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Scrapbook party!

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Okay so I was just invited to a scrapbook party! I can't wait to make a huge book of just my boys. My SIL is going to roll her eyes, and ask when I am going to have a "real" baby, but I can't wait!
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YAY!! I love scrapbooking!

I have a book started for Harley, and one for my mom of summer/camping for Christmas this year. I have a lot left to do, but I usually save that for rainy icky days when I'm stuck at home.

Have fun at your party, I'm sure it'll be a blast!!
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Wow! That's a great idea for a party!
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I have an awesome scrapbook for my firstborn, but haven't started one for little Madeleine. I am such a bad mommy! Considering the amount of pics I have of the kitties, I'll likey get one going for them as well! But not before I get one going for my human baby!
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Those are a lot of fun. My friends and I have a craft night every month, and one month we did scrapbooking.....I was able to teach them about scrapbooking....it was soo much fun.
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