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Travel kitty, good or bad?

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So I moved back in with my parents, and my dad is very, very anal about keeping his house clean because he's trying to sell it.

He seems to be under the impression that my aprox. 5 week kitten is going to destroy everything in sight, even though I keep an eye on kitty at all times and he is most defintly not destructive.

Because my dad is the type of person to do things behind my back, such as take my kitten to the SPCA one day if I'm not around for an extended period of time, and also because I feel bad when I leave kitten behind because he cries, I take him with me.

Just when I walk into town to use the public library, visit a friend or get some food, all the places I go don't mind me having him there, and I bring him food and water just in case, take time to go to the park and play with him, and he takes naps on my lap whenever I sit down. I'm usually out for about six hours. Being out doesn't seem to bother him, but there are a few things that worry me.
It's HOT here, very hot, especially now. I'm scared that the heat might be too much for him. Also having to hold him in my arms while walking all over might be uncomfortable for him. What seems to bother him quite a bit though, are the noises. Traffic, and such. Or skateboarders that like to fluke crashing into me. (but he does seem much less scared then the first time I took him out)
I don't know if it's too much for a kitten, he's probally fine, or maybe I should just try and stay home with him and wait till he's older to take him out?

I just have to make sure...?
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As long as he is very secure and safe, i.e. slim chance he could get hurt, I don't see a problem with it. As long as he isn't freaked out enough to go wacky on you and dash away suddenly, that type of thing.

My husband and I recently sold our house. If you can get a more friendly member of your family to take the kitten in a carrier whenever there is a showing, you might not have to take him out as often yourself... but you'll have to communicate with your parents to figure out when showings are happening. If we couldn't be home to take our cats out, we'd just put them in a the spare bedroom with everything they needed and put a sign on the closed door that said something like, "Indoor-only cats inside. Please feel free to look around, but do not let the cats out. Thanks." Our realtor thought it was low-class, but I thought it worked out fine.
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Oh my god your dad would really do that? I would maybe get a dog crate and make it all comfy with a litterbox and food and keep him in it while you are gone. The times you cannot take him with you. Otherwise, I dont see why it would hurt to keep taking him with out. It will just get him really socialized and friendly towards others because I am sure people always come up to pet him right?
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I would start harness and leash training him now, this way you won't have to hold him all the time, and if he gets spooked, he won't be able to just take off.
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Did I read that right - he's 5 weeks? or is that a typo? I was going to say it's not a good idea to take him out until he's fully vaccinated but I'm guessing you meant 5 months?

I think you need to sit down and have a chat with your dad about the situation. It's not going to be practical to take him with you everywhere so there are going to be times when you're going to have to leave him at your parents house. He needs to get used to you not being there and you need to feel he's going to be safe at home when you're not there.
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yeah I was a little worried when i read that he was 5 weeks, he should still be with his mummy,
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