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Dinner 6/27/06

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Hello! Alright, I want to cook something tonight.

So what's everyone making? So i can "copy" you. lol. Just need ideas for dinner, and wondering what everyone else is making...and if it's something good...Give me a recipe please. Because chances are..I dont know how to make it.
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Today is meat night. I think I'm going to be making pasta and meatballs with a garden salad, and mixed veggies.
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In a big fry pan put olive oil, vidalila onions,garlic, frozen or fresh vegetables (snap peas, beans, tomatoes, whatever) and cook until onions are soft. then add cut up chicken breast, and fresh lemon juice, and salt and chile pepper if you like, and cook until chicken is done.

Now you can serve that as is or add to it some pasta, any kind. easy and delish and flexible.
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Soft chicken tacos!
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I'll probably make a greek salad and some home-made hummus with pita bread and/or rice.
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Tonite is steaks, grilled out!! Yum yum!
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Well you guy's cooking skills are more fine-tuned. lol. I couldnt imagine doing any of those stange things. They sound so exotic to me.

Well I have to think of something soon. I still have to go to the store to get the stuff!!
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I am going to be bad and have a Hot fudge sundie!(sp)
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Soft chicken tacos!

I'm going to Karen's for supper!!

We are having buscuits and gravy John is gonna have it all ready when I get home!
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Originally Posted by babyharley

I'm going to Karen's for supper!!
Come on over
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Baby salad greens with leftover roast chicken cut up in it,cranberries,raisins,celery,snow peas
radishes & dinner rolls
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I had rice with some maggi and garlic powder, and on the side green snowpeas with olive oil and salt
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Tonight it's macaroni with tomatoes and meat
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Well I reverted to going to, and typing in "easy" lol.

I found this thing called Husbands delight. It's cooking right now. Sounds very wierd, the ingredients make it all sound wierd. But I'll give it a shot. Hopefully in 45 minutes, my "husband will be delighted"
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I had half a ham steak, some mashed potatoes and green beans
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Fried chicken, smashed tatoes, corn, iced tea
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My idea is super easy, go out to eat. That's what we are doing, provided that we don't lose power again.
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Just eggs, toast and vegetarian bacon strips. I'm looking more forward to my Pepperidge Farm 3-layer vanilla cake later!
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had the leftover fried rice at a friend's house, waiting for the BF to wake up at home. He is sick and they gave him a narcotic that KNOCKED HIM OUT!!!

Came home a couple hours later and just tried to eat a really bad, wilted, watery salad. Bleh. I didn't get very far.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?
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