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Max my doggie

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Here is my beloved mutt.

Go ahead and play guess the breeds, we have been for 13 years. My mother-in-law found him when he was a puppy, a cute little ball of black fluff. She invited us over and when my kids (2 and 5) saw him, well there was no way we were going to leave that house without him. Even as a pup he played very well with them, even the 2 year old. He has been the sweetest and most loving dog ever although he is a bit, shall we say, not too bright?

Here is what the vet guessed for breeds. He does have black spots on his tounge so part chow (and his tail used to curl over his back, age or something is causing it to twist like it is now). From the face and ears, he then guessed black lab. And for the long body and short stubby legs he guessed either a basset hound, but more likely a Corgie.
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He looks like a border collie with very short legs he is a cutie
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I would say lab/chow/corgi. His body type suggest corgi all the way I think. He's a doll though! I love that look on his face, like, "Ok, what can I get into now?"
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I say chow/corgi. He looks a lot like a fuzzy black corgi to me :p very cute! He looks great for 13!
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Thanks! We think he is pretty darn cute! He does have a bad habit of trying to run ahead of you when you are walking through the house. Then he will suddenly stop and turn sideways. I guess he becomes unsure of where you are going and stops to look back at you. But his body hits right about mid calf/knee and is solid as a rock, perfect to trip over. He also likes to lay across dark hallways. My husband has some rather colorful names for him sometimes.
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AWW! Max is super cute He does for sure look like he has come chow in him-and maybe lab? Whatever, he is still sweet!!
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what a cutie! I'd say skipperkee (sp?) / corgi.
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