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Feeding New Cat

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I have just adopted a rescued feral from foster and I am bringing her home later this week. She is about 7 or 8 months old with long hair. She is very small (I think) and light for her age (4lb-5lbs) and I want to find a food that will help build her up a bit.

In foster she is eating wet food in the morning (Fancy Feast) and dry food the rest of day (Pet Promise?). I know not to switch her food all at once, but I am thinking of gradually changing her dry food to Nutro Max Kitten (got a free back with the adoption) or Innova Evo.

My question is should I find some Pet Promise and start mixing in the kitten food? Will giving her some kitten food be too rich since she is eating adult food or provide her with the necessary nutrients she hasn't been getting? Her foster mentioned alternating her regular dry food with a hairball formula as well. This sounds complicated and I don't want to upset her tummy. She is going to be stressed enough and she is already a stressed cat.

Also, Innova Evo sounds great (it should for the price!) but is alright to feed wet along with the Innova Evo dry? I wondered if it would be too much.

I appreciate any opinions - I am trying not to be too much of an obsessed "meowmy" but I want to get her off to a good start in her new home.
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I would try to find the Pet promise...

Evo reads well but only 50% of cats tolerate it ... Max kitten is good but talk with the foster family about finding the current food
with Evo it would be essential to give wet and I like an all wet diet
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