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More good thoughts needed for Squeeker!

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I am asking once again for more good thoughts for Squeeker. He has had another seizure today, and has been lethargic for most of the day, and if that is not enough he now also has ear mites. I also saw what could have been a mini seizure but am not sure what it actually was. He still eats well and runs and plays in spurts but I am hoping with everyone's good thoughts he will not have any more seizures. I am not sure what else to do for his seizures besides the Phenobarbital which we are already doing. If anyone else has had a kitty with seizures or have any other solutions please let me know. Thanks!
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Adding my good thoughts and prayers.
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Praying for Squeeker and sending {{{{{Get Well Soon Vibes}}}}}
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Sending more good vibes and prayers for Squeeker {{{ }}}
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Oh how worrying, when you hoped he was improving. I do hope this is only a mini setback
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Well we made it through the night seizure free-so we are keeping our fingers crossed that yesterday was just a fluke and no more seizures will occur. He is a little more active today and has eaten pretty good. It is my day off today so I am home to let him roam free and create havoc wherever he goes. I am wondering if the Ivomec we had given him is what caused the seizuring, but I guess once again we will never know.
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Everyone on thecatsite is sending you and your baby vibes and prayers.
And we are crossing are figures.
We all wishing you feel better Squeeker!

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More . Sometimes seizures just can't be totally controlled by medication. Our last dog was epileptic, as was my father following a massive stroke, and their medication had to be constantly monitored, and the dosage changed occasionally.
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Sending prayers your way for no more seizures. Feel better Squeeker!
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Love ((((hugs)))) & vibes for sweet Squeeker.
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How is the little guy??
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Hi, thanks for asking-he is still having seizures, but continues to act normal inbetween them. I am having a hard time getting him to gain weight and hit the 2 pound mark. I even had a dream the other night that he stayed this size FOREVER because of all his health issues. I know that that cannot happen, but dreams are wierd. He did not have any seizures last night so I am hoping that maybe they are over. I will keep my fingers crossed and enjoy the time we have with him bouncing off our walls and making us laugh. Oh, and he has also learned the art of climbing-so now he MUST climb everything in our house atleast once before he goes to bed at night if not more times.
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Come on Squeeker....
Less climbing --- more food.
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Like jcat, I once had a dog that suffered seizures (she was epileptic). The meds can control most seizures, but aren't a guarantee. It may just be a trial & error sort of thing until you find the right dosage that will eliminate most of Squeeker's seizures. Then again, he may never have another one. I can imagine how frustrating this is for you, and I know how painful it is to watch your pet seizing & feel so helpless. We also had a cat who developed seizures at age 20 but, because of her age, the vet didn't want to do a lot of tests on her.
I think all you can do is monitor the little one's seizures (what, if anything, sets them off), keep him quiet when/if one occurs, possibly change the med. dosage, and love the heck out of him.
C'mon Squeeker, quit climbing & eat!
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We had a pretty good day today! No seizures and more eating. I am a vet tech so I know that we are doing all we can for him, but I just wish we could figure out why he is seizureing and control the problem. Thanks for everyones support.
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Good luck and well wishes!
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It has now been a few days, and still we are having more seizures! I am confident that in time we can get them controlled as the ones that have been happening lately have all been decreasing in time and strength. I am a little concerned though as he has not really wanted to eat in the last few days. ALL I can get him to eat is the adult dry food ( and not much at that) that I feed the rest of the gang, it is not that bad for him but lacks the extra protien and nutrients that growing kittens need. I have even tried special foods high in both as well as baby food. He is starting to get even more adventuresome and has taken a few spills in the last few days. He is a joy to watch play though-that is when he is feeling good. We are not over the hill yet, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as I think we are still in need of some if we are going to get him through this so that he can grow up and be a BIG, STRONG kitty!
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I have been following your thread and keeping for Squeaker.
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Adding more {{{prayers and vibes}}} for Squeeker's speedy recovery! I hope that he outgrows those seizures very soon. Bless his little heart, he still wants to climb & play & be a KITTEN!! Thank you for keeping us updated
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I've followed Squeeker's story, but now I can't remember---does the vet have a diagnosis for the seizures yet?
Poor little man; sending (((healing vibes))) his way.
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diagnosis is could be meningitis or could be epilepsy who knows-he is too little to test anything on right now. Just keeping our fingers crossed he will out grow whatever it is.
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I am turning into a pretzel - all the best for the little man!!
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That you for updating us, I will keep Squeeker in my prayers.
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Loving vibes and prayers from me and Astrid for you and Squeaker. Good luck - I hope things better soon.
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we took him to my in-laws house this evening for the 4th and he has had another poss. 2 seizures, 1 I know of the other I am just suspicious of. He ate a little better, but still not great. The only thing he seems to like is the adult crunchy food and Fancy feast. I am hoping that we do not encounter any more seizures this evening. I am planning on calling the neurologist tomorrow to see if there is anything else we can do for him. Thanks to everyone for your support!
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Aww Please please get better Squeeker

C'mon little angel keep fighting sweetie Please

{{{{many,many more health and healing vibes for Squeeker }}}}
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My heart goes out to you and Squeeker Kittycorner
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Poor little guy. At least the seizure seem to be getting easier, that's a big plus. Hope you can find a way to get them under control.
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So far so good in the seizure department, he has had no seizures since last report. YEAH! I also weighed him at work yesterday and he has finally reached the 2 pound mark! ANOTHER YEAH! Here is my concern now that I need help with, another one of the girls at work is fostering 4 kittens who are about 6 weeks old now. 2 are very healthy and fat, the other 2 are small and sickly looking, when we talked with one of our veterinarians he said he thinks it is either fading kitten syndrome OR calicivirus. Since Squeeker has been soo troublesome we have yet to vaccinate him, and I am not sure that he is able to handle it now. But here is where the problem really lies: I have asked her to keep them in a separate kennel room from Squeeker, and she obliged, but we have a kennel girl that is dumber than a box of rocks and she is always petting those kittens or mine and she never washes her hands in between (even though asked several times) . I have brought this up to the powers that be but no response. I wish Squeeker was ok enough to leave at home, but he isn't yet. What shold I do-I am about ready to put a padlock on Squeek's cage! with a NEVER IN YOUR LIFE TOUCH! sign. I am also calling his vet today to see what she recommends. Thanks, I know this was a long one but I really appreciate the support and advice.
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