. I have very bad vericose veins and get blood clots in my legs often. I can not run at all I have bad feet problems from this disease.
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I have Crohns Disease. I have had it since a young child. I have had 4 bowel resections for it so far. Arthritus from the Crohns, joint pain constant stomache aches and have to live near a bathroom! Due to the bowel problems I also have anxiety and OCD. I take meds for all of this and do so so. Also had endometreosis and had to have a Hysterectomy due to this. Severe bone loss and thinning due to years of having to take steriods! thats more then enough for me.
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I habe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Snojgren Syndrome, Celiac Desease and I had an hysterectomy last november (very severe endometriosis).

Knock on wood, never had any problems with depression.
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When I was 15 years old, I started having to pee all too much. I couldn't sit through a 45 minute class. I missed the last 6 weeks of my junior year of high school. I had to go pee every 15 minutes. Went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, they *think* I had an allergic reaction to my BC(for severe cramps) & calcium tablets. I am no longer allowed to take any vitamins unless prescribed by a doctor, I cannot drink milk as it sets me off(peeing, that is), I cannot take any OTC medications without my doctors consent. I am allowed Advil, that's it. I was given Enablex this spring & it helped some, but I had to quit taking it b/c of really bad nightmares(someone died, every single night). My senior year in high school, my "friends" treated me like I had the plague. Twitch was my best friend(that's why I am so devoted to my kitties). I lost my dog about that time. My friends are the ones I have made since volunteering at the Humane Society. I cannot drink because of the effects it may have on my kidneys, so I didn't find many people at college I related to.

Gosh! I think I just gave you my entire medical history!
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Aspergers (which is not really a health problem)

Really, really bad eyesight.
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I have IBS and chronic constipation, depression, anxiety, and REALLY bad insomnia.
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Originally Posted by ButterflyDream
I take225mg of Effexor XR
I take Effexor. I was on 300mg but it was messing with my sleeping medication and I had to cut it down to 150mg. I can somewhat sleep now, but I'm having some trouble with the depression.
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I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety syndrome and take xanax (mainly at night to help the trazadone help me sleep) for it but I STILl stress so I actually bump into walls!

What IS Klonopin?

also gemlady you said your joints hurt with the weather. Does HOT weather make them worse?

I ask as since we (here in Modesto ca) started having HOT weather in May my knees hurt so bad it feels like someone is trying to break them.
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I have lots of little issues/ like having sinus infections all the time , lots of "allergies" fibromyalgia arthuritis .... but they were all traced back and I can blame a rare immune disorder for them.... I can evan blame my autism on it
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hmm Diabetes and 2 broken discs in my back, That at times likes to pinch the nerves running into my legs, which makes them both hurt like and makes very painful to walk.

lol which is kinda one of the reasons i found this site, bored since i can;t be out doing the stuff i would normaly do, so i surf the net, and play world of warcraft

oh does being bald count?
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Let's see...

Depression since I was 13, but only recently diagnosed and put on Wellbutrin (I don't wake up in the morning thinking, "Do I really have to go to work today??")

Migraines, sinus, and tension headaches since I was 15 (got my first migraine 2 weeks after I had my braces tightened for the first time). Sinus and tension headaches started around that time too. I also found out that I am allergic to OJ (which makes me sooo sad as I LOVE OJ). I can identify what kind of headache I'm going to get before it's full blown. I prefer sinus headaches, as they are the easiest to medicate.

I get to look forward to the following, if I'm not careful:

Type 2 diabetes (every generation in my family)
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Hypothyroidism (great grandma, grandma, and mom, plus various aunts and cousins all have [or had] this)
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Originally Posted by MyBabies
also gemlady you said your joints hurt with the weather. Does HOT weather make them worse?

I ask as since we (here in Modesto ca) started having HOT weather in May my knees hurt so bad it feels like someone is trying to break them.
Well, it's mostly when the fronts approach - change in air pressure. Once the weather changes, the joints don't hurt (as bad). The sinuses also react to the changes.

Mom has had arthritis since childhood and her boss (construction company) relied on her aches predicting weather better than the weather forecasters!
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I have bad knees...fractured the one and had to have surgery, and the other one has popped out of place many times.

I also have seasonal allergies, so constant sinus headaches.

I also have panic attacks...it's not as much right now, but I go through phases. Living with my fiancé has helped me a lot, he knows how to calm me down.
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I have Epilesy, OCD, bad knees, allergies to dust, ampecillin, penicillin and Eurythomycin. I am also becoming somewhat of a recluse due to the thought of having another seizure out in a store or somewhere when Brad isn't around, it scares the heck out of me, so I try to not go anywhere if he's not with me. Sad isn't it?
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Well, I have polycystic ovaries, acid reflux, seasonal allergies, and essential tremor disorder (mild) with a cold intolerance. And I think that's it. I hope that's it!
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I have Osgood-Schlatter Disease in my right knee.
I have TMJ and my jaw locks so I can't open is very far sometimes.
And my spine is swisted and I am missing a couple vertebre resulting in lower back pains occationally.
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Originally Posted by jugen
I am also becoming somewhat of a recluse due to the thought of having another seizure out in a store or somewhere when Brad isn't around, it scares the heck out of me, so I try to not go anywhere if he's not with me. Sad isn't it?
I haven't gone out much since April. I'm really pale because I haven't gone out. I have panic attacks in public and it's just getting to be too much. And I have agoraphobia, so that doesn't help. At least you know you're not alone, eh?
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Not to make light of anything or anyone. but were a mess here aren't we I don't think I could stand getting up and feeling really good It just always seems to be something all the time, and I really never get sick to speak of, just wore my bones and joints out handeling horses for so many years,I'm pretty small 4'11" about 102lbs have never really been a weaking though, but some days I wish I had never groomed all those horses picked up all the heavy buckets and raked all the time, I had carpel tunnel surgery years ago and that's all I ever had. All day yesterday I could hardely walk because of my knee, but it only lasts like 24 hours, then in a week onto another joint Wish I would have had all cats back then Here's to a good tomorrow for everyone
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