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I have nice veins, but they are rollers
Those with more experience at it have no trouble with them.
Those with less experience opt for a butterfly to the back of my hand.
Much more painful, but they ususally get it first try.

Luckily I have a very high threshold for pain, I just don't like coming out looking like the victim of a mugging or a beating
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Everybody has great trouble getting blood from me - or did until a few years ago. They would all look at the vein on the inside of my elbow and remark how "good" it look for drawing blood. They would insert the needle and it would sit there looking extremely promising but going "uh-uh you're not getting any blood out of me". I must have the meanest veins around, they could honestly only squeeze a teeny bit out in the bottom of the container.

When daughter was born, they wouldn't let me out of hospital until my blood had been drawn, after three attempts the Sister came in the end and re-opened a site they had used only a couple of days before and managed half a syringe full.

Then....a couple of years ago when I went for my 6 monthly cholesterol test, I explained to the nurse and she commented how she thought my veins were "fibrous".

She asked if I would mind if she tried to get blood from the artery instead - wow! what a difference - I gave the blood needed in no time. For me it doesn't hurt any more than trying to get blood from a stubborn vein. It just requires more care afterwards to make sure there is no further bleeding.

Now, I just tell them to take the blood from the artery and explain that however promising the vein looks it really isn't worth trying.
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